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Under Counter Freezers That Really Save Space

by Olly Mason

Various U-Line undercounter freezer and refrigerators in a kitchen

At a Glance:

What Are Undercounter Freezers?

How Much Does an Undercounter Freezer Hold?

How Much Does an Undercounter Freezer Cost?

Why Should You Get an Undercounter Freezer?

Are There Any Cons to Undercounter Freezers?

3 Recommended Undercounter Freezers

Why Trust Us?

Whoops! You did it again. You bought way more items than what can fit in your freezer, so now you’re left trying to chip away at old Hot Pockets and ice cream to make room for the new. You’d love to have more space to organize all your frozen items, but adding a full-size freezer would gobble up the kitchen. However, there is another solution you can consider: an under counter freezer.

These appliances don’t require any floor space, provide about as much storage as a standard freezer, and they give your kitchen an upscale look. Those all sound like pluses in our books, so what’s the catch? You can find the answer to that in this guide, along with a look at some of our favorite under counter freezer picks and reviews.

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Undercounter Freezers

What Are Undercounter Freezers?

Don’t be fooled. While (most) under counter freezers have a similar build to mini fridges, they are not the same appliance. The two do share the same space-friendly qualities, though, allowing undercounter freezers to fit in kitchen islands, outdoor kitchens, and pantry bars, to name a few places.

When it comes to design, under the counter freezers come in two main options:

  • Undercounter freezers with side swing doors — a solid choice for users who like things traditional
  • Freezer drawers that pull out on rollers — ideal in kitchens with concealed appliances

In both cases, these freezers are typically no taller than 34 inches, allowing them to discreetly fit below eye level. If you want to hide one of these freezers further, there are also panel-ready options to match your kitchen cabinetry.

Pro Tip: Most undercounter freezers are built-in appliances, however, some can be used as either freestanding or fully integrated. Make sure to review your pick carefully if you want the perk of flexible installation.

How Much Does an Undercounter Freezer Hold?

A standard refrigerator freezer provides an average of five to seven cubic feet of freezer storage, or enough for a household of four to five. Undercounter freezers match that with an average of five cubic feet, but some models can store even more.

How Much Does an Under Counter Freezer Cost?

A matching Sub-Zero undercounter freezer and refrigerator with custom panel fronts

While they’re convenient, under counter freezers aren’t exactly cheap. You’ll end up spending at least $1,000 for a basic model, while most under the counter freezer units can exceed $3,000. Considering that a mid-end full-size refrigerator costs around $3,500, it’s clear that these appliances are more luxury items rather than essentials.

And don’t forget — you’ll also need to put a part of your budget aside for installation. The service can range between $200 and $600, but it’s usually a quick and easy process. Experienced DIYers might be able to install a freezer beneath the counter in order to save some money, but fair warning: improper installation could result in a freezer that doesn’t work efficiently, not to mention it can decrease the lifespan of the appliance. Additionally, panel ready under counter freezers come with the extra cost to custom-fit their fronts.

Why Should You Get an Under Counter Freezer?

Counter height freezers are statement-makers. Once guests see one of them in your kitchen, they’ll know you go the extra mile to keep your ingredients preserved. Aside from looking great, there are many other advantages to owning an undercounter freezer.

Need to Save Space

One solution to “how to make more freezer space” is to purchase a secondary refrigerator for the garage or patio. Except, these appliances take up a lot of space, and some home plans simply can’t afford to sacrifice room for another full-size appliance.

On the other hand, undercounter freezers install directly into cabinetry, leaving the usable floorspace free for whatever you need it for.

Great for Storing Bulk Items

We all know the torture of having to pass on a great frozen item sale simply because there’s no place to stock the deal. This is one of the major reasons under counter freezers are so convenient. Adding one to your kitchen means you can stock up on your regular frozen items in the main freezer and store your money-saving deals in the extra freezer.

Better Efficiency Than Chest Freezers

Most under counter freezers work solely as an ice box, which means their compressors don’t have to work as hard to keep their interiors frozen. Additionally, the size of the appliances means even large temperature drops can quickly be brought back up to the ideal settings. On the other hand, chest freezers and upright freezers — which can be up to three times larger — have to work harder to keep their interiors cool, and that results in higher utility costs.

Are There Any Cons to Under Counter Freezers?

Yes, there are a few flipsides to counter height freezers. Consider the points below.

❌ The Cost

It’s worth repeating how much an undercounter freezer costs. On one hand, these appliances are built to last at least a decade, and some brands like Sub-Zero test their freezers to last up to 20 years. That lessens the blow, but in the end, the reality is that one of these freezers will cost you the same price as a full-size refrigerator, if not more.


You shouldn’t expect too much capacity from one of these freezers, considering they are meant to be installed beneath a counter. Still, you will only be getting approximately another freezer’s worth of space.


Most users won’t have difficulty accessing an under counter freezer, but for those with limited mobility, having to bend over can be an issue. Fortunately, there are ADA undercounter freezers that accommodate those individuals, but there will be some bending, nonetheless.

3 Recommended Under Counter Freezers

With the basics covered, now it’s time to show you which models we love. We’ve split our picks into three categories, but each provides great quality and reliability from some of the best freezer brands on the market.

Best Energy-Efficient Under Counter Freezer: U-Line Undercounter Freezer (UHFZ124-SS01B)

Front view of the U-Line UHFZ124-SS01B undercounter freezer

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Both conservative in look with a clean front and minimalistic handle and in energy consumption with an ENERGY STAR certification, this U-Line under counter convertible freezer allows you to decide how to use it. A temperature range between -5 and 45 degrees means you can store items such as frozen desserts, deli platter favorites, and even some wines. It features convection cooling that uses a fan to circulate air throughout the interior so no area goes stale or hot, helping to further preserve whatever you stock in this flexible undercounter freezer.

Best ADA Under Counter Freezer: Perlick Undercounter Freezer (HA24FB-4-1L)

Front view of the Perlick HA24FB-4-1L undercounter freezer

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If stocking groceries is a burden for you because of health difficulties, consider this Perlick freezer. It’s compliant with the American Disability Association (ADA) and comes with several great additional features like an ultra-quiet compressor that is up to 30 percent more silent than other models, plus full extension shelves that make it easier to access items.

Best Under Counter Freezer Drawers: Sub-Zero Under Counter Freezer Drawers (ID-30F)

Front view of the Sub-Zero ID-30F undercounter freezer drawers

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For the trendsetters who don’t mind a splurge, this set of Sub Zero freezer drawers checks all the boxes. As a Sub Zero freezer, you can count on this appliance to last for 20 years of use with state-of-the-art freezer technology that keeps internal settings at one degree of setpoint. Take advantage of its split-drawer design to organize your frozen foods like no other freezer can, all while discreetly hidden along with the rest of your kitchen drawers.

There’s no doubt that having an under counter freezer in a kitchen, bar, or even outdoor setting adds a swanky touch to the space and provides valuable freezer storage on top of the main refrigerator freezer. Normally, we would suggest considering an upright or chest freezer if your main priority is more freezer space, but if you’re lacking space for another full-size kitchen appliance, under counter freezers are a great alternative.

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