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The Case for Thermador Dishwashers

by Don's Appliances

A woman touching the handle on a Thermador dishwasher

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Thermador Dishwasher Styles

Thermador Dishwasher Lines

Thermador Dishwasher Features

Thermador Dishwasher Prices

Thermador Dishwasher Pros and Cons

Top Thermador Dishwashers


Why Trust Us?

Thermador might be known for its patented Star Burners and other powerful cooking appliances, but it turns out the brand also throws down when it comes to cleanup. That all checks out considering Thermador is part of the Bosch family of appliances, a brand that is regularly recognized for its elite line of dishwashers. While they’re not the same products, Thermador dishwashers offer impressive performance with three series of dishwashing machines designed for high-end kitchens.

Sure, it might not be the first name buyers think of when it comes to dish care, but we believe Thermador earns its rightful spot along top names in the industry. To prove it, our appliance experts are review the lineup and spilling the details on everything you need to know before purchasing a Thermador dishwasher.

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Thermador Dishwasher Styles

 A wide view of Thermador dishwashers in a luxury kitchen

Thermador offers various dishwasher styles for you to consider. Their designs range from panel-ready options for seamless integration into cabinetry to stainless steel finishes for a more modern aesthetic. You should be sure to assess features like capacity, noise levels, and cleaning modes, as these are all styles of Thermador dishwashers that vary with each model. Models from the Thermador Radiance collection—the brand’s latest name for the three series it currently manufactures—features dishwashers ranging from 48 to 42 dBAs for impressively quiet performance.

✔ Good to Know: Thermador exclusively makes top-control dishwashers with the choice between their Masterpiece handle with a sleek build or the Professional handle for a more robust look.

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Thermador Dishwasher Lines

Thermador offers several dishwasher lines catering to varying needs. The Professional Collection embodies power and efficiency, featuring StarDry for impeccable drying results. The Thermador Masterpiece Dishwasher Collection emphasizes premium design with customizable panel options, while also including StarDry. The Emerald Collection focuses on quiet operation and efficient cleaning and is the series’ most affordable line, providing core features that upgrade as you go up between the three lines:

Thermador Emerald Collection: Enjoy an adjustable rack and a dishwasher utensil tray.

Thermador Sapphire Collection: Get the driest dishes every time with the addition of StarDry technology with Zeolite.

Thermador Sapphire Glow Collection: Experience the ultimate in Thermador dish care with the quietest noise rating, the largest wine rack in the industry, and StarDry Zeolite drying.

Thermador Dishwasher Features

 A person using the Home Connect app on a Thermador dishwasher

Thermador dishwasher reviews will show you that these dishwashers boast many incredible features.

StarDry technology ensures dishes are impeccably dry every time you clean a load.

Home Connect allows remote control via smartphone for easy operation from anywhere.  

Adjustable racks accommodate various dish sizes meaning you do fewer loads.  

✔ Multiple wash cycles, including Speed60 for rapid cleaning, take care of all types of food messes.

✔ The Extra Dry option enhances drying performance for hard-to-dry dinnerware.

Noise levels range from 42 to 48 dBA, allowing you to run a load at any hour.

LED interior lighting makes loading and unloading easier, so you can fully see your dishes no matter what time of day it is.

Thermador Dishwasher Prices

Prices for Thermador dishwashers range from around $1,400 to $2,500, with extra costs if you opt for custom panels. It is important to decide on a personal budget, your preferred features, and which collection you might prefer to find the Thermador dishwasher that best suits your needs and price range.

Thermador dishwasher prices vary based on factors like model, features, and collections. The Thermador Star Sapphire line is the highest-priced and comes with the complete package of top-tier performance. The Sapphire line offers a balance between features and price, while the Emerald line focuses on value.

Thermador Dishwasher Pros & Cons

Overall, the Thermador dishwasher series is a formidable option for luxury buyers, especially those who want to keep their appliances in the Bosch family. Take these tips from our expert review into consideration if one of these dishwashers interests you.


✅ StarDry technology ensures dry dishes

✅ Higher-end models come with water softeners

✅ All models are smart dishwashers

✅ Interior lighting

✅ Quiet operation


✖ High price point

✖ Custom panels add to the cost

✖ No front-control dishwashers

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Our Top Thermador Dishwashers

Here’s a look at our top Thermador dishwashers we carry at Don’s Appliances. Whether its customization or performance you’re looking for, we’ve included a pick to satisfy every buyer.

Thermador® Emerald® 24" Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of the Thermador Emerald collection DWHD560CFM dishwasher

Shop This Thermador Emerald Dishwasher

This built in Thermador dishwasher offers value for its cost with its many incredible features. The Home Connect function enables remote monitoring and control via a smartphone. In this Thermador Emerald dishwasher, the Extra Dry option enhances drying performance, and its adjustable racks accommodate all dish sizes.

Plus, the Speed60 cycle ensures excellent, efficient cleaning, along with bright LED interior lighting which also aids in loading. This dishwasher incorporates technology, flexible design, and effective cleaning, making it a great investment within the Thermador lineup. Thermador Emerald dishwasher reviews showcase the fact that it's worth investing in this incredible collection.

Thermador® Emerald® 24" Custom Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher

Front view of the Thermador Emerald collection DWHD560CPR panel-ready dishwasher

Shop This Thermador Panel Ready Dishwasher

When it comes to dishwashers, this Thermador panel ready dishwasher model is an amazing value. The adjustable racks provide flexibility in loading various dish sizes, meanwhile the Home Connect app allows remote control via smartphone, making things more convenient for you.

With multiple wash cycles, including Speed60, it also ensures quick, efficient cleaning. Additionally, its quiet operation at 48 dBA and the option to add a custom panel contributes to its seamless kitchen design.

Thermador® Sapphire® 24" Custom Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher

Front view of the Thermador Sapphire collection DWHD760CPR panel-ready dishwasher

Shop This Thermador Sapphire Dishwasher

This incredible Thermador Sapphire Glow dishwasher offers amazing features that make it worth adding to your kitchen. It boasts StarDry technology for exceptional Thermador dishwasher drying, eliminating the need for any towel drying. With adjustable racks, it can also accommodate diverse dish sizes.

Plus, multiple wash cycles, including Speed60, provide flexibility. The dishwasher's elegant panel-ready design seamlessly integrates into your kitchen. Its quiet operation, customizable panel options, and advanced cleaning capabilities make it a worthwhile investment for those seeking top-tier performance and aesthetics. Thermador Sapphire dishwasher reviews rate this model highly and it is certainly well worth adding to your kitchen.

Thermador® Sapphire® 24" Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of the Thermador Sapphire collection DWHD760CFP dishwasher

Shop This Thermador Built In Dishwasher

If you are looking for a built in dishwasher that offers class, intuitive design, and outstanding features, look no further than this Thermador Sapphire dishwasher. Time Remaining PowerBeam® shows you the time left in your wash cycle by shining it onto the floor, while Flexible Folding Tines allow you to load dishes of all shapes and sizes. We’re also impressed by the Crystal Protect® Water Softener System that conditions water for dishes that come out with virtually no streaks or specks. With a quiet 42 dBA noise level and customizable LED lighting, this Sapphire collection dishwasher ensures efficient, convenient, and premium cleaning, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Thermador® Star Sapphire® 24" Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of the Thermador DWHD770CFP Star Sapphire collection DWHD770CFP dishwasher

Shop This Thermador Dishwasher

When it comes to dishwashers, this Thermador Star Sapphire Dishwasher is an excellent option. Its Home Connect feature allows remote control and monitoring via smartphone, or Thermador dishwasher Wifi compatibility, so you can start or stop your dishwasher from any convenient location.

Its ball bearing wheels allow provide smooth rolling in and out while loading, and the Entertainer’s Drawer (third rack) gives extra space to wash cooking utensils like spatulas and tongs. Plus, its stainless steel finish gives it a look of luxury and style, and Thermador dishwasher cleaning has never been easier with this smudge-resistant exterior.

Thermador® Star Sapphire® 24" Custom Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher

Front view of the Thermador Star Sapphire collection DWHD770CPR panel-ready dishwasher

Shop This Thermador Star Sapphire Dishwasher

This Thermador Star Sapphire dishwasher delivers the complete Thermador experience with a full roster of upgrades. Aside from features like Home Connect, Star Glow illumination, and Flexible Folding Tines, it also contains a hand wash cycle so even your most delicate dishes can be safely cleaned. Plus, Thermador Zeolite helps dry dishes without using chemicals, another huge benefit. With a low decibel level of 42 dBA, you will barely know it's running, and with a two-year parts warranty, you can rest well knowing your dishwasher will serve you well no matter what.

Thermador dishwashers are ideal for those seeking premium performance and customization. Their Professional Collection suits those who prioritize top-tier capabilities, the Masterpiece Collection offers a blend of style and function while the Emerald Collection focuses on quiet and efficient cleaning. With features like StarDry technology, adjustable racks, and various cleaning modes, Thermador dishwashers justify their cost by delivering exceptional efficiency, advanced technology, and a range of options to meet individual preferences and needs.

If you live in or near the Pittsburgh area, Don’s Appliances is the best place to shop for Thermador dishwashers. With exceptional customer service, a variety of products, and competitive prices, Don’s will help you with all your appliance needs. If you are looking to purchase a Thermador dishwasher, we won’t let you down!


Who makes Thermador dishwashers?

Thermador dishwashers are made by BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH.

Are Thermador dishwashers good?

Thermador dishwashers excel in performance, customization, and innovation. The line is best suited for buyers who prioritize high-end features and are willing to invest in top-tier efficiency, such as those seeking advanced drying technology, adjustable racks, and customizable cycles for an optimal cleaning experience.

Is Thermador the same as Bosch?

Thermador and Bosch are both brands that are under the BSH Home Appliances Corporation, but they offer different levels of products and also target different markets. Thermador is positioned as a luxury and high-performance brand with a focus on premium features, customization, and innovation. Bosch, on the other hand, offers a broader range of appliances, including dishwashers, catering to a wider audience with a balance between quality and affordability.

How long do Thermador dishwashers last?

The lifespan of a Thermador dishwasher can vary depending on usage, maintenance, and other such factors. Generally, high-quality dishwashers like Thermador’s are designed to last around 10 to 15 years or more with the proper care.

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