Dishwasher Installation: What Does it Entail?

by Ryan Way

Dishwasher Installation: What does it entail?

There are all kinds of dishwashers on the market today. The majority of dishwashers fit in a 24" wide space and are installed under a counter top that is next to a sink. Before going to purchase a dishwasher, be sure to measure the space. In some cases, another floor was installed over an existing floor in a kitchen, which will affect the space and height of the install. Make sure you know what kind of counter tops you have in your kitchen, because this could affect the type of dishwasher you purchase and the way it can be installed.

There are several things you will need in order to install a dishwasher properly. First make sure that there is 110 electric available. You will need a water supply and a drain pipe or disposal for proper drainage. There are some tools required for a dishwasher installation. First is an adjustable wrench for tightening the water supply lines and adjusting the dishwasher legs for leveling purposes. You will need plumbers pipe dope to seal any connections as well as needle nose pliers for the electric. Make sure you have electrical tape and wire nuts as well. A cordless drill and a hole-saw is also needed for proper installation. Lastly, you will need a Philips head screwdriver for some of the finish work and box cutters for opening/disposing of the cardboard box it came in. When installing a dishwasher, make sure all connections are done correctly and have no leaks. Always make sure that you create a high loop with the drain hose in the rear of the cabinet for proper drainage. If there is not a high loop the dirty water can come back into the dishwasher and cause problems as well as a very bad smell.

Speaking of bad smells, most of the dishwashers made today hold water in the very bottom of the dishwasher in order to keep parts lubricated and from drying out. This means if your dishwasher sits for a couple of days without running, you will begin to smell a bad odor. Please run your dishwasher daily. It does not matter if it is full or not, just run it daily. They are so efficient that you will not be wasting water if you run the dishwasher when it is only partially full. The first thing a dishwasher will do is drain itself before it starts cleaning, so you will not be cleaning with dirty water. Finally, if you do not want to do your own install, just ask Don's Appliances to take care of it for you. It is only $199 and that includes delivery, install, all parts, and testing.