LG Refrigerator Reviews: Price VS Features

by Olly Mason

LG appliances

If you’re ready to reimagine how you stock your fresh produce, how you pour up your favorite beverages, or how you take inventory of what’s inside your fridge, then LG refrigerators might be what your kitchen is missing. With multiple J.D. Power surveys awarding LG refrigerator reviews with some of the highest scores in their class, the South Korean appliance brand has become one of the most reliable refrigerator lineups on the market.

Get a full scope of what that reliability translates to in this LG refrigerator guide. Inside, we give you an in-depth look at the refrigerator styles LG offers, the features no other brand has, and LG refrigerator reviews for three of the brand’s best refrigerator styles.

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About LG

LG Refrigerators 101

LG Top Freezer Refrigerators

LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

LG Side by Side Refrigerators

LG French Door Refrigerators

Best LG Refrigerator Features

3 LG Refrigerator Reviews


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About LG

For over six decades, LG has reinvented how the home functions with appliances that are tech-forward and designed for the modern home. Once solely a maker of home electronics, LG has branched out to include a full lineup of home appliances manufactured around the brand’s motto “Life’s Good.” In other words, LG creates home appliances that are meant to make jobs easier with new features that simplify the task at hand, whether it’s cleaning, food preservation, or cooking.

LG appliances are known for having modern finishes and designs, and their tech-heavy approach to appliances makes products from LG great for homeowners looking to build a home of connected appliances. LG appliances fall within the mid-end price point just above other popular brands like Whirlpool, Frigidaire, or GE.

LG Refrigerators 101

LG French door refrigerator shown with its doors open

Food storage is perhaps the most essential kitchen need, and buyers agree that LG refrigerators deliver exciting features and designs that meet the needs of modern homeowners. Like everything LG does, this line of mid-end refrigerators breaks the mold on conventional food storage with clever hacks like Door-in-Door with InstaView and high-performance refrigerator systems that preserve foods longer.

Because the brand is so well-known, LG often gets lumped together with other major appliance names like Whirlpool or Frigidaire. But in terms of pricing, LG fridges are priced higher, somewhere in the mid-end refrigerator spectrum between $650 and $4,800. Keep in mind, these prices reflect LG’s core refrigerator lineup and do not include LG Studio refrigerators ($4,500–$9,500) or LG Signature (around $8,000).

When it comes to variety, LG refrigerators are hard to outdo. Models meet the needs of a range of kitchen and household sizes, from 24” and 28” apartment fridges starting at 10.1 cubic feet of capacity to large-capacity fridges with 30 cubic feet of storage capacity.

Are LG Refrigerators Reliable?

You bet! In fact, a recent survey reveals that LG is a top-rated refrigerator brand according to buyers, ranking top three in French door, side by side, and top freezer refrigerators categories.

Other top marks go to LG refrigerator design and features, garnering the brand an Innovation Award for its InstaView Door-in-Door feature.

LG Top Freezer Refrigerators

Shoppers looking for an entry point to LG refrigerators can begin their search with LG top freezer refrigerators. LG ups the basic design of these traditional fridges with stainless steel features and ample storage anywhere between 20 to 24 cubic feet of storage capacity.

LG top freezer refrigerators come with essential fridge features and organization, making them good options for apartments, single-person residencies, and coupled households. With that in mind, models with 24 cu ft of capacity can still easily accommodate a family of 4. In fact, LG’s premium top freezer refrigerator (model# LTWS24223S) offers the most capacity for a 33” fridge in its class.

Prices for LG top freezer refrigerators range between $650 and $1,500.

LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

If your refrigerator budget is between $1,300 and $2,000, you can upgrade to an LG bottom freezer refrigerator with a lineup featuring the most bottom freezer fridge capacities for 33” refrigerators in their class. If you’re trying to save a little space, LG also offers 24” and 28” bottom freezer refrigerators for smaller kitchens.

Like LG top freezer fridges, bottom freezer models from the brand come with basic features with a few upgrades like Door Cooling+ and LG ThinQ Smart Diagnosis. Full-size bottom freezer refrigerators from LG measure 33”, making them a good alternative for full-size households that need the most food storage inside a limited kitchen.

LG Side by Side Refrigerators

Upgrading to this level of LG refrigeration grants you access to signature LG features like Door-in-Door and InstaView as well as clever fridge organization with select 4-door side-by-side refrigerators. Additionally, every LG side-by-side refrigerator comes with an in-door ice and water dispenser as an added perk.

You also get more fresh and frozen food storage inside an LG side-by-side refrigerator. The smallest models provide a decent 23 cubic feet of capacity and up to 27 cubic feet of food organization on more expensive models. LG side-by-side fridges measure 36” wide, meaning they’re not the most space-friendly. However, LG offers a couple of counter-depth side-by-side refrigerators to help save a few inches of kitchen real estate.

LG side by side refrigerators run between $1,700 and $2,500.

LG French Door Refrigerators

As the most popular refrigerator style on the market after top freezer fridges, it’s no wonder French door refrigerators are LG’s largest selection of refrigerators with models measuring 30” 33”, and 36”. Several LG French door refrigerators also have the largest capacities in their class (we’re starting to see a trend). Altogether, LG French door fridges range between 22 and 30 cubic feet of storage, more than enough for standard households with larger models serving even households with more than five members.

Buyers can also find a good selection of counter-depth French door refrigerators from LG (over 15 models), so if you want a stylish presentation that doesn’t hog floor space, LG might have a solution for you. Exploring the LG French door fridge lineup also unlocks essentially all of LG’s best refrigerator features across its lineup, making them a great value for the price. 

On the low end, an LG French door refrigerator will cost about $1,500, while premium French door refrigerators from LG run up to $4,800.

Best LG Refrigerator Features

Close up look at LG’s InstaView Door-in-Door feature

We’ve talked a lot about LG refrigerator features and why they’re so great, but what are they, and what do they do? Here’s a quick rundown of the top refrigerator features LG offers and how they help preserve your food.

  • Door-in-Door: To preserve cold air, the LG Door-in-Door lets users place popular snacks and beverages in an embedded door. The Door-in-Door feature comes in metal and glass door options.
  • InstaView: An LG InstaView refrigerator use a glass Door-in-Door panel that illuminates with two knocks for an instant look at favorite snacks and drinks stored in the door.
  • Craft Ice: Enjoy pub-style cocktails with Craft Ice spheres that melt slow and add a professional touch to drinks.
  • Full-Convert Drawer: Available exclusively on LG 4-door French door fridges, this extra drawer features five flexible food storage settings from chill to freezing.
  • Door Cooling+: Air vents located on the side panel of select LG fridges helps cool the interior 35 percent faster while keeping contents in the door at precise temperatures.
  • Multi-Air Flow System: LG’s exclusive refrigerator system maintains humidity and temperature levels with digital sensors intelligently located throughout the interior.
  • Linear Cooling: Powerful refrigerator sensors respond to temperature fluctuations to keep food storage climates to a degree of set-point.
  • ThinQ: LG smart refrigerators with ThinQ give users the power to monitor their appliance from a smart device for next-level user experience.

3 LG Refrigerator Reviews

LG consistently ranks as one of our top refrigerator brands — and for good reason! Their powerful features and modern designs are winning combinations users love to use and have in their kitchens. Check out three LG refrigerator reviews buyers give top ratings.

Best LG French Door Refrigerator: LG 23.5 Cu. Ft. PrintProof™ Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of LG French door refrigerator

This popular French door refrigerator from LG has over 12,600 recommendations from buyers, with high marks for its smart features and design. Along with 24 cubic feet of room for food organization, this French door refrigerator keeps items nice and cool with a Cool Guard metal panel that keeps cold air inside the interior. You’ll also love a dual ice maker with Craft Ice for every occasion. Complete with Wi-Fi compatibility, this top-rated LG ThinQ refrigerator is a smart choice if you’re looking for capacity and function.

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Best LG Side by Side Refrigerator: LG 23 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Front view of LG InstaView side by side refrigerator

Like the reviews for this LG side-by-side refrigerator note, this fridge is beautiful with several great features. The star of this refrigerator is an InstaView door with an edge-to-edge display that contents inside with just two knocks. Tap twice to see what’s in stock and what you need to replace without having to open the door. Other great features include a spacious 23-cubic-foot interior, ThinQ Wi-Fi programming, and a counter-depth design with pocket handles for a seamless fit in kitchen spaces.

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Best LG Counter Depth Refrigerator: LG 22.5 Cu. Ft. PrintProof™ Stainless Steel Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Front view of LG counter depth InstaView French door refrigerator

For maximum food storage flexibility, this 4-door LG counter-depth refrigerator with a 92 percent buyer rating is one of the brand’s most adaptable in its lineup. Four compartments, including a Full-Convert drawer with temperature settings for deli items to frozen goods, let you stock up on seasonal favorites and year-round foods with more efficiency. You’ll also get other LG exclusives, like an InstaView Door-in-Door, a dual ice maker with Craft Ice, and ThinQ smart management for a completely new take on the class French door fridge.

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In the end, LG refrigerators prove to be high-performance appliances that most of their users approve of. The smart features found on LG refrigerators might not be for everyone, but they are an incentive for shoppers who want a seamless user experience that fits into the efficiency of connected homes. LG also offers a good variety of features that preserve food, whether it’s the InstaView door that eliminates the need to open the door to check for items or a series of cooling that chills every level of a fridge’s interior.

LG refrigerators are priced higher than other popular fridge names like Whirlpool or Frigidaire, but what you pay for in the price you get back in performance that’s the next best thing to professional or luxury refrigerators.

FAQs about LG Refrigerators

When it comes to LG refrigerator reviews, here’s what buyers ask the most.

How many years does an LG fridge last?

On average, a refrigerator typically lasts around 12 to 13 years, including models from LG.

Where are LG refrigerators made?

LG refrigerators are made in either South Korea or China, but with a new plant in Clarksville, Tennessee, the North American market will source most of LG’s appliances domestically.

How much is an LG fridge?

LG has a diverse catalog of refrigerators ranging from $650 up to $4,800.

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