5 Luxury SubZero Refrigerators Leading in Style

by Olly Mason

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Why Trust Us?

There’s only one thing the Sub-Zero brand does: refrigeration. In fact, Sub-Zero has been changing the refrigeration game for over 75 years, becoming synonymous with luxury, quality, and variety. Nowadays, you can find a SubZero refrigerator in celebrity homes from Reese Witherspoon to Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen — but what about yours?

But with the SubZero refrigerator cost between $8,200 and $20,400 for a SubZero refrigerator, these appliances will set you back a pretty penny, so the question becomes whether they’re worth it. We’ll leave the decision up to you and do what we do best by providing an inside look at these appliances, including their features, selection, and a few picks of our own for you to consider.

About Sub-Zero

It all started in 1945 when SubZero founder Westye Bakke decided to turn his garage into a business. From there, Bakke would become the first to create a refrigerator with individual freezer and cooling systems and create the prototype for a refrigerator that has doors that open out. And the list of landmark achievements goes on:

  • Bakke creates the first system capable of maintaining temperatures below zero in 1945.
  • SubZero introduces refrigeration that installs flush with cabinetry in 1955.

In a way, modern refrigeration owes a lot to Bakke’s engineering, and the luxury brand continues to be a trendsetter to this day with its family of professional refrigerators. That’s why SubZero continues to manufacture its line of refrigerators to the highest standards. Each product is tested for 20 years of use minimum, and SubZero goes as far as to grow its own lettuce to test how long it stays fresh in a SubZero refrigerator. That’s dedication!

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SubZero Refrigerator Collections

Features are great, but we’re talking about style in this spotlight — so how does SubZero fare? Considering the brand is highly sought after by interior designers, celebrities, and professional chefs, it’s safe to say Subzero’s reputation precedes it.

The current lineup of refrigerators from Subzero is divided into three style choices:

The Classic Series

The Subzero Classic Series of refrigerators carries the torch of the original models with iconic features like a louvered grill and stainless steel finishes with heavy-duty handles. Recently, Subzero also included a glass door on models from the Classic Series, bridging styles old and new for a truly unique presentation.

The Designer Series

As previously mentioned, SubZero was the first brand to offer refrigerators that sit flush with cabinetry. The Designer Series takes that a step further with panel-ready fronts that can be customized to a kitchen design. The Designer Series also features hidden hinges for an overall clean and sleek look.

The PRO Series

Fashioned after the same kitchen settings chefs cook in, SubZero’s PRO Series is the brand’s boldest lineup that says you’re serious about cuisine. Unlike the Designer Series, SubZero PRO refrigerators showcase their hardware for an overall look that is modern with a touch of industrialism.

These style series can be found on all SubZero refrigerator configurations, which we detail more below.

What Makes a SubZero Refrigerator Great?

Over 75 years of perfecting its craft has made SubZero a model in the luxury appliance category — and it all comes down to the details. For starters, each SubZero refrigerator undergoes a series of factory tests before leaving the plant. These refrigerators are also built with premium materials such as stainless steel interiors, specially designed glass shelves, and commercial door gaskets that lock in cold air.

Additionally, these high-end refrigerators come with great upgrades, such as:

  • NASA-inspired air purifiers that remove gases that cause foods to spoil faster
  • Nano-coated glass shelves that contain spills
  • The exclusive Split Climate Intelligent Cooling System that creates individual temperature settings in the main compartment and produce drawers
  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Door hinges tested for 300,000 uses

Sub-Zero French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are highly sought after for their looks, but users also enjoy how easy the setup makes organizing food. With the refrigerator portion raised, the items you use the most are easy to find, and a freezer drawer simplifies freezer organization.

SubZero French door refrigerators are available in the Classic Series if you want a subtle look or in the PRO Series for a bigger style statement. These models are spacious, with capacities ranging from 20.5 to a whopping 28.9 cubic feet, making them ideal for households of four or more. Prices start around $11,600 for SubZero French door refrigerators and premium models as high as $16,000.

Our Pick: Sub-Zero® 24.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Built In French Door Refrigerator

Front view of the Sub-Zero BI-42UFDID/S/TH French door refrigerator

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This Classic Series French door refrigerator is a stylish number that fuses the traditional design of a grill plate with a modern stainless steel finish. Aside from its gorgeous presentation, we recommend this pick since it falls on the more affordable side of price while still offering plenty of room and features to satisfy a full house.

Sub-Zero Side by Side Refrigerators

Other users prefer the vertical layout of a side by side refrigerator because it allows equal access to frozen and fresh foods. Side by side fridges also naturally provide symmetry, so they’re great in kitchens that are about balance and tidiness. SubZero offers the refrigerator style as part of the Classic and PRO collections; explore the Classic for a cleaner look, while PRO Series side by side refrigerators are more pronounced.

Unlike French door refrigerators from the brand, SubZero side by side refrigerators are larger in width with size options in 42” and 48”, so if you have your eyes set on one of these models, measure accordingly. Of course, that also means more interior capacity — between 24 and 30.4 cubic feet, to be exact. You can expect to pay anywhere from $11,400 to $20,400 for a SubZero side by side refrigerator.

Our Pick: Sub-Zero® Classic Series 24.0 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Front view of the Sub-Zero CL4250SD/O side by side refrigerator

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On one hand, the in-door water and ice dispenser on this SubZero side by side refrigerator is a lovely add-on, but it also means the fit won’t be completely integrated. All the same, the panel-ready front helps this refrigerator go with the flow of whichever kitchen design you choose. Along with all the standard SubZero features, this model includes water filtration and an Active Ice Mode that increases cube output.

Sub-Zero Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

SubZero bottom freezer refrigerators are the only kind from the brand that’s part of the Classic, Designer, and PRO Series. When it comes to style, that means these are the most versatile refrigerators in the SubZero lineup. However, sizes are limited to 30” and 36” widths. Additionally, this style of refrigerator is smaller than other Subzero designs, with capacities ranging between 15.6 and 22.8 cubic feet.

With that said, most designers pair one of these refrigerators with a freezer column for a custom kitchen design that suits a user’s needs. If you want to go fully custom, exploring the SubZero bottom freezer refrigerator lineup is a good place to start. Prices start around $10,120 and go up to $15,850 for premium models.

Our Pick: Sub-Zero® Classic Series 17.0 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Front view of the Sub-Zero CL3050UG/O/R bottom freezer refrigerator

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The standout feature of this SubZero bottom freezer refrigerator is its stunning glass door. Take a peek to see what to cook for dinner, or use it to display your favorite wines. Altogether, this setup provides 17 cubic feet of storage between the fresh compartment and the freezer drawer. Pair it with a matching SubZero freezer column for a fresh look and more than enough space to keep all your ingredients.

Sub-Zero Wine Refrigerators

Want to show off your collection of vintages in the best style? SubZero has you covered in the category too, with its lineup of state-of-the-art wine refrigerators. Except a SubZero wine refrigerator works a little differently than SubZero full-size refrigerators. You still get exceptional temperature management and the designer looks, but these models are reinforced with humidity, light, and vibration control to preserve your vinos better than in the fridge.

Aside from being available in both the Designer and Classic Series, Subzero wine storage units also range from small 15” undercounter models to full-size upright wine cellars with up to 146 bottle capacity. Wine coolers from SubZero can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $10,400.

Our Pick: Sub-Zero® Designer Series 18" Panel Ready Wine Cooler

Front view of the Sub-Zero DEC1850W/R wine refrigerator

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Enjoy every sip of your seasonal wine varieties with the help of this full-size wine cabinet. It features a 59-bottle capacity, more than enough for the casual enthusiast to the serious collector. The combination of a panel-ready front and a glass door that beautifully showcases the wooden racks sets looks professional and enticing — the perfect place to display your latest additions. Aside from aesthetics, you’ll enjoy added features like a UV-resistant glass panel, Wi-Fi syncing, and dual-zone temperature management.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Drawers

If your idea of style is the unexpected, then a SubZero undercounter refrigerator drawer is just what you might be missing in your kitchen. These are still newer products on the market and are mostly seen in designer kitchens. The appeal? You can install these just about anywhere to add an extra place to store fresh and frozen items aside from the main refrigerator. Not to mention, refrigerator drawers look cool.

Despite their smaller size, SubZero offers a substantial lineup of these compact refrigerators in both the Classic and Designer Series. Additionally, you can purchase one of these in a 24”, 27”, or 30” build to suit the storage needs of your kitchen. Prices for these refrigerators cost between $5000 to $5,840.

Our Pick: Sub-Zero® 5.9 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Refrigerator Drawers

Front view of Sub-Zero double refrigerator drawers

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This duo of refrigerator drawers is the perfect sidekick in a bar or kitchen island, and with its panel-ready front, no one will hardly know they’re there. What’s hard to miss is the quality these compact refrigerators provide. Like their full-size counterparts, this set of refrigerator drawers can preserve your food to the nearest degree setpoint and keep its internal temperature and humidity levels at precise settings.

SubZero refrigerators are stylish, durable, and widely recognized as one of the best brands on the market. If your budget allows it, one of these refrigerators will last decades and be a stylish installment in your kitchen. To learn more about SubZero refrigerators, visit Don’s Appliances near you, where our experts can help guide you to the right refrigerator for your lifestyle and needs.

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