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Laundry day comes and goes … and comes back again. The never-ending cycle can be quite the chore, but it’s much more tolerable when you have the best laundry machines you can find. We’re talking energy efficient, high capacity (or low, depending on your needs), Wi-Fi enabled, touch screen options—the list goes on. So, if you’re looking for the best place to buy washer and dryer sets, we have you covered. Let’s get down to the business of when you should shop for new laundry machines, what makes a washer and dryer perfect, the best rated washers and dryers, and where to find the best deals on laundry appliances (spoiler: it’s Don’s).

Looking for an Upgrade? Shop New Washers and Dryers

Does your washer leave a few too many stains on your clothes? Does your dryer rattle so much the neighbors can feel it? Are your laundry appliances that very special brand of yellow that only the ’70s could produce? It’s time for an upgrade. We are the best place to buy washer and dryer combos, laundry pairs, and individual units. With top brands at unbeatable prices, you can’t get a better deal anywhere else on new washers and dryers. With options like electric or gas dryers, top load or front load washers, reversible doors, and so much more, you can be sure laundry day is about to get a whole lot easier.

How to Find the Perfect Washer and Dryer

Now, we know what makes laundry appliances perfect is dependent on you, your needs, your laundry space, and your budget, and we have all of these things in mind when we stock our inventory. That’s why you’ll find the top rated washer and dryer sets at any of our Pittsburg locations. So, what might make your laundry units perfect? Perhaps you’re looking for a machine that you can monitor from your phone with Wi-Fi connectivity. We have that. Or do you want a machine that gives your overhead storage flexibility with a front-door? We’ve got that, too. Want Energy Star qualified units? Stainless steel finishes, sanitize options, wrinkle removers? At Don’s Appliances, you’ll find the exact washer and dryer you need with every feature you want. Your fabrics will thank you in the best way fabrics can: staying bright, fresh, and stain free.

Shop the Best Rated Washer and Dryers Online

When you’re shopping for almost anything, reviews matter. Sure, the top rated washer and dryer reviews—rated by professional reviewers—matter; seek out those polished reviews! But there’s no substitute for reading online washer and dryer reviews from real people who have spent time with their units. When you shop online with us, you’ll find top brands at an easy-to-use website that makes buying quick and painless. Check out the chat function for questions or give us a call. At Don’s, we offer the best customer service along with the best laundry appliances. So, see what people are saying about our top washers and dryers and start your shopping journey today.

Get the Best Washer and Dryer Deal at Don’s

Are you searching for the “best washer and dryer for sale near me”? You don’t have to keep looking. At your local Pittsburg area Don’s Appliance, we carry all the top brand washers, dryers, and accessories at unbeatable prices. Whether you’re replacing your old machines, remodeling, or buying a new home, we have the right laundry appliances for you. Remember to keep in mind your hookups—gas dryers require a gas hookup, and electric require 240-volt outlet. Also pay attention to the doors on your machines—some are reversible for extra versatility. If your washer opens on the top, make sure there are no shelves or cupboards that would get in the way. No matter your needs, any of our Pittsburg, PA locations will have what you’re looking for.

From stackable units to laundry pedestals, laundry day has never looked so good. Not to mention all the amazing features modern laundry appliances bring to your home. Now that you know where to buy washer and dryer pairs, single units, or combos that will outperform your expectations, stop by. We have your appliance needs covered with a wide variety of home appliances. With our customer service, we strive for your satisfaction. Shop online, give us a call, or stop by today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready and waiting to assist you with all your laundry day appliance needs.