You Can Count on KitchenAid

by Bill Welles

When it comes to your kitchen, the appliances are the most vital part of the design and functionality of your cooking space. Shopping for new kitchen appliances can be a daunting task when there are so many styles, finishes, models, and energy-saving features to choose from. If you’re just beginning a kitchen renovation or planning to upgrade some of your dated appliances, where should you start?  

Convenience is key, versatility matters, and a well-crafted design sets the stage for a stylish and dependable appliance. If you enjoy fine craftsmanship from a brand you know and trust, start your kitchen appliance journey with KitchenAid 

KitchenAid appliances are committed to enhancing your culinary space and simplifying your cooking and cleaning regimens. KitchenAid has been a household name for over 100 years, so if you’re on the hunt for new cooking, refrigeration, or cleaning appliances, you can count on their history and their namesake to make a confident and informed buying decision 

man making homemade pesto pasta on KitchenAid appliance

KitchenAid Kitchen Appliances Overview  

A timeless name in the appliance industry, KitchenAid offers quality and innovation across all major appliance varieties. No longer limited to the iconic stand mixerKitchenAid offers a multitude of home appliances that are thoughtfully designed for family life and modern entertaining.  

It’s easy to design your ideal culinary space wherever inspiration leads you. From full appliance suites to individual refrigerators, ovens, cooktops, and ranges, you’ll find plenty of top-of-the-line products that are equipped to handle your needs and your passion for cooking.  

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen space with a focus on form or function, you’re bound to find a unique and trustworthy display worthy of a spotlight on the Food Network. 

KitchenAid Refrigerators  

With a premium design and dependable preservation features, KitchenAid refrigerators keep every ingredient fresh so you’ll be ready to take on your next meal. Sleek exterior finishes and spacious and intuitive storage solutions ensure every part of your appliance is performing properly both inside and out.  

Depending on your kitchen layout and design preference, we offer built-in or freestanding fridge models in French door, side-by-side, bottom-freezer, and counter-depth units, as well as compact wine cellars 

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient fridge to blend with your modern cooking space, a French door refrigerator (KRFF507HPS) is a no-brainer. With cooling features like the ExtendFresh Temperature Management System, you can ensure your produce will stay fresh. If you’re hosting family barbeques in the backyard and need additional storage space, a pull-out tray accommodates large platters with ease, while a FreshChill Temperature-Controlled Full-Width Pantry lets you optimize temperature and airflow for the specific food you're storing. This means cheese and salami plates will never be at room temperature again.  

And if the exterior appearance is just as important as the interior, the PrintShield finish resists smudges and fingerprints, and you’ll benefit from a sleek and convenient exterior water dispenser with programmed and customizable dispense settings. 

changing the settings on external fridge dispenser  

KitchenAid Ranges 

If you’re looking to turn heads, KitchenAid ranges will certainly leave a lasting impression. The collection of ranges with Even-Heat True Convection delivers even, precise, and consistent cooking results for every recipe. Whether you’re preparing a homemade sauce, taking on a restaurant-style five-course meal, or trying your hand at making baklava from scratch, KitchenAid ranges can handle any challenge.  

You can explore slide-in, freestanding, or double oven ranges that are designed to provide any kitchen with a professional feel so you can experience chef-quality meals at home.  

freestanding gas range (KFGC506JSS) will allow you to expand your culinary skills with a 36-inch design and commercial-style cooking surface with six unique burners. Featuring two versatile 20,000 BTU Ultra Power Dual-Flame Burners with the power and precision needed to successfully sear, simmer, stir-fry, and sauté, you can bring any culinary creation to life regardless of skill level. 

And a Dual-Concentric Oven Knob provides one-handed control of both oven mode and temperature. With a two-in-one feature, you can first choose your cook setting and then select the temperature using the same control knob.  

putting mini pie crusts into the oven

KitchenAid Wall Ovens 

With a KitchenAid wall oven, the culinary possibilities are endless. Each wall oven design offers the freedom and versatility to place your cooktop anywhere in the kitchen so you can achieve a more spacious and flexible kitchen design. Wall ovens create a low-profile aesthetic that looks sleek and refined in any model. Especially if you select the increasingly popular black stainless-steel finish, your oven can fit any traditional or modern kitchen design.  

To find the perfect match for your kitchen, you can shop for single wall ovens, double wall ovens, and combination wall ovens. Wall ovens are typically electric, so keep that and your kitchen’s power supply in mind when shopping for a new oven.  

Built-in microwave/oven combo units (KOCE500EBS) also feature Even-Heat True Convection for consistent heating and even cooking results. A unique bow-tie shaped design and convection fan help ensure there are no burnt edges or undercooked centers, and the upper Microwave Convection Cooking Oven combines a 900-watt microwave with a 1600-watt convection heating element for high-speed cooking.  

The specifically designed microwave crisper pan can be used to brown, crisp, and pan-fry foods, and a built-in temperature probe in the oven cavity allows for an accurate reading of internal temperatures of meats, poultry, and casseroles without having to open the oven. 

close-up of wall oven handle 

KitchenAid Cooktops  

Bold design and the perfect balance of elegance and functionality bring us to KitchenAid cooktops. A cooktop makes it possible to enjoy the convenience of a stove without installing a full-size range. Whether you need to simmer or boil, each unique cook setting will match your specific needs. Plus, a standalone cooktop adds a greater level of adaptability to your kitchen design because it can be built into an island or installed anywhere along the countertop to serve as a complement to your wall oven and act as an additional work surface.   

Cooktops can come in electric, gas, or induction models, and one of our most popular units is a downdraft gas cooktop (KCGD506GSS). This 36-inch cooktop with full-width cast-iron grates includes Downdraft, an integrated ventilation system that doesn’t require a separate hood. The cooktop features a 17,000 BTU professional burner to achieve both high and low heat settings needed for searing and simmering. The 5,000 BTU Even-Heat Simmer Burner enables precise simmering and melting while the 300-CFM exhaust rating means the built-in vent system can handle even this steamiest of meals. Think: sizzling fajita plates at Chili’s.  

close-up of cooktop with shrimp in a pot

KitchenAid Dishwashers  

After mealtime is over and you’re left with a stack of dirty dishes in the sink, you’d be in trouble without a quality KitchenAid dishwasher. With a premium cleaning appliance and a fresh set of dishes and utensils, you’ll have the power to prepare your favorite meals time and time again. From glassware, stemware, bakeware, and dinnerware, KitchenAid dishwasher can take on any mess you make.    

When you need to keep your kitchen tools clean and sanitized, a PrintShield dishwasher (KDTM404KPS) will handle the dirty work with three racks for versatile loading possibilities and complete wash coverage. The FreeFlex Third Rack fits glasses, mugs, bowls, silverware, and cooking tools, freeing up room below for pots, plates, mixing bowls, and other large or oddly shaped items. The Advanced Clean Water Wash System circulates clean water to dishes in all three racks so each level experiences an even concentration of water.  

The Sani-Rinse option eliminates 99.999 percent of food soil bacteria by adding a high-heat final rinse to sanitize dishes, the top controls are tucked away for a clean and seamless look, the PrintShield finish is made with a specialized stainless-steel coating that’s easy to clean with just water and a soft cloth, and a 44dBA operation provides quiet cleaning without compromising performance 

open dishwasher in modern kitchen suite

Bonus KitchenAid Appliances  

If you’re hoping to fill out your kitchen and accompany the five major appliances with a few smaller kitchen tools, you can also shop select KitchenAid microwavesrange hoodsice makers, and garbage disposals or trash compactorsThese are all equally important gadgets to add to the overall look and performance of your kitchen.  


Now that you know a little more about KitchenAid appliances, we wanted to highlight some commonly asked questions regarding the brand. You might still have a question or two of your own, so here’s a brief recap of some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to KitchenAid appliances.    

  1. Who sells KitchenAid appliances?  

If you know of any online retailers or appliance showrooms in the Pittsburgh area, you can find KitchenAid appliances. Oh wait, that’s us—Don's Appliances   

  1. Are KitchenAid appliances considered high-end? 

KitchenAid has gone through vast aesthetic improvements to resemble a high-end industrial look without the high-end price tag. It’s a mid-to premium-level appliance brand with affordable options across each appliance variety. They are most known for refrigerators and dishwashers, but their cooking appliances are certainly picking up steam. 

  1. Where are KitchenAid appliances made? 

KitchenAid is one of the oldest American-made appliance brands. Today, most KitchenAid products are made in Ohio, South Carolina, Iowa, Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas, with all stand mixers being assembled in KitchenAid’s factory in Greenville, Ohio. 

man putting finishing touches on a cake

A Name You Can Count On  

Deciding on new appliances for your kitchen should be an exciting and rewarding experience. You want to fulfill your lifestyle but also the aesthetic needs of your kitchen. Luckily, much like KitchenAid, Don’s Appliances is a name you can count on.  


Use our helpful brand guide to find the exact appliances you need to fit your culinary domain. If you have questions or would look to see any of our KitchenAid appliances for yourself, visit one of the 10 Don’s Appliances locations in the greater Pittsburgh area, or shop online today!