JennAir Convection Oven Reviews [+ Top Picks]

by Angela Maple

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and should delight and awe all guests who get the privilege of your golden-crisp meals. Let loose in your kitchen, creating your delicious and experimental dishes with JennAir’s high-end convection ovens! This brand designs daring luxury home appliances constantly pushing the limits of cooking technology and innovation to give cooking enthusiasts the best culinary machinery. Harness versatile designs, spirited performance, and advanced details using JennAir convection ovens for quick, delicious, and picturesque meals. 

Take a look at our JennAir convection oven reviews put together by our experts, so you know what to expect, along with our top pick to start your convection journey! 

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JennAir Convection Ovens

Is a JennAir Convection Oven Right for You?

JennAir Convection Oven Performance

JennAir Series’ Pros and Cons

How Does JennAir Compare?

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This luxury brand prides itself on defying convention by providing revolutionary performance, provocative design, and progressive details to create high-end home appliances to change kitchens forever. Below, we will further explore JennAir convection ovens, performance, and their signature features that you won’t get anywhere else. 

JennAir Convection Ovens

This brand offers high-end wall ovens with a variety of configurations —including single, double, and combination, with the ability for buyers to connect and control their wall ovens remotely.  JennAir Rise & JennAir Noir ovens each have their unique designs: Rise being known for its striking proportions, organic, diamond-etched textures all wrapping around a postured handle, while Noir convection ovens are sculpted with stainless steel and luxurious black glass for a minimalist aesthetic. Each prestigious built-in model offers electric, steam, or speed options for ambitious foodies to play around with to create scrumptious meals.

 Is a JennAir Convection Oven Right for You?

This brand started with a rebellious attitude that challenged convention by offering exclusive V2 Vertical Convection, Multimode Convection, and forward-thinking kitchen designs. The luxurious JennAir brand is an excellent choice for consumers living in a large home or buyers craving cooking appliances with the latest technology, innovation, and value with a price range between $2599–$5799. 

JennAir is a top luxury brand under Whirlpool Corporation and is considered one of the best brands on the market. Their catalog consists of home appliances with exceptional designs, quality performance, cutting-edge technology, and remarkable reliability. 

JennAir Convection Oven Performance

Speed-Cook: Product testers will spend less time in the kitchen, giving users the best of convection’s constant heat, microwave speed, and broiled caramelization in each oven.

Sensor Cooking: Buyers can take advantage of this intuitive sensor, responding to humidity levels and modifying time and power accordingly for the best results.

Versatile Cooking Modes: An effortless process that takes the guesswork out of convection by allowing excited cooks to select from several convection modes manually or automatically for the perfect cooking method.

Rapid Preheat: This feature ensures users spend less time preheating in the lower oven and can bake on up to two racks.

JennAir Wall Ovens Pros & Cons


JennAir Rise

✓ Wi-Fi connectivity

✓ Single, double, combination oven configurations

✓ Dual fan element

JennAir Noir

✓ Smart compatible

✓ Single, double, combination oven configurations

✓ Self-cleaning option

✓ Dual fan element


JennAir Rise

 Only offers electric fuel type

✗ Two available sizes (24 and 30 inches)

JennAir Noir

✗ Only has electric ovens

✗ 23-inch and 30-inch ovens

✗ No self-cleaning oven racks

Our Best JennAir Convection Oven

JennAir® RISE™ 30” Stainless Steel Electric Oven/Micro Combo Built In (JMW2430IL)

stainless steel wall oven with microwave and touch display

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Our experts have chosen their top pick JennAir electric convection wall oven from the Rise series, to experiment with a new cooking style. Add a sleek design to your luxury kitchen with this oven’s gorgeous interior cloaked in black glass expanse, illuminated by the cinematic Halogen lighting for an excellent and dramatic stage for your showcasing delicious meals. Remake your favorite chef’s dishes with versatile cooking modes like proofing, rapid preheat, speed-cook, and more for flawless meals in taste and presentation.

 Why We Like It:

  • 5 cu. ft. oven capacity
  • Convection & Microwave combination
  • Cinematic lighting

How Does JennAir compare?

Compared to other luxury household appliance brands like Miele and Wolf, JennAir offers one of the best oven experiences in the appliance industry. Their catalog of appliances offers state-of-the-art convection technology, sleek and modern designs, excellent performance, along with a level of reliability buyers can trust. Wolf’s convection ovens are stunning, powerful machines that are a bit more expensive; the lowest is $3080 and lacks the microwave combination configuration and a dual-fan element to speed up the cooking process. But besides Wolf, Miele also has wall ovens with timeless and elegant designs combined with some of the best technology for human convenience. Showing Miele’s wall ovens still can’t compare in price, configuration options, and convection oven hardware putting JennAir and its appliances comfortably at the top of high-end brands.

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