Yogis, Meal Prep Enthusiasts and Healthy Living Aficionados- Have You Ever Cooked with Steam?

by Samantha Tobin

One of the perks to working for Don's Appliances is access to the live Jenn-Air Steam Oven! It makes my lunches taste like they were cooked for the first time by locking in the moisture (and nutrients!). Every Sunday, I prep my meals for the week: protein, veggies, and some type of starch. Flavor is enhanced through fresh herbs and seasonings like chia, flax and hemp seeds. As a weekend meal prepper I've accepted that with convenience comes the sacrifice of taste in most cases. Rarely does reheated salmon maintain the same taste and texture as it did when it first came out of the oven; that is, until steam cooking came along. Cue the Jenn-Air Steam oven.

Steam ovens are made by many of our manufacturers, but my personal favorite is by Jenn-Air. The Jenn-Air Steam Oven has 9 different cooking modes and doubles as a convection oven making for perfect taste and even heat regardless of if you're cooking a thick chicken breast, thin, flaky fish, or gooey chocolate chip cookies! The 9 cooking modes along with 68 food mode presets know how long to cook your food and provides tips on how to cook it on the sleek LCD screen. All the options take guess work out of meal prep for our less seasoned, at home chefs.

Okay, I'll be honest, "heath nut" proteins and produce aren't the only foods our Jenn-Air Steam Oven is heating here at 12 o'clock. Hibachi is, admittedly, my go-to, cheat-day food and wow does it taste good in the Jenn-Air it's like I never left the restaurant!

Yogurt mode. Easy-to-fill water reservoir. Tempurature probe. Sous vide reheat. There are many functions that make the Jenn-Air my "go-to" appliance to maintain my health conscious lifestyle. 

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