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Don's Dishwasher Buying Guide

by Don's Appliances

Don’s Dishwasher Buying Guide

If you're doing a lot of dishes from the holidays, birthday parties, or family dinners, dishwashers see a lot of cleaning action. Maybe yours has reached the end of its life or you are tired of hand washing. Whether your dishwasher isn’t working, or you’re just ready for an upgrade, this guide will go through the different types, features, and factors to keep in mind when searching the market.

Dishwasher Types

You’ll want to decide on your next dishwasher based on the type that is best suited for your kitchen and your lifestyle. Do you have a bigger family, and will you need a lot of space for dishes? Or do you only need something small and compact? Are you always on the go and is your kitchen less stationary? These are all things to consider when looking to purchase your next dishwasher.

Built In

Samsung 24" Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Built In Dishwasher

The most common and practical type of dishwasher is the built-in style. Based on the name, these are built in under your countertop, so they are compact but easy access. These can be installed right next to your sink, your oven or stove, or in between. There is also the option to make these more discreet with a panel-ready model. With the ability to match your cabinets, the panel-ready dishwashers blend right into the rest of your kitchen. Larger units such as built-in dishwashers or even portable have more capacity for more dishes unlike the dishwasher drawers. If you’re making a lot of dishes, a built-in or portable is a better fit for your lifestyle.

Dishwasher Drawers

Café™ 24" Matte White Built-In Drawer Dishwasher

Compact and convenient, dishwasher drawers take up less space in your kitchen. Most are designed to be panel ready as well, looking just like normal drawers in the rest of your kitchen. Organize your dishes into the separate drawers and run the wash cycle on either one part or both when you’re ready. If you fill up one part before the other and it takes you a few days to fill up the entire dishwasher, you can simply run either the top or bottom part first. The drawers can also run simultaneously as one unit. The dishwasher drawers are best suited for a small family of two people, who have a smaller kitchen, and a faster paced lifestyle.


GE® 24" Stainless Steel Portable Dishwasher

If you want more cabinet space, or maybe you’re even moving around a lot, a portable dishwasher may be the best match for you. These can be as big as a built-in, or as small as a drawer. Versatile in size, but also in mobility. Portable dishwashers come with wheels so they can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. If you are moving, these can also be taken with you. A few things to keep in mind when considering a portable dishwasher: You’ll have to attach the electric and water line each time you move it. You won’t get as clean dishes as you would in a built-in May be less reliable since they are designed to be on-the-go machines.

Measure the Kitchen

Now that you’ve examined your different options, you’ll want to measure for a dishwasher in your kitchen, especially if you don’t currently have a dishwasher installed. Will you have to sacrifice cabinet space for a built-in or drawer? Or do you have space on your countertop or floor for a portable dishwasher? For built-in dishwashers either measure your current space, or measure from floor to the bottom lip of your countertop. You’ll want to factor in width as well.

Measure the Appliance

You’ll want to make sure your dishwasher fits in your kitchen. The type of dishwasher you get may depend on if you have room or not. Here are the most common dimensions for dishwashers:


(24”) 23 3/4" x 33 3/5" x 24 3/5"
(18”) 17 5/8” x 32 1/6” x 21 5/8”


(24”) 23.56” x 34” x 21.75”
(23.56”) 23 9/16”x 32 5/16 – 34 5/8” x 22 9/16”


(24”) 23 3/4" x 33 3/5" x 24 3/5"
(18”) 17 5/8” x 32 1/6” x 21 5/8”
(22”) 21.7” x 19.7” x 17.2”

Additional Features to Consider

How quiet is the dishwasher?

The lower the decibel the quieter the dishwasher will be when it’s running. If you want something quiet, make sure to check in the dishwasher’s manual for how loud it would be.

Do you want/need a third rack?

The third rack is mostly for cutlery, but it will take up space in the interior of the dishwasher leaving less room on your other two racks for taller dishes.

Which Dishwasher is Right for Me?

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