Single vs. Dual Refrigerator Compressors

by Don's Appliances

There are many advantages to having a dual compressor compared to a single compressor. First, you're probably thinking, how does a compressor work? The compressor in a refrigerator works by pressurizing or compressing, refrigerant gas to create cool air. A fan then pushes this air into the refrigerator to keep it cool.

Single Compressor

In refrigerators with a single compressor, cold air circulates from one compressor throughout the entire unit. This includes the refrigerated compartment and the freezer compartment. The circulation of air usually occurs at least twice a day and depending on the unit, can transfer air many times throughout the day.

Single vs. Dual Refrigerator Compressors

Dual Compressor

In models with dual compressors, there is a separate unit and airflow for both the refrigerated and freezer compartment. Because air does not flow between the two compartments, there is no excess moisture and your food stays fresh longer. Strong odors are not transferred between foods in each compartment. For example, the smell of left-over salmon from dinner, will not send odor over to the freezer making your ice taste like fish. Dual compressors will help prevent freezer burn because there is no fluctuation in temperature and less moisture in the freezer. It is at a constant zero degrees. The fresh food side of the refrigerator will be a high moist compartment because it is never pulling air in from the freezer. Staying at a cool constant temperature of 38 degrees will also allow food to stay fresher for a longer period of time compared to a single compressor.

Single vs. Dual Refrigerator Compressors

In shopping for a single or dual compressor, most dual compressor refrigerators are found in high-end built-in models such as Bosch or Sub-Zero but, there are some freestanding models available!

If you're interested in a single or dual compressor, or aren’t quite sure which one is for you, be sure to stop into any one of our locations and talk to any one of our sales associates finding a refrigerator that fits your needs!