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by Olly Mason

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3 Best GE Oven Reviews

GE Profile Ovens

3 Best GE Profile Oven Reviews

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Even though they form part of the same brand, a GE Profile oven is not the same as a regular GE oven. Depending on whether you’re shopping for an oven based on affordability, features, or styles, knowing the difference between a GE Profile oven compared to a standard GE oven ensures you select the right cooking appliance for your needs.

The good news is you can learn what separates these two lineups here in our GE vs GE Profile oven guide. We’ll break down the key differences between these two series of ovens, so you can decide which lineup fits your budget, performance needs, and look. As a bonus, our appliance experts will provide a selection of recommended GE and GE Profile oven models to give you a better idea of what these series have to offer.

About GE

Few appliance brands are as popular as GE, and the manufacturer as its more than130-year history to thank for that. Now a global brand, GE first started in the U.S. in 1882, and while its parent brand Haier is based in China, GE still manufactures its appliances here in the United States. Today, GE is a leader when it comes to energy technology, but its most known for its home appliances for the kitchen, laundry room, and other areas of the home.

The GE portfolio consists of four unique profiles:

  • GE appliances, which are entry-level products and the most affordable across the catalog 
  • GE Profile, which are feature-forward upgrades on core GE appliances
  • GE Café, the family’s trendsetting collection with exclusive looks and upgraded features
  • GE Monogram, the manufacturer’s luxury appliance line 

We’ve found our shoppers choose the GE for three reasons:

1. GE appliances are affordable

GE focuses on mass production, meaning its entry-level and GE Profile lineups favor a wide range of buyers from low-end to affordable luxury.

2. GE appliances are reliable

GE is a trusted name in the business, but being a domestic brand adds to its reliability. Some parts might be made internationally, but because GE appliances are manufactured in the U.S., they’re easier to repair, though experts consistently place GE in the group of most reliable oven brands.

One area some shoppers are surprised GE excels in is smart technology. However, with over 650 smart appliances in its catalog, GE is a connected appliance pioneer and has earned multiple “Smart Appliance Company of the Year” awards from IoT Breakthrough for outstanding smart technology, making GE a good choice for smart homes. 

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GE Ovens

Let’s begin by looking at what GE’s basic-level oven line has to offer. For starters, this catalog offers the most size options across all collections with 24”, 27”, and 30” ovens. Most kitchens have a cutout for a 30” wall oven, but for smaller kitchens or if buyers want to save on cabinet space, the smaller 24” and 27” oven models are handy alternatives.

The price for a GE oven is between $1,665 and $3,775.

What Kind of Ovens Does GE Make?

Buyers can select from three GE oven configurations in gas and electric fuel types.

GE Single Ovens

Most GE ovens come with a single chamber and range between 24” and 30”. Standard 30” GE ovens offer the most capacity at 5 cubic feet, which is around the average volume for a full-size wall oven.

GE Double Ovens

Like the brand’s single-door models, GE double ovens also come in sizes from 24” to 30” with up to 10 cubic feet of baking space. However, all models are electric.

GE Combination Wall Ovens

Unlike other brands, GE wall oven combo models do not feature convection in the upper portion. Instead, these combo ovens come with a microwave that with 1.7 cubic feet and a max of 1000 watts of power, which is considered high output. This essentially replaces the need for a countertop microwave, so if you’re looking to gain workspace in the kitchen, but aren’t looking for more output, this is an affordable option.  GE combination ovens come in 27” and 30” sizes.

Good to Know: GE gas ovens are the smallest in the lineup, measuring 24” inches wide and with 2.4 cubic feet of capacity. These models are only available as single ovens and have a more traditional design with a considerably smaller window than larger GE ovens. 

Best GE Oven Features

When it comes to performance, GE ovens come with basic features, but are altogether solid. Here are the best oven features found from the collection.

✱ Self & Steam Clean: Avoid using harmful chemicals and elbow grease with preset cleaning modes that remove grease and grime with just water.

True European Convection: While convection baking uses two heating elements, True European Convection features three heating elements for superior heat and professional results.

Remote Temperature Probe: Wi-Fi-compatible GE ovens with a built-in meat probe can be programmed to send notifications to smart devices indicating when entrées are at ideal temperatures.

Sensor Cooking Technology: Say goodbye to frozen microwave dinners. GE combination ovens use receptors that track moisture and heat levels and automatically the temperature and cook time for better results.

3 Best GE Oven Reviews

If you think GE’s signature line of ovens is more fit for you, these three top-rated models area must-see.

Best GE Single Oven: GE® 30" Stainless Steel Single Electric Wall Oven

Front view of the GE JTS5000SNSS 30” wall oven

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With an impressive 92 percent buyer recommendation, this GE electric oven proves it doesn’t need to be the most advanced for buyers to say it “cooks great and has a lot of great features that are easy to use.” In fact, over 2,200 buyers give this GE convection oven 5 stars with top reviews for its even cooking performance, convenient Self-Clean mode, and Wi-Fi compatibility. We recommend this oven to anyone who wants a no-fuss oven that is reliable.

GE JTS5000SNSS Oven Reviews

Best GE Double Oven: GE® 30" Stainless Steel Electric Built In Double Oven

Front view of the GE JTD3000SNSS 30” double wall oven

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Like our single oven recommendation, this pick also has a 92 percent rating and comes with identical features, except for convection baking. However, with twice the capacity, this double oven makes multitasking easy. Some buyers love it so much they “recommend this double oven to anyone who love to cook,” while others praise this GE steam clean oven for its easy user experience and low maintenance.

GE JTD3000SNSS Oven Reviews

Best GE Combination Oven: GE® 30" Stainless Steel Combination Double Wall Oven

Front view of the GE JT3800SHSS 30” combination wall oven

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Along with a powerful convection oven, this GE combo oven features a “Powerful microwave with lots of features.” The exterior is finished in a contemporary stainless steel look that goes with any style, and the GE oven self clean system ensures the interior is just as pristine. The upper oven might not have a convection mode like combo ovens from other brands, but its spacious interior and 1,000-watt power output easily replaces the need for a counter microwave.

GE JT3800SHSS Oven Reviews

GE Profile Ovens

The modern kitchen demands efficient appliances that are caught up with today’s technology, and GE Profile aims to satisfy that demand. Characterized by their sleeker looks and upgraded features, GE Profile wall ovens come with standard functions of its core line such as Self and Steam Clean modes, smooth glide racks, electronic controls as core GE oven line — and then some. Size options are limited to 27” and 30”, though buyers have a bigger variety when it comes to configurations (as we detail below).

The price for a GE Profile oven is between $3,321 and $4,890.

What Kind of Ovens Does GE Profile Make?

For the most part, there are fewer GE Profile ovens to choose from compared to the flagship lineup. However, there are a few notable differences:

  • All GE Profile wall ovens are electric.
  • Buyers have the option to purchase a combination oven or a separate speed oven separately.
  • Select GE Profile single and double wall ovens are available with side-swing doors.

Here’s the rest of the breakdown.

GE Profile Single Ovens

Despite the price hike, ovens from this line are equal in size to GE ovens when it comes to capacity (4.3, 5.0 cubic feet for 27” and 30” models, respectively). However, 7” full-color LCD screens add a modern touch that distinguishes these ovens from their entry-level counterparts. 

GE Profile Double Ovens

Not much different here than GE Profile single ovens. Like their individual models, these come in 27” and 30” size options and feature sleek LCD touch controls.

GE Profile Combination Ovens

GE Profile offers combination wall ovens with or without Advantium Technology (more below). Sizes range between 27” and 30”, and convection baking comes standard on all upper microwaves, unlike entry-level GE combination ovens

GE Profile Speed Ovens

There’s also the option to buy a GE Profile speed oven separately. These ovens, which come in 27” and 30” models all featuring Advantium Technology, are essentially the upper portion of a GE Profile combination oven. Purchasing one of these appliances separately provides more installation flexibility; for example, you can install a GE Profile speed oven in a kitchen cabinet or next to other appliances like a coffee maker to create a custom kitchen layout.

Best GE Profile Oven Features

Upgrading to a GE Profile oven means more performance and an advanced user experience versus GE ovens. Check out some of their best features.

Advantium Technology: Advanced halogen light cooks food four different ways, including microwaving and convection baking.

CookCam: Free yourself from having to babysit dinner. CookCam connects to a smart device via Wi-Fi, giving a live stream of progress without having to open the door or even be in the kitchen.

No Preheat Air Fry: Enjoy less countertop clutter by swapping your small air fryer for the full-size capacity of a GE Profile oven with Air Fry. Cook up large batches of fried favorites with less oil directly from frozen with no-preheat technology.

Precision Cooking Modes: Backed by thousands of tests done by real food scientists, this smart oven feature uses AI to automatically detect and adjust whether items need more cooking or higher heat settings.  

GE Profile Connect +: Just like your smart device that receives routine updates, Connect + notifies users of select GE Profile ovens when new cooking modes and features are available, allowing your appliance to grow and learn with you.

3 Best GE Profile Oven Reviews

The GE Profile oven line is a tempting collection of modern cooking appliances, and these three top-rated GE Profile ovens perfectly showcase that.

Best GE Profile Single Oven: GE Profile™ 30" Stainless Steel Single Electric Wall Oven

Front view of the GE Profile PTS7000SNSS 30” wall oven

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The reviews are in for this GE Profile 30” single oven — and they’re great. Overall, 94 of buyers would recommend this oven, claiming, “it has all the function one would need.” Of course, its sleek style is a notable upgrade, but its performance matches. The best features on this are definitely True European Convection, an Air Fry mode, and Precision Cooking technology, which make preparing meals simpler. 

GE Profile PTS7000SNSS Oven Reviews

Best GE Profile Double Oven: GE Profile™ 30" Stainless Steel Electric Built In Double Oven

Front view of the GE Profile PTD7000SNSS 30” double wall oven

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“What a time saver!” says one buyer giving top marks to the Air Fry feature on this GE Profile double wall oven. And it’s not the only review giving top marks to this model, with many more commenting about how great the True European Convection and automatic cooking technology are for creating meals. Having convection in the upper oven would be ideal, but overall, buyers don’t mind the exclusion and enjoy the ample space this oven provides.

GE Profile PTD7000SNSS Oven Reviews

Best GE Profile Combination Oven: GE Profile™ 30" Stainless Steel Electric Built In Combination Microwave/Oven

Front view of the GE Profile PT7800SHSS 30” microwave wall oven combo

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In the words of one buyer, this GE Profile combo oven is a “super upgrade from our original GE SYSTEM.” We agree and appreciate that this combo wall oven comes with convection modes in both compartments. This is the most expensive oven on our list, but if you’re looking to experience some of the best the brand has to offer, this best-selling GE Profile oven is a heavy contender.

GE Profile PT7800SHSS Oven Reviews

GE is a beloved brand for many reasons, which its series of wall oven demonstrates with ease. Don’t expect a luxury experience, but instead, appliances that focus on making meal preparation easy, efficient, and fun with all its features. Whether you choose a GE Profile oven for its looks and upgrades or a GE oven for its simple setup, you’re getting an appliance that is trusted by experts and users. To see for yourself, shop GE ovens at Don’s Appliances. We have a full inventory of ovens from GE with the best prices in Pittsburgh, so stop by for a visit of shop online to fid savings today!

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Founded in 1971, Don’s Appliances is a family-owned, independent appliance retailer based out of Pittsburgh, PA. Don’s has since expanded to 10 locations selling, delivering, installing, and servicing all major appliance brands. Large enough to offer competitive pricing yet small enough to continue offering the “white glove” service we pride ourselves on, our focus is always on the customer experience — from the first step into a showroom to the purchase transaction to well after your new appliance has been installed.

When our customers are remodeling or building a new house, Don’s has all the expertise, product knowledge, inventory, brands, displays, and services to meet and exceed your needs. And in the event an appliance breaks, we are there, right on time and with the right product, delivery, installation, and service.

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