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Are Miele Dishwashers Worth the Price?

by Olly Mason

Side view of a Miele integrated dishwasher installed flush into cabinetry

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About Miele

Miele Dishwashers 101

Why Miele Dishwashers Are Worth the Price

Miele Dishwashers | Pros & Cons

3 Best Miele Dishwasher Reviews


Why Trust Us?

We won’t mince our words. Miele dishwashers are in a league (almost) of their own with a strong lineup of high-performance dishwashing machines that scream luxury in every sense. Dramatic? Maybe, but the truth of the matter is that these appliances are just plain good and worth every penny. However, even with all its perks, a Miele dishwasher isn’t ideal for every budget, lifestyle, or design preference.

Fortunately, we want to help you settle the debate by reviewing the lineup detail by detail, so you can decide if the hype is worth the card swipe. Our appliance experts are diving into the Miele dishwasher suite to give you a deeper understanding of why the brand comes out on top when it comes to premium dish care, including three Miele dishwasher reviews to start your exploration.

About Miele

Not many appliance brands can say they have over 100 years under their belts, but Miele is one of the elites. Since 1899, Miele’s meticulous German engineering has been the force behind the brand’s success and a clear example of the manufacturer’s philosophy, “Forever Better.” A full suite of luxury home appliances is available from Miele, from the laundry room with high-performance washers and dryers to the kitchen with state-of-the-art refrigeration, cooking appliances, and cleaning tools.

Today, Miele continues to be a prime choice for homeowners who value fine craftsmanship, durability, professional designs, and powerful performance. These standards are the hallmark of every Miele appliance, yet Miele dishwashers have become the unofficial emblems of the brand’s excellence, and you’ll see why, as we explain below.

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Miele Dishwashers

Miele Dishwashers 101

But first, let’s talk about what to expect when it comes to the Miele dishwasher lineup. In the following points, we’ll detail a breakdown of each Miele dishwasher series as well as the types of dishwashers the brand makes.

Miele Dishwasher Dimensions

Miele dishwashers mainly come in the standard 24” width plus 18” dishwashers for shoppers who can’t afford a full-size dishwasher but demand luxury. Additionally, Miele also manufactures ADA compliant dishwashers. It’s a small detail, but not many high-end brands offer the option, so we appreciate the inclusion. 

A Look at Miele Dishwasher Series

Miele’s dishwasher suite offers three installation options to choose from. Regardless of the line, buyers will be happy to know they can find dishwashers as silent as 38 decibels and all Miele dishwashers are ENERGY STAR Most Efficient.

  • Miele’s core line includes built-in dishwashers with stainless steel fronts and a fully visible glass panel on the door. These are the most cost-efficient, although they don’t install seamlessly into kitchen surroundings with finishes limited to Brilliant White, Obsidian Black, or Clean Touch Steel.
  • Upgrade to Miele semi-integrated dishwashers for the option of a matching panel. Note: dishwashers from this lineup also feature front controls, so they won’t “disappear” into nearby cabinetry (hence the name).
  • Miele fully integrated dishwashers are the brand’s premium models. These high-end dishwashers feature top control dishwashers and customizable fronts for a truly flush installation that will camouflage into cabinetry.

Buyers Ask: “What’s the difference between Miele G5000 and Miele G7000 dishwashers?”

There have been a few changes to the Miele dishwasher group, starting with the discontinuation of prior lines. Instead of Miele Classic Plus, Lumen, Crystal, and Diamond dishwashers, Miele has concentrated its dishwashers down to the G5000 and G7000 series.

The first is what Miele considers its entry-level line. However, don’t think Miele G5000 dishwashers are inferior — these are still powerful machines, just minus a few upgrades exclusive to the G7000 series.

Essentially, shelling out for a G7000 dishwasher gives you access to AutoDos — an industry-first feature only Miele offers — as well as AutoStart and compatibility with Miele@mobile for fully remote operation. It’s also worth noting Miele was recently recognized by the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) for its newest dishwashers.

Why Miele Dishwashers Are Worth the Price

Here’s the million-dollar question: How much do Miele dishwashers cost? Depending on the model you choose, a Miele dishwasher can cost you between $1,300 and $3,500. It’s a hefty price tag, but it’s one we fully believe is worth it. Still, a little skepticism is understandable, so allow us to break down our reasoning with three reasons why.

1. Quality Construction

We can’t stress enough how good German engineering is (BMW anyone?). While we’re not talking about luxury sports vehicles, in many ways, Miele applies the same attention to detail.

Fully clad stainless steel interiors promote better drying and can withstand higher heat, so dishes come out sanitized, not to mention how much longer a stainless steel tub lasts than a plastic dishwasher tub. Miele also beefs up the insulation around its dishwashers to retain hot water temperatures for improved efficiency. The manufacturer even goes as far as reimagining the water circuit for water use to as little as 1.5 gallons per cycle.

All this comes together for a dishwashing machine that is tested for up to 20 years of use. On the other hand, lower-end dishwashers last around a decade (if you’re lucky), meaning you can potentially end up paying for two dishwashers over the lifetime of a single Miele dishwasher.

2. Outstanding Dishwasher Performance

Cooking at home should be a joyful experience, so when you’re experimenting with new ingredients and levels of mess, it pays to have a dishwasher that makes that exploration less of a hassle. Miele does not skimp when it comes to dishwashing features either, providing dish care that is only available from the brand.

Here are a few Miele dishwasher features best in their class:

  • IntenseZone: This optional wash program turns the lower basket into the perfect spot for heavy-duty cookware.
  • QuickIntenseWash: Wash a regular cycle in under an hour with high-temperature settings.
  • Brilliant Glass Care: Optimized water temperatures provide ideal wash conditions for china, glassware, and other delicate dishes.
  • SensorDry: Advanced water sensors detect soil levels and adjust each cycle to optimum temperature and duration.
  • AutoStart: Once synced to the Mile@home app, Miele smart dishwashers can be remotely programmed to start when you want.

 3. Innovative Design

Remember Miele’s motto, “Forever Better”? Users can see that in action with the thoughtful design of Miele dishwashers. In case you weren’t aware, it was Miele that introduced the world to the dishwasher third rack, and it took that concept even further with the 3D MultiFlex Tray. This dynamic third rack can be adjusted in multiple ways to accommodate even more utensils, cookware, and kitchen gadgets of various sizes for greater dish-loading flexibility.

Of course, that’s on top of a middle rack with nine adjustable levels and up to 16 place settings overall. And the latest models come with other intriguing add-ons, like AutoDos, the first detergent dispenser of its kind that uses sensors to administer the correct amount of detergent for a cycle. Miele also was the first to develop an AutoOpen feature at the end of a cycle, so air can naturally dry dishes.

Miele Dishwashers | Pros & Cons

For us, Miele marks the top tier of reliable dishwashers, but with that in mind, there are a few tradeoffs that might be important for some buyers. Now that we’ve presented the best of Miele dishwashing machines, take a moment to weigh out the pros and cons to see if one is right for you.


✅ Long lifespans

✅ Made of the best materials

✅ Great dishwasher features

✅ Easy dish loading

✅ Energy efficient


❌ Pricey

❌ Limited finish options

❌ No heated dish drying

3 Best Miele Dishwasher Reviews

Here are three great examples of Miele’s elite dishwasher manufacturing in three variations. We start off our list with the most affordable recommendation and end with a splurge to give you an idea of how far your budget goes with the brand.

Best Miele ADA Dishwasher: Miele 24” Custom Panel Built in Dishwasher

A Miele disihwasher with its door open

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This ultra-quiet Miele dishwasher runs at just 46 decibels and comes with five select wash settings and plenty of room to load with 16 place settings. This model also includes a 3D cutlery tray for easier dish loading, plus a CleanAir drying system for spot-free results. A customized panel front in the design of your choice is the perfect way for you to add your personal touch of style to your kitchen.

Best Miele Stainless Steel Dishwasher: Miele 24” Stainless Steel Built-in Dishwasher

Front view of a Miele dishwasher

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The classic look of this Miele stainless steel dishwasher will match just about any kitchen scheme, but it’s the cleaning performance that really steals the show. Highlights include Miele’s QuickIntenseWash, AutoOpening, and Perfect GlassCare to tend to all your dishwashing needs. Adjustable racks and a 3D MultiFlex utensil tray help utilize every inch of this dishwasher’s interior for maximum loading capacity.

Best Miele Panel Ready Dishwasher: Miele 24” Panel Ready Built In Dishwasher

Front view of a Miele dishwasher

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This Miele dishwasher panel ready door lets you decide how to present Miele’s magnificent design in your kitchen. However you choose to outfit this customizable dishwasher, luxury comes standard with a one-hour wash cycle, adjustable place settings, and AutoDos for automatic dish care with peace of mind. As part of the G7000 series of dishwashers, this Miele smart dishwashing machine is also compatible with Miele@home for a simple user experience that liberates you from the kitchen.

Miele proves again and again that dedication to perfection and quality pays off. Overall, Miele dishwashers will outlast any other dishwasher brand on the market with regular maintenance, and with eco-friendly engineering, they also help save every time you do a load of dishes. In the end, if you can, go for the Miele dishwasher to get the most dishwasher capabilities on the market.


Let’s wrap up this review of Miele’s finest with a few answers to questions we get from our buyers about Miele dishwashers.

Is Bosch the same as Miele?

Both German brands are recognized for their excellence in dishwasher manufacturing, but Miele serves exclusively as a luxury dishwasher brand, while Bosch offers mid-to-high-end dishwashers. Both are regarded as the best in their class; however, Miele slightly outperforms its counterpart with a longer lifespan of 20 years versus 10 years.

Are Miele dishwashers made in China?

Despite their demand, Miele manufactures its dishwashers and other appliances solely in Germany.

Can I use any detergent in a Miele dishwasher?

Miele includes its exclusive AutoDos detergent dispenser on G7000 series dishwashers, although using the brand’s proprietary detergent discs isn’t mandatory. All Miele dishwashers are safe to use with supermarket dish detergent, and G7000 models even include an additional detergent reservoir along with an AutoDos tray for universal use.

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