How Panel Ready Dishwashers Create a Custom Look

by Olly Mason

On a scale from 1–10, how well do your kitchen appliances match their settings? While some homeowners are fine with the good and faithful stainless-steel look, others prefer a kitchen where appliances are less of a statement and more organic to the overall look. It’s a luxury, but buyers with the budget for a high-end remodel are opting for panel-ready appliances more and more, and in doing so, are achieving one-of-a-kind kitchen designs that reflect their personal tastes.

Currently, the market provides custom panels for refrigerators and dishwashers. This time around, we’re taking a look at panel-ready dishwashers, why you should consider them, and which brands to shop for. Follow along to get the full story.

Monogram panel ready top control dishwasher with door ajar

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What is a Panel Ready Dishwasher?

Why Panel Ready Dishwashers?

The Cost of Panel Ready Dishwasher

Top Panel Ready Dishwasher Brands


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What is a Panel Ready Dishwasher?

To experience the ultimate dishwasher upgrade, interior designers recommend adding a panel-ready dishwasher to your kitchen setup. Why all the hype? These models come with fully customizable fronts that can be made to match your kitchen cabinetry. Unlike popular appliance finishes, such as stainless steel or white, dishwashers with custom panels harmonize with their surroundings for a truly integrated design that looks luxurious and cohesive.

Typically, these models are found from high-end brand names, including Miele, Bosch, JennAir, and Signature Kitchen Suite, to name a few. That means you also get premium dishwasher features as part of the package, which is why these dishwashers run for a higher price point than their counterparts.

Like standard dishwashers, panel-ready dishwashing machines come in 18” and 24” dimensions and install directly into cabinetry. Recently, dishwasher drawers — which are made exclusively by Fisher & Paykel — offer even more design flexibility with configurations that look more like kitchen drawers rather than an appliance.

Pro Tip: An 18” panel ready dishwasher is a great way to make smaller kitchens appear larger.

Why Panel Ready Dishwashers?

Let’s discuss exactly what you gain when you include an integrated dishwasher in your kitchen design.

Property Value

Custom appliances are a hallmark of high-end kitchens, so adding one to your setup can increase its value. Potential buyers want spaces that are fully realized, and the best part is new owners can update the look without having to replace the appliance altogether.


You no longer have to be limited to the color options provided by the manufacturer. Whether your goal is to have appliances that disappear or to make a statement, panel-ready finishes let you achieve the desired aesthetic.


Kitchen trends come and go. Switch up the look of one of these dishwashers by simply purchasing a new front to stay on top of the season.

The Cost of Panel Ready Dishwasher

When purchasing a panel-ready dishwasher, there are three considerations to keep in mind.

  1. The cost of the dishwasher.
  2. The cost of the panel overlay, which is always purchased separately.
  3. The cost of installation, including the front.

The final cost will vary from brand to brand and depending on the type of finish you choose. Overall, panel-ready dishwashers start around $799 for the appliance without the paneled door and go up from there. 

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Top Panel Ready Dishwasher Brands

To help you discover the best panel-ready dishwasher for your kitchen, we reviewed our catalog and ultimately agree that these three brands offer some of the best options available. See for yourself why they stand out from the competition.

Signature Kitchen Suite Panel Ready Dishwashers

It may be one of the newer luxury brands on the market, but Signature Kitchen Suite and its line of premium dishwashers are quickly becoming a regular name in affluent kitchens. Upgrades from this line include integrated water softeners for spotless washes, PowerSteam technology that tackles messes at the molecular level, and flexible loading to run your full collection of dishware in a single load.

Recommended Signature Kitchen Suite Panel Ready Dishwasher: Signature Kitchen Suite 24" Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher (SKSDW2402P)

Front view of Signature Kitchen Suite SKSDW2402P panel ready dishwasher in a wood finish

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Dish by dish, this Signature Kitchen Suite panel ready dishwasher delivers impressive results you’d expect from a luxury brand. Hidden behind its custom panel is PowerSteam Technology which uses patented technology to target messes with microscopic steam particles. It’s gentle enough for delicates and stemware yet strong enough to dissolve tough food messes. And with flexible loading, a water softener, and Wi-Fi connectivity, this custom dishwasher features all the elements you’d want in a premium dishwashing machine.


  • SenseClean Wash System
  • PowerSteam Technology
  • EasyRack Plus system 
  • Water softener
  • 14 place settings 
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • ENERGY STAR certified

Beko Panel Ready Dishwashers

For luxury kitchens that are also eco-friendly, Beko panel-ready dishwashers are a natural pairing. To date, the entire lineup includes models that have received the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient award for water and energy conservation. That’s on top of other signature dishwasher features like noise ratings as low as 39 decibels, ProSmart Inverter Motors, and ample place settings.

Recommended Beko Panel Ready Dishwasher: Beko 24" Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher (DIT38530)

Front view of Beko DIT38530 panel ready dishwasher with the door ajar

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This Beko panel-ready dishwasher under $900 lets you get creative with your kitchen scheme without breaking the bank. It’s conservative in every aspect, from its handless front and top-control design, to its ENERGY STAR Most Efficient rating that guarantees each load is easy on the environment (and your utility bill). The spacious interior with 16 place settings easily fits a full sink of dishes, but for specialty items, the flexible third rack provides extra space with a simple adjustment.


  • AquaIntense wash technology
  • SteamGloss Function
  • Adjustable third rack 
  • 16 place settings 
  • ENERGY STAR certified 

JennAir Panel Ready Dishwashers

Recognized as the “quietest luxury dishwasher brand” around, JennAir panel-ready dishwashers are the true definition of “out of sight, out of mind.” But their performance is clear, thanks to powerful functions like dual spray arms, heated drying, and an exclusive TriFecta Wash System with three-stage filtration and multi-zone washing.

Recommended JennAir Panel Ready Dishwasher: JennAir® 24" Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher (JDPSS245LX)

Front view of JennAir JDPSS245LX panel ready dishwasher with a black wood finish

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JennAir invites you to unleash the power of the TriFecta Wash System on your toughest mealtime messes to experience one of the best dishwashing performances in its class. This 24” panel-ready dishwasher also boasts the industry’s biggest third rack with 11 percent more loading capability compared to other models in the lineup. This model also claims the title as the quietest luxury dishwasher on the market with a super-silent 38-decibel noise register for loads that are quieter than a conversation.


  • TriFecta Wash System
  • Industry’s largest third rack
  • Sanitize Rinse Option 
  • 38 dBA rating
  • 15 place settings
  • ENERGY STAR certified 

Panel Ready Dishwasher FAQs

Our shoppers are always curious about panel-ready appliances. Here are a few answers to questions they commonly ask when it comes to panel-ready dishwashers.

Can any dishwasher be made panel ready?

Only dishwashers manufactured with customizable covers are panel ready. Typically, you can distinguish these models by their unfinished fronts, which can be fitted with a finish provided by the brand or a personalized look created to match your existing kitchen cabinetry.

Do panel-ready dishwashers come with the panel?

Panel ready dishwashers are sold without a finished door panel. Instead, you select the look you desire. This can be from the brand’s stock of finishes or a customized panel from a third party.

Is panel ready the same as built in?

“Panel ready” and “built in” refer to different characteristics of a dishwasher. The first indicates whether the dishwashing machine can be installed with a custom overlay. The second specifies whether a dishwasher is installed into kitchen cabinetry or if it is a portable dishwasher.

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