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Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

by Olly Mason

bottom freezer refrigerator

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About Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Advantages of Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

How Much do Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Cost?

6 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Picks


Why Trust Us?

Bottom freezer refrigerators flip the script on food preservation by inverting the classic top freezer refrigerator design. As a result, users can enjoy having fresh produce at eye level and easy access to frozen foods below. While this reconceptualization isn’t ideal for users with limited mobility, we’re reviewing six best bottom freezer refrigerator models that showcase why the fridge style is still popular after more than 70 years.

Follow along as we give you a crash course on bottom freezer fridges, including their pros, pricing, and the best bottom freezer refrigerators Pittsburgh shoppers can find at Don’s Appliances.

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What is a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator?

A black bottom freezer refrigerator in a white kitchen

Rather than a freezer over a fresh food compartment, a bottom freezer refrigerator uses frozen storage on the lower portion of the appliance with fresh food storage at eye level. Besides offering a few food storage benefits (which we cover below), a bottom-mount refrigerator also provides a different look than a traditional top freezer refrigerator without moving up too much in price point.

Bottom freezer refrigerators are most common in 30”, 33”, and 36” widths, although narrow bottom freezer refrigerators under 30” in width are also available. Bottom freezer models typically come in standard depths, but many brands manufacture counter depth bottom freezer refrigerators for smaller kitchens. However, most of these models are below 20 cubic feet of capacity and are best suited for apartments and households of three or less.

Common Bottom Freezer Fridge Features:

  • Slide-out freezer drawer/ bottom freezer compartment with a swing door
  • Freezer baskets
  • Freezer bins

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Discover an incredible selection of today's best bottom freezer refrigerators when you shop at Don's Appliances.

Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

The Benefits of Using a Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Bottom freezer refrigerators rose in popularity as far back as 1947 as alternatives to the classic look of top freezer fridges. Along with side by side refrigerators, bottom freezer fridges were the go-to refrigerators for homeowners who wanted a customized rather than the simple setup of a top freezer refrigerator. Along with their style, the advantages of bottom freezer refrigerators made them popular choices for:

  • Users who want easier access to fresh foods
  • Users looking for easy freezer organization
  • Homes that need larger freezer storage for bulk buys or freezing seasonal items
  • Smaller kitchens where a pull-out freezer drawer is better than a swing door

✓ About Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Doors

To be clear, not all bottom freezer fridges use a freezer drawer. In particular, many high-end models feature a traditional swing door, often with customizable handle options. The combination provides a user experience similar to a top freezer refrigerator, while still preserving the perk of having fresh foods within immediate access. However, freezer storage, frozen food organization, and door clearance will not be the same on these models as with bottom freezer fridges with a pull-out freezer drawer.

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Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Prices

The average cost of a bottom-mount refrigerator is $1,000–$2,500, making bottom freezer refrigerators the second most expensive option, only behind French door refrigerators. However, buyers only spend $100 more on a bottom freezer fridge versus a side by side refrigerator, on average. Meanwhile, choosing a bottom-mount fridge over French door models can save buyers an average of up to $200. 

6 Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Are bottom freezer refrigerators worth the hype? See for yourself with these six standouts that are the best in their categories.

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator for Efficiency: Beko 16.2 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Beko bottom freezer refrigerator

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This Beko stainless steel bottom freezer refrigerator is simple yet sophisticated, featuring exclusive food preservation technology to keep all your ingredients fresh. EveryFresh+ actively monitors humidity and temperature for ideal climate settings, while the Active Fresh Blue Light technology locks in nutrients up to 30 percent longer. Although this model comes with a side-swing freezer door, the counter depth design makes it a small space solution. Inside the bottom freezer, four compartments provide the frozen food storage you need to keep items organized.

Best Refrigerator Features:

  • EveryFresh+
  • Active Fresh Blue Light
  • Ion Guard technology
  • NeoFrost dual evaporators
  • ENERGY STAR certified

Best Modern Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: Samsung 12.0 Cu. Ft. Bespoke Grey Glass Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Customizable Colors and Flexible Design

Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator

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With three pull-out freezer drawers, this Samsung bottom freezer refrigerator makes the most of its 12 cubic feet of capacity. Organize frozen foods inside the Full Open Box bins, plus an additional bin in the fresh food area, along with three shelves for easy access to every item you stock. This Samsung BESPOKE bottom freezer also comes in Navy Glass and White Glass, each with a handless design. Use it on its own or pair it with another Samsung BESPOKE refrigerator for a fully customizable setup that expresses your individuality.

Best Refrigerator Features:

  • Multi-vent cooling
  • UV deodorizing filter
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Reversible doors

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Swing Door: Bertazzoni 17.1 Cu. Ft Stainless Steel Built In Refrigerator

Bertazzoni bottom freezer refrigerator

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At just under 27 inches in depth, this Bertazzoni counter flush refrigerator with bottom freezer executes a seamless and sophisticated look suited for upscale kitchens. You have the option to choose from two handles (the Professional Series or the Master Series), both of which accentuate the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel finish. The bottom freezer provides nearly five cubic feet of frozen food organization with two extra-large freezer bins, while six door bins, a full-width drawer, and three fridge shelves display your ingredients in clear view.

Best Refrigerator Features:

  • Surround Cooling System
  • Total No-Frost system  
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Reversible doors 

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Ice Maker: GE® 11.9 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

GE bottom freezer refrigerator

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Good things come in threes, as this three-door bottom freezer refrigerator from GE proves. While this model isn’t the most spacious bottom freezer fridge on the market, its highly functional design is ideal for efficient storage in kitchens short on space. Pull out a middle freezer for lighter frozen foods, and use the bottom freezer with removable trays for bulkier frozen items. An optional icemaker with a three-pound threshold can also be removed to create more freezer space when you need it.

Best Refrigerator Features:

  • Temp Zone Drawer
  • QuickSpace Shelf
  • Removable bottom freezer tray
  • Optional icemaker 
  • ENERGY STAR certified

Best Large Capacity Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: Whirlpool® Gold® 22.07 Cu. Ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator-Stainless Steel

Whirlpool bottom freezer refrigerator

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With the most food storage capacity on our list, this Whirlpool refrigerator with bottom freezer holds snacks, frozen entrées, and fresh produce for the entire family. It also keeps them precisely chilled with Accu-Chill sensors that respond to temperature fluctuations, only running when necessary to conserve energy. To protect your fresh foods from spoiling, Whirlpool’s FreshFlow Produce Preserver filters out gases that promote ripening, keeping items fresher up to four days longer.

Below, a spacious pull-out freezer with 6.45 cubic feet of frozen food storage provides ample space for bulk buys or to stock up on frozen treats inside freezer baskets. Store frozen goods your way to find them easily later — you’ll thank yourself when you’re in a rush for a quick frozen dinner.

Best Refrigerator Features:

  • FreshFlow Produce Preserver
  • Accu-Chill Temperature Management System
  • Humidity-controlled crispers. 
  • ENERGY STAR certified 
  • Reversible door 

Best Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Splurge: Fisher & Paykel Series 7 17.1 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel bottom freezer refrigerator

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If you’re a true fan of the bottom freezer design, go all out with this luxury model from Fisher & Paykel. Fine craftsmanship shines across every inch of this high-end bottom freezer refrigerator, starting with its pull-out freezer. A top nesting freezer drawer provides quick access to common frozen foods, including ice inside an icemaker that can be switched off for extra storage. Roll the freezer out completely to access all of the nearly 5 cubic feet of freezer storage in a deep bin designed for whole poultry or bulk frozen foods.

The addition of ActiveSmart Foodcare adaptive defrost, flexible storage, and individual humidity drawer controls add an extra touch of luxury to this bottom freezer refrigerator expected from Fisher & Paykel.

Best Refrigerator Features:

  • ActiveSmart Foodcare 
  • Internal icemaker
  • Independent humidity-controlled drawers
  • Flexible storage

Sometimes, a simple redesign is all it takes to create simple solutions. Bottom freezer refrigerators are the perfect example of smart design, offering users convenient access to fresh foods like a French door refrigerator without compromising on freezer capacity. If you don’t mind occasionally bending to find frozen items, bottom freezer refrigerators are a stylish alternative to top freezer models and an affordable substitute for French door refrigerators.

Bottom Freezer Fridge FAQs

Want to know more about bottom-mount fridges? Let’s answer the top questions buyers ask when considering one of these types of refrigerators.

How long do bottom freezer refrigerators last?

On average, a bottom freezer refrigerator is expected to last 13 years, slightly longer than the 10-year lifespan all refrigerators are expected to provide.

Do bottom freezer refrigerators have water dispensers?

Like all refrigerators, water and ice dispensers are add-on features that increase the price of a model. With that in mind, there are several bottom freezer refrigerators with water dispensers available on the market.

Are bottom freezer refrigerators reliable?

Recent satisfaction surveys reveal bottom freezer refrigerators are among the most reliable type of fridges on the market. The most common drawback is overloading the bottom freezer, which can result in damage, and in some cases, injury to the user.

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