Water Filtration

by Kristin Mickle

Over the past 10 years, a strong movement toward health and what we are exposing our bodies to has begun. Restaurants now offer “clean” meal choices; grocery stores feature more organic options on their shelves than ever before; and lead has been banned from nearly every product that we interact with. These are just a few examples, but the one area that is all too often overlooked is the water that we use in our homes every day.

After receiving many inquiries about water filtration, I decided to do some research to discover the best water filtration option on the market. This is when I came across Environmental Water Systems, often referred to as EWS. EWS has led the home water filtration industry since 1987. Basically, water filtration is what they do.

It was through this research that I learned just what is in the water we drink and bathe in every day. Chlorine and its byproducts are actually known carcinogens! Chlorine is the most common disinfectant that is used in United States tap water.

Even more unsettling: ammonia often is added to chlorine, which creates a chemical called chloramine. Chloramine use is on the rise in the United States, and many areas around our market are using this chemical to treat water. Chloramine is ammonia-based and so aggressive that water departments are only permitted to use it for six months of the year. It’s said that chloramine can weaken our lungs, making us more susceptible to different conditions, including asthma and allergies. When absorbed, it can also cause dry skin.

Chlorine and chloramine are just two of the dangers in our water. Pharmaceuticals, lead and pesticides also are present, and the list goes on.

EWS has solutions for nearly every type of water filtration problem, which can get very complicated and elaborate. I wanted a simple answer for point-of-use filtration as well as whole home filtration, which is why we offer only a few of their products. If a customer has a specific need, however, EWS has an amazing sales support team who will help walk us through any situation that we may come across.

The first product that I fell in love with right away is the Essential Max Flow. We sell this for around $299, and you simply install it on to the cold-water line under your sink. You honestly do not need to hire a plumber to install this filter if you can follow a few simple steps. This product removes chloramine, chlorine, THMS, VOCS, lead, cysts, rust, dirt, sediment and more!

Installing this simple filter is certainly an inexpensive way to start protecting you and your family; however, whole house filtration is the best solution. You and your family are not only drinking the water, you are also bathing in this water. Your skin absorbs all these chemicals. Additionally, water is going to many of our appliances and fixtures throughout our homes. Imagine the toll on our clothes from these chemicals. Have you ever had buildup on your showerheads or faucets? This buildup comes from the chemicals in our water.

We usually use the EWS SPECTRUM filtration system for whole home filtration, but it depends on your zip code as to which system we recommend. The SPECTRUM is for areas with hard water, and though it will filter chloramine, it will not last as long. In a home that does not have chloramine-laden water, the SPECTRUM will last around 10 years. If chloramine is present, it might last only around seven years. Because of this, we recommend the EWS CC 1465 for the areas around us with chloramine-contaminated water. The best part is that no maintenance is required over the life of the product. There are no filters to change.

If you are on well water, however, we probably would call EWS to help us determine your best solution.

Pricing on the whole home filtration system can range anywhere from $3,300 for the SPECTRUM to $4,350 for the EWS CC 1465. Installation of the whole home filtration will require a licensed plumber. You must have a drain near the unit. If you already have this system, an estimated cost for installation ranges anywhere from $1,200‒$2,000.

Can we really put a value on our health? The whole home filtration is pricey, but it’s truly worth it when you consider the potential risks that unfiltered water can cause to your and your family’s health!