The Quietest Hood on the Market

by Samantha Gatti

BEST Hoods

When customers ask about the quietest hood on the market, I always talk to them about the BEST hoods, one of the quietest hoods! They have a new blower called the iQ Blower System that makes the blower 2 times quieter than most models on the market. You can still hold a conversation in your kitchen when the unit is on at max level.

There are great advantages to the iQ Blower System™ that make your life more comfortable and ensure confidence in the operation and effectiveness of your BEST range hood. Standard range hoods lose performance due to the home’s duct system which reduces the speed of smoke and cooking odor removal. iQ blowers with GPS calibration enable up to 30% faster smoke removal. For the first time, a range hood delivers the performance you expected—and paid for. It’s also 30% faster to remove the smoke and grease from the kitchen which helps when you are cooking like a gourmet chef!