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Things You Should Know Before Shopping For Appliances

by Adam LoFaso

Shopping for appliances can be overwhelming. Especially with how they have changed over the last 10-20 years. If you haven’t looked at them, things are different. It seems like with everything else, they have gotten bigger and better. In some of our homes bigger doesn’t mean better. Here are a couple of things to know before you go shopping for your home appliances:

Always measure before you purchase. The best way to measure is to first measure the space the appliance is going into. If you measure the unit you have and things are bigger you won’t know what will fit. Measuring doorways and hallways where the unit is going to go through can also be important. Knowing exact measurements will help you narrow down what will fit your needs.

To see videos on how to measure for your appliances, click here:

Don’t assume. Some appliances like dishwashers and ranges come in standard sizes. But, this is not always the case. Sometimes you can run into dishwashers that are ADA compliant and are shorter because countertops are shorter. Sometimes flooring companies will box in dishwashers with new flooring on top of existing flooring. Just because something is usually a standard size doesn’t mean this is always the case.

Do you have gas or electric? This comes into play mostly with a clothes dryer. You will typically know if you have a gas or electric range. Sometimes in some newer homes, people are given the option. There could be an electric range in the home now but you might have a gas connection behind it. This can also open up the option to get a dual fuel range.

If you have any questions about measurements or would like someone from Don’s Appliances to come out to your home, we charge a $50.00 fee at the time of measurements but that fee will be refunded towards your purchase if you buy appliances from us!