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LG VS Samsung Refrigerator: How Do They Compare?

by Olly Mason

At a Glance:

About LG Refrigerators

Top LG Refrigerator Features

Recommended LG Refrigerators

About Samsung Refrigerators

Top Samsung Refrigerator Features

Recommended Samsung Refrigerators

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Front view of a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator in a grey-and-white kitchen

Two South Korean refrigerator brands, both with origins in electronics. And, as you’ll soon see in this side-by-side comparison, both brands excel in nearly the same categories. So, how do you decide between an LG vs Samsung refrigerator?

We put ourselves to the challenge for you, reviewing each lineup from price and features to style and variety. Then, we provide you with reviews for the top refrigerators from each manufacturer, so all you have to do is decide which brand checks off all the boxes for your refrigerator wishlist.

About LG Refrigerators

An LG LRSOC2306S French door refrigerator shown in a kitchen

It’s saying a lot when LG, a brand initially known for its TVs and electronics, has become one of the top dogs in the game. So big, in fact, that LG recently usurped Whirlpool as the top global appliance leader. No doubt, LG refrigerators played a big role in the brand’s success, demonstrating an innovative line of food preservation made for easy organization, a stylish look in the kitchen, and prolonging the lifespan of food.

LG offers a diverse lineage of refrigerators across three different lines. The LG refrigerator line is the entry-tier collection, but you’ll still find many of the winning features buyers like from LG on these refrigerators. LG Studio and LG Signature refrigerators come with exclusive upgrades and finishes ideal for affluent shoppers and bigger budgets.

The lineup comes in a variety of fridge styles:

  • Top freezer
  • Bottom freezer
  • Side by side
  • French door

LG refrigerators classify as mid-end products (in other words, the next level up from entry-level) and are priced between $650 and $8,000. If you’re looking for a custom integrated refrigerator, LG also offers a built-in refrigerator for around $9,500, which does not come panel-ready.

How Big Are LG Refrigerators?

Big. At least, as far as capacity goes. In terms of width, LG full-size refrigerators (the brand also offers smaller specialty fridges and all-refrigerator/freezer options) measure 30”, 33” and 36”, plus 42” models for niche kitchens. When it comes to how much food an LG refrigerator can store, you can expect a minimum of 20 cubic feet and up to 30 on larger models. For the most part, LG refrigerators offer around 22 to 27 cubic feet of food storage — plenty of room for a family of four to five or more. Not to mention, LG also claims the title for the largest counter depth refrigerator available on the market in its class.

Notable achievements:

Top LG Refrigerator Features

Features! Every user wants them, and these are the best ones LG provides.

Door-in-Door: Get to your favorite foods faster with this embedded door that opens to slim storage within the front panel—saves energy and time!

InstaView Door-in-Door: This upgrade on the Door-in-Door feature uses a glass panel to provide a look into the front door with just two knocks.

Door Cooling+: Prolong the life of condiments, relishes, milk, juice, and eggs with this special air jet system that keeps in-door food items fresh.

Craft Ice: Cocktail connoisseurs will appreciate the LG Craft Ice maker that produces ice spheres that melt slowly and look picture-ready.

Full-Convert Drawer: Stretch your storage capacities with this special drawer with five settings from fresh to frozen.

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Recommended LG Refrigerators

As mentioned above, LG received top ratings for French door and side by side refrigerators, so here are two top-rated LG refrigerators that demonstrate why buyers like them so much.

Best LG French Door Refrigerator: LG 22.5 Cu. Ft. PrintProof™ Stainless Steel Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of the LG LRMVC2306S 36” InstaView French door refrigerator

No matter your lifestyle, this LG French door refrigerator has a feature to make your life easier. Buyers gave high ratings to the convenient Door-in-Door design that cuts down on energy consumption and makes grabbing snacks and more quicky and easy. The addition of the InstaView panel is stylish and handy when you want to take quick inventory while making a shopping list. At nearly 23 cubic feet of capacity, this LG fridge is on the lower end of the capacity, but features like a flexible middle drawer and counter depth design make up for that tradeoff.

LG LRMVC2306S Refrigerator Reviews

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Best LG Side by Side Refrigerator: LG 23 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Front view of LG LRSOC2306S 36” InstaView side by side refrigerator

This LG side by side refrigerator offers the same perks as our favorite LG French door fridge with a symmetric design that is better for organizing frozen foods. We also like the FlexZone. It’s a helpful add-on that gives users the liberty to decide how and what they can stock, which comes in handy when stocking up on seasonal items and bulk buys.

LG LRSOC2306S Refrigerator Reviews

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About Samsung Refrigerators

A Samsung RF22R7551SR French door refrigerator shown in a kitchen

LG sets the bar really high when it comes to refrigeration, but Samsung refrigerators the brand a run for its money. Specifically, with its prices. Compared to LG, Samsung refrigerators are considerably more affordable with full-size models ranging between $850 and $4,600. (Like LG, Samsung also offers a built-in refrigerator option for around $7,000.)

But if you have you hopes set on a bottom freezer refrigerator, you’re out of luck with Samsung. Otherwise, the brand matches LG on every level with top freezer, side by side, and French door fridges, plus 4-door quad-style refrigerators for even more variety.

Samsung also recently released its most customizable refrigerators to date, the Bespoke line. Bespoke refrigerators use door panels that can be swapped out with exclusive colors to achieve truly one-of-a-kind color combinations. Of course, that’s on top of Samsung Family Hub touchscreen fridges, a must-see if you’re aiming for a connected kitchen in your smart home.

How Big Are Samsung Refrigerators?

Along with apartment-size fridges, Samsung manufactures refrigerators in 30”, 33” and 36” widths. Samsung fridges also come in more capacities with the smallest clocking in at 17.3 cubic and the largest at 30, the same as LG. While the floor space Samsung refrigerators occupy is the same as LG, their smaller fridges give buyers in single and coupled living situations more variety over LG.

Notable Achievements

Top Samsung Refrigerator Features

Compared to LG, Samsung has a few more features, some of the them exclusive to the brand. Take a look.

Family Hub: Connect a Samsung Family Hub refrigerator with the rest of your home’s smart devices for a fully integrated experience you can search recipes, check food inventory, and even order groceries off of.

Twin/Triple Cooling System: Two dedicated compressors deliver independent temperature management for the freezer and refrigerator cabin. Samsung 4-door Flex refrigerators include an additional compressor for its FlexZone copatment.

FlexZone: A four-compartment refrigerator layout with three evaporators simplifies food storage with a flexible zone that switches from fresh food to frozen settings.

Food Showcase: Open this discreet door panel within the fried door to stock up on favorite snacks and beverages without having to open the entire refrigerator. 

Metal Cooling: Lock in freshness with the metal panel on select Samsung refrigerators that keeps settings in the produce compartment cold.

Recommended Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung’s catalog of refrigerators is impressive in selection and the exclusive features only found from this brand. Take a look at two Samsung refrigerators with top product reviews.

Best Samsung French Door Refrigerator: Samsung 22.2 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of Samsung RF22R7551SR 36” French door refrigerator

Experience the style of a French door refrigerator made for the future with this Samsung Family Hub refrigerator. Compared to the LG model on our list, this Samsung fridge comes in slightly smaller at 22.2 cubic feet of capacity, but you still get a middle FlexZone drawer with adjustable compartments that make organizing food efficient. Besides its signature feature, the Family Hub door, buyers also enjoyed the Twin Cooling technology and Wi-Fi enabling usability that tick the box on performance and easy user experience.

Samsung RF22R7551SR Refrigerator Reviews

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Best Samsung Counter Depth Refrigerator: Samsung Bespoke 23 Cu. Ft. Black Matte Steel French Door Refrigerator with Family Hub™

Front view of Samsung RF23BB89008M 36” French door refrigerator

For a sleek approach to food storage, this Samsung counter depth refrigerator is a worthy consideration. Looks aside, its flush design with pocket handles provide a high-end effect for a fraction of the cost. And, like our favorite Samsung French door fridge, buyers agree that Twin Cooling, a FlexZone Door, and a FlexDoor offer clever solutions for modern food storage needs. 

Samsung RF23BB89008M Refrigerator Reviews

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With two brands as neck-and-neck as LG and Samsung are, it’s not the easiest to determine who wins in the LG vs Samsung refrigerator debate. But with the information we’ve gathered in the brand comparison, we can give you a final recap of who we believe each brand suits best.


  • Want a smart refrigerator, Samsung is best, but LG and the LG ThinQ app is also a great feature worth considering.
  • Like having flexible style options, Samsung outdoes LG with its Bespoke line. Otherwise, both offer the same finishes, and neither has panel-ready refrigerators.
  • The most food storage, LG is worth exploring since most of its models are well over 20 cubic feet. Plus, having the most capacity on a counter depth refrigerator is a great perk for full-size households where the kitchen can get crowded.
  • Energy efficiency is important to you, both Samsung and LG offer a strong lineup of refrigerators. Generally, side by side refrigerators tend to be the most energy-efficient fridge style, and LG offers more models than Samsung.
  • You want a reliable refrigerator brand that’s also affordable, Samsung beats out LG.

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