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by Olly Mason

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If you consider the kitchen the best room in the home, then you probably also have a keen eye for the best appliances that make you want to spend more time cooking and enjoying food in yours. Long-time fans of the kitchen themselves, Thermador strives to please users just like you who want the best out of their cooking, cleaning, and cooling appliances with styles that reflect their taste for the finer things in life.

Sound appealing? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much more to explore about Thermador’s exciting suite of kitchen appliances, and we’re here to guide you through what the brand has to offer. Take a look inside as we break down Thermador’s most popular appliances, including pricing, their best features, and appliance reviews from the best models from each line.

About Thermador

Bosch’s upgraded appliance line Thermador is specially designed with professional kitchens in mind, giving its users an elevated experience full of powerful performance. Thermador is known for its modern designs and appliances made of quality materials, including commercial-grade stainless steel, spillproof glass, and heavy-duty hardware.

Thermador classifies as a premium appliance brand, and its products range from mid- to high-end in price. The brand specializes in kitchen appliances only, so if you’re a big-time cook looking to upgrade your kitchen appliances, Thermador is one of the best brands to explore.

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Explore Thermador Appliances


Thermador Refrigeration

Inspired by professional kitchens, Thermador refrigeration is designed to give home cooks the experience of a gourmet kitchen. These powerful refrigerators are crafted with quality from the inside out, featuring metal interiors and trims, durable shelves and food bins, and high-grade hinges.

There are five main configurations to choose from:

With the exception of two lower-priced refrigerators in the lineup that come in stainless steel, all Thermador refrigerators are panel ready for full customization for your kitchen. Models in this lineup range from 13 to 20.8 cubic feet in capacity, and buyers can explore styles in 24”, 30”, and 36” size options.

Thermador refrigerators are priced between $5,000 and $11,000.

Best Thermador Refrigerator Features:

Cool Air Flow: This recently re-designed fan system keeps internal temperatures constant to reduce energy and keep items properly preserved.

SoftClose Doors & Drawers: This special mechanism allows Thermador doors and drawers to shut safely for little distraction and no damage.

ThermaFresh Drawer: Food placed in these drawers get a boost of air circulation to maintain proper humidity and climates that prevent spoiling.

Quick Chill: After you’ve restocked groceries — or when hungry folks linger with the door open too long — the Quick Chill feature rapidly brings temperatures back down to keep food from going bad.

Recommended: Thermador® Freedom® 20.8 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Front view of a Thermador Freedom 36” French door refrigerator

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With the most capacity of any Thermador refrigerator available, this premium French door model offers the best of beauty and storage. Your fresh food and frozen items will last longer as dual compressors work to maintain optimum temperature and climate settings in both compartments. Its ThermaFresh system is also great for customizing humidity levels for fruits and vegetables, prolonging their shelf life, and locking in flavor and nutrients.

Thermador Cooking Appliances

Thermador is most known for its line of cooking appliances consisting of cooktops, rangetops, ranges, and wall ovens. Thermador is the innovator of the Pedestal Star Burner that can be found on gas ranges, rangetops, and cooktops. This exclusive burner design provides 56 percent more flame coverage than standard round gas burners for better heat distribution overall. It also means fewer cold spots, which results in better sears and browning, increased energy efficiency, and greater heat control all around.

Note: It’s recommended to use Thermador ventilation when cooking on Thermador gas cooking appliances. Learn how to pair the right ventilation and gas appliances from the experts themselves here.

Thermador Ranges

Of all the appliances Thermador makes, this brand’s professional ranges are the most iconic. The series includes ranges:

  • 30” ranges with four to six burners for smaller kitchens
  • 36” gas and dual fuel ranges with five burners
  • 48” gas or dual fuel professional ranges in various cooktop configurations
  • 60” ranges with double ovens with either two convection or a convection and steam oven

All Thermador ranges are Wi-Fi enabled for ultimate convenience and provide up to 10.6 total oven capacity and a max heat output of 22,000 BTUs.

Thermador ranges price between $4,950 and $22,050.

Best Thermador Range Features:

Home Connect: Thermador appliances, including cooktops, can be paired with Home Connect to run and manage these products from the convenience of a smart device.

Liberty Induction Module: This supplemental cooking zone can be added to ranges for two more heating elements powered by induction.

Thermador Cooktops & Rangetops

Thermador cooktops and rangetops offer a different way to experience the great cooking performance from the brand. Electric and gas cooktops from Thermador come in 30” and 36” configurations with up to five burners or heating zones. Thermador rangetops offer a little more versatility with an additional 48” model. 

Thermador cooktops and rangetops price between $1,600 and $5,800

Best Thermador Cooktop Features:

MoveMode: Select a cooking setting and transfer it immediately to another spot to quickly make room for other cookware without skipping a beat on your cooking.

HeatShift: This Thermador induction cooktop feature adjusts the heat to your preselected settings by simply moving a pot to the area.

Dual Zone Bridge Element: Link up two adjacent electric heating elements to cook in roasting pans or on a griddle.

Triple Element: 17 power settings, one heating element, and up to three different size cookware.

Product Spotlight: Thermador® Masterpiece® 30” Silver Mirrored Induction Cooktop

Overhead view of a Thermador 30” induction cooktop

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As its name suggests, this Thermador Masterpiece induction cooktop is a piece of art, from its mirrored surface to its powerful performance. Altogether, this cooktop features 17 power levels and is capable of 3,700 watts of power to quickly boil large pots of water or to achieve beautiful sears on meat. At 30”, this cooktop fits most kitchen countertops, and its flexible design, including a Dual Zone bridge element, is versatile to accommodate cookware from small to extra-large.

Thermador Wall Ovens

Thermador also manufactures premium 30” electric wall ovens available in either single, double, or triple configurations, as well as steam oven options. Every Thermador wall oven features True Convection with superior air circulation for even cooking across every rack level. Overall, users will enjoy anywhere between 4.5 and 9 cubic feet of oven capacity, depending on the configuration they use. Smart features include Wi-Fi-enabled programming from a smart device, speedy 7-minute preheating, a 2-hour self-clean cycle, and SoftClose® Door technology for quiet use.

Best Thermador Oven Features:

Self-Cleaning Setting: This setting cleans both the walls and the racks in as little as two hours.

True Convection: Special baffles push heat and air equally throughout the oven cavity for better baking results.

Multi-Point Meat Probe: This built-in thermometer ensures every roast you make finishes at the perfect temperature.

Product Spotlight: Thermador® Professional 30” Stainless Steel Combination Wall Oven

Front view of a Thermador 30” combo wall oven

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If you want to maximize on counterspace, upgrade to this Thermador combo wall oven with a built-in microwave and lower oven cavity. Together, this duo provides 13 cooking settings along with even convection and 10 power levels on the microwave. This smart combo oven can even be paired with your smart device to remotely start the oven while you’re on your way from work.

Thermador Microwaves

Thermador microwaves are a handy way to upgrade the performance and look of your traditional microwave oven. Models in this lineup are 30” designed to be installed into kitchen cabinetry or over a range. These premium microwaves are characterized by their professional designs with digital controls.

Best Thermador Microwave Features:

Sensor Cooking: Intelligent receptors inside the microwave detect moisture and heat levels and automatically adjust them to create the ideal cooking setting.

Triple Distribution Turntable: This special microwave turntable uses improved motion with better microwave distribution for fewer cold spots.

Product Spotlight: Thermador® Masterpiece® MicroDrawer® 1.2 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built in Microwave

Front view of a Thermador 30” microwave drawer

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Instead of a countertop microwave, go luxury with a microwave drawer such as this model from Thermador. It features ample space with a special design that makes it easy to safely place and remove items from above, not the side. The interior is spacious enough to fit a casserole dish, meanwhile special sensors that respond to humidity customize how long food cooks, so you never pull a half-frozen dinner out of the microwave again.

Thermador Dishwashers

Cleaning up after culinary masterpieces is fast and easy with the performance of a Thermador dishwasher. Shoppers have a range of buying options with luxury dishwashers from three price points beginning with the Emerald dishwasher lines, followed by Thermador Sapphire dishwashers and Thermador Star Sapphire dishwashers.

Core features include a PowerBeam floor indicator display to know how much time is left for a wash, a third rack for more dishwasher loading flexibility, and Home Connect smart device programming. Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of the three dishwasher lines from Thermador.

Thermador Dishwasher Comparison Infographic

Best Thermador Dishwasher Features:

Chef’s Tool Drawer: Featuring a countered design, this dishwasher third rack provides extra loading for utensils, small bowls, and other miscellaneous cooking tools.

StarDry with Zeolite: Using special minerals, StarDry heats up the water, turning it into vapor to quickly dry dishes up to 60 percent better than air drying.

Sapphire Glow: Set the mood with the exclusive blue light interior lighting of Sapphire Glow.

Product Spotlight: Thermador® Emerald® 24” Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

Front view of a Thermador Emerald dishwasher

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After-dinner cleaning is simpler with the smart features and powerful dishwashing functions this Thermador Emerald dishwasher puts at your fingertips. Wash your largest load of dishes on 16 place settings, plus easy loading upgrades like a third rack and a height-adjustable middle rack. Thermador’s three-stage water filtration actively removes contaminants in the water for sparkling results, all while running at a quiet 48 decibels.

Whether you’re shopping for premium appliances for the first time or you’re upgrading your kitchen’s appliance package, Thermador continues to be a brand both appliance experts and users value. Backed by Wi-Fi compatibility, quality materials, and features that can be found in professional kitchens, it’s no wonder Thermador is a favorite brand of luxury enthusiasts and cooking aficionados alike.

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