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Save on Luxury with KitchenAid Appliance Packages

by Olly Mason

Wide view of a gourmet kitchen featuring KitchenAid appliances

Every time a KitchenAid major appliance is used, over a century of heritage and innovation becomes a part of a meal. Some call it a secret ingredient, but for KitchenAid, it’s the spirit of creating cooking spaces that allow home cooks to prepare inspired meals just like their favorite chefs and restaurants.

KitchenAid may have started with small appliances, but today, the brand counts on a premium line of kitchen appliances worthy of being called luxury. But just because KitchenAid is high-end doesn’t mean you have to pay full price to enjoy a kitchen full of its products. Instead, explore KitchenAid appliance packages to save on all the deluxe features, designs, and performance only KitchenAid crafts.

The details are inside as we guide you through everything you need to know about appliance bundles, KitchenAid highlights, and KitchenAid appliance reviews of the best appliance bundles Pittsburgh homeowners can find.

Woman grabs produce from a KitchenAid French door refrigerator

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5 Ways Kitchen Appliance Packages Help You

Who is KitchenAid?

Exploring KitchenAid Appliances

Don’s Recommended KitchenAid Bundles

KitchenAid Appliance Packages FAQs

Why Trust Us?

5 Reasons to Shop Kitchen Appliance Packages

The magic of full kitchen suites can be summed up with these five benefits that save you time, money, and the hassle of curating the perfect kitchen design.

  1. See the final vision at once: Appliances arrive together, so you can make a final decision to keep your bundle or try another one on for size.
  1. Save big when you bundle: According to statistics, buyers can save up to 20 percent on costs with a kitchen appliance set. Plus, additional savings may apply with special appliance rebates.
  1. Cut down on shopping time: We’ve picked the best appliance combos from our catalog for a premium user experience without any guesswork.
  1. Achieve a cohesive look & performance effortlessly: Buying appliances in a bundle ensures identical finishes from product to product and features that work in harmony with each kitchen appliance.
  1. Finish your project faster: Having all your appliances delivered together means they can be installed at the same time.

An Intro to KitchenAid Appliances

Woman preparing food in a kitchen featuring KitchenAid appliances

Since 1919, KitchenAid has been an ally for home cooks who cherish the art of cuisine. If you bake, make homemade pasta, or even partake in sausage making, you might be familiar with KitchenAid’s star child, the stand mixer. The countertop appliance has become KitchenAid’s signature product, but it’s just a glimpse at all the innovative features the brand brings to kitchens across America.

In the words of KitchenAid, the kitchen should be a place of “endless possibilities.” If you’re feeling uninspired with your kitchen setup, explore something more with the designs, functions, and performance of KitchenAid kitchen appliances. Whether your cooking style is bold or classic, there’s a kitchen bundle for your lifestyle and needs, stamped with KitchenAid’s professional, high-end presentation.

Discover the KitchenAid Family

Inspiration awaits with the lineup of KitchenAid kitchen appliances. Take a look at some of the highlights from each category. 

KitchenAid Refrigerators

Every recipe deserves fresh ingredients, which is why KitchenAid refrigerators keep your produce and delicacies at peak flavor with advanced temperature and humidity controls. Stock up on everything from everyday family favorites to items for special-occasion menus with the total climate accuracy of features like the ExtendFresh Temperature Management System, Preserva Food Care System, and FreshChill Temperature Controlled drawers.

This lineup of premium refrigerators comes in every expression of style, including side-by-side models, French door configurations, and bottom-freezer styles, plus built-in options for even more luxury and sophistication. Be fearless — stock all your favorites inside refrigerators starting from 20 cubic feet up to a mammoth 30 cubic feet on premium refrigerator models.

-----Price for individual KitchenAid refrigerator: $2,399–$12,099

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KitchenAid Dishwashers

Have your cake and eat it, too with no crumbs left behind with the spotless performance of KitchenAid dishwashers. Only KitchenAid features FreeFlex Third Rack dishwashers with the most third rack capacity in the industry, complete with its own independent series of jets for total wash coverage. Recipe experiments are no match for the ProDry System with fan-enabled circulation that pairs with a heating element or adaptive ProWash that uses sensors to measure soil levels, adjusting time and water temperature automatically.

Whether it’s another successful soiree or dinner for two, complete dish loading flexibility with adjustable racks lets you decide how to load up. And best of all, KitchenAid dishwashers are as quiet as 39 dBA — surpassed only by Miele and JennAir (which also happens to be part of the Whirlpool family).

-----Price for individual KitchenAid dishwasher: $1,049–$2,149

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KitchenAid Wall Ovens

Main courses are even tastier when they’re prepared with the best oven technology. Spice up your mealtime routine with KitchenAid wall ovens available in single and KitchenAid double wall oven configurations to multitask like a pro. Or switch it up with a combination wall oven for the power to microwave and bake all from a single footprint.

Across the lineup, standouts like Even-Heat True Convection with EasyConvect Conversion System and some of the largest oven capacities on the market make it easy to prepare multiple entrées at once. No other brand features the patented bow-tie oven fan design found on KitchenAid wall ovens, providing full circulation across every baking rack level for food that comes out perfectly brown.

Smart Oven+ attachments turn KitchenAid wall ovens into multipurpose cooking tools where home chefs can steam, grill, and crisp on a baking stone. Upgrade to enjoy the luxury of grilling indoors or the function of a steam oven without the mess or installation.

------Price per individual KitchenAid wall oven: $2,949–$5,599

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KitchenAid Ranges, Rangetops & Cooktops

Turn up the volume on your traditional kitchen layout with a luxury range, cooktop, or rangetop from KitchenAid. You’ll find many of the top-rated oven features on KitchenAid ranges, including powerful and precise convection, no-preheat technology, and ample oven capacities.

KitchenAid brings the heat with Power Dual-Flame Burners on gas cooking appliances with a 20K-BTUs max output for restaurant-grade finishes at home. Take it slow and easy with 5K simmer burners for low-cook methods from pot roasts and braises to decadent chocolate fondues.

------Price for individual KitchenAid range: $1,599–$12,799

------Price for individual KitchenAid cooktop/rangetop: $1,199–$4,599

KitchenAid Microwaves

Select KitchenAid appliance packages help you save even more with over-the-range microwaves that clears up counterspace. Designed with extra-large microwave capacities, plus features like convection baking and powerful, multi-speed ventilation, these sleek built-in microwaves are a stylish solution to liberating your kitchen’s workspace.

------Price for individual KitchenAid microwave: $799–$2,749

KitchenAid Hoods

Want to make a bigger statement in the kitchen? Explore KitchenAid ventilation in a variety of styles, from chimney wall hoods, island hoods, and downdraft hoods, to inserts and more. Intelligently designed, these premium kitchen hoods come with an array of features, such as an Auto Turn On function, overhead Task lighting, and powerful circulation with multiple fan settings that quickly and efficiently remove smoke, odors, and grease from the kitchen.

------Price for individual KitchenAid hood vent: $1,029–$2,249

What Comes in KitchenAid Appliance Bundles?

Besides professionally inspired style and performance, each KitchenAid appliance package comes with refrigeration, a dishwashing machine, a single range or cooktop + wall oven combo, plus a range microwave or kitchen ventilation.

KitchenAid appliance ensembles come in 4-piece and 5-piece sets.

KitchenAid 4-piece kitchen packages are available in slide-in or freestanding range options and side-by-side refrigerator models or a KitchenAid French door refrigerator.

KitchenAid 5-piece kitchen suites feature either an induction or gas cooktop accompanied by a single or double wall oven and a matching chimney range hood.

Prices start at $6,426 — but make sure to check often for price cuts to save even more on KitchenAid kitchen bundles.

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Recommended KitchenAid Appliance Packages

Here’s a look at three popular KitchenAid appliance packages ranked from first to third tier. Appliances in these bundles are curated to complement each other with outstanding performance and a streamlined design indicative of the KitchenAid brand.

TIER-1 KitchenAid Appliance Bundle (KAKITKFEG500)

KitchenAid KAKITKFEG500 4-piece appliance bundle

Shop Now

Modest-sized kitchens are free to be loud and proud with the sophisticated compilation of this KitchenAid 4-piece kitchen ensemble. A showcase of stainless steel adds modern sparkle coupled with the convenience of a large-capacity side-by-side refrigerator, a freestanding electric range, a range microwave, and a front-control pocket dishwasher.

This setup is ideal for the average household and bargain-hunters who are looking for a complete kitchen haul for under $7,000.

TIER-2 KitchenAid Appliance Bundle (KIKITKRFC704FPS)

 KitchenAid KIKITKRFC704FPS 4-piece appliance bundle

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Upgrade to this KitchenAid 4-piece kitchen package for over 4 cubic feet of extra refrigerator capacity with the clean design of a counter-depth French door refrigerator and a slide-in electric convection range that are floorspace-friendly. From the 5-star range with over 20,000 product reviews to the FreeFlex Third Rack dishwasher with the most usable upper rack space in its class, this combo delivers undeniable, outstanding performance.

Sold individually, this set retails for $9,546. Follow the link below to see the final cost after we take over 10 percent off the price!

TIER-3 KitchenAid Appliance Bundle (KIKITKODE500ESS)

KitchenAid KIKITKODE500ESS 5-piece appliance bundle

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With a double wall oven, a powerful five-burner induction cooktop, and a large-capacity French door refrigerator, this 5-piece KitchenAid appliance package is the ultimate dream for avid home cooks. Upgrade to luxury to enjoy exclusive features from Even-Heat True Convection and the Fan-Enabled ProDry System to superior fresh produce protection from the PreservaFood Care System.

Households with demanding kitchens will get plenty of use from this appliance collection under $15,000, inspired by users who pursue “endless possibilities.”

KitchenAid Appliance Packages FAQs

Discover even more about KitchenAid appliance sets as we answer popular questions from shoppers like you.

Are KitchenAid appliances considered high-end?

KitchenAid is recognized as Whirlpool’s affordable luxury line, which sits just below JennAir appliances. Products from the KitchenAid line are priced more affordably compared to brands like Cafe or JennAir.

Who makes KitchenAid Appliances?

KitchenAid is part of the Whirlpool family of appliances, along with other popular appliance brands like Maytag, JennAir, and Amana.

Is it cheaper to buy an appliance package?

In many cases, purchasing appliances as part of a package can save buyers up to 20 percent on costs. Additionally, appliance suppliers (such as Don’s Appliances) often give extra rebates when you purchase a number of eligible products as part of a bundle.

Why Trust Us?

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When our customers are remodeling or building a new house, Don’s has all the expertise, product knowledge, inventory, brands, displays, and services to meet and exceed your needs. And in the event an appliance breaks, we are there, right on time and with the right product, delivery, installation, and service.

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