How Long Does a Dryer Last? How to Prolong Longevity

by Jase Garrity

Average Age of Dryer:

One of the first questions people ask when purchasing a dryer is how long do they normally last? We're here to give you the reality of what to expect with a new dryer. The average age of a dryer is eight to ten years by most manufacturers which is quite disappointing if you have one like I do that is over twenty years old. A brand I like in particular is Speed Queen because their products are made like the older versions that can last 20-25 years. They are so confident in their products that they have a ten-year warranty on everything but cosmetic damage, which is unheard of. A lot has changed over the years, electronics being the most important!

How to Prolong Lifespan?

There are several things a consumer can do to add some extra years on their dryers.

  1. Keep the lint trap clean by removing the lint after every load. Taking the few extra seconds to do this every time will keep your dryer flowing free through the ductwork.
  2. The ductwork on the outside wall should be taken down once a year and cleaned with a vacuum.

Failure to do this could result in a fire hazard. One dryer I thoroughly recommend to most of my customers is the Speed Queen DR5000 which retails for $999 in electric if it is within your budget. Preventative maintenance can add some extra years to your dryer just as regular oil changes can prolong the life of your car.