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There are few things more unsatisfying than grabbing a dirty dish from a finished dishwasher cycle. The fact is, using an outdated dishwasher costs you time and money. If you’re ready for a more efficient dishwashing routine, the large selection of reliable dishwashers from Don’s Appliances is the perfect place to start!

Before jumping in, give a quick look at our dishwasher installation guide. You’ll find dishwasher info from our experts, so you can be prepared from the moment you purchase to when it’s ready to be installed.

Get to Know a Classic

The standard built-in dishwasher has come a long way since its debut in our homes. To ensure you’re getting the best for your home and family, keep in mind the following:

  • Water sensors are essential for a spic and span finish
  • The more spray arms the better
  • Front-control dishwashers provide easy access to buttons
  • Top-control dishwashers’ buttons are hidden and only accessible with the door open
  • Quiet dishwashers run at 45 decibels and lower
  • ENERGY STAR® dishwashers use as few as 3 gallons per load

Explore Other Dishwashers

Other dishwasher appliances like a portable dishwasher or drawer dishwasher offer more flexibility than a standard dishwashing machine. So, if you’re short on space or are maybe a renter, don’t count yourself out just yet!

Alone, a single drawer dishwasher is a great way to give delicate dishes or uniquely shaped items a thorough wash without compromising your full wash load. For even more versatility, pair two drawer dishwashers to run separate dish loads at the same time.

Simply plug a portable dishwasher into an outlet and connect a hose adapter to your faucet to run a load. While it may momentarily occupy your counter space and kitchen sink, you’ll save water by using as little as 3 gallons per load versus up to 27 when you wash by hand.

What’s Inside?

A dishwasher’s tub can be the difference between completely dry dishes or opening the door to a cloud of fog. Here’s why:

  • Stainless steal tubs use a special coil to create an environment hot enough to evaporate water rather than condensate it.
  • Plastic tubs are cost-efficient but cannot get hot enough to create evaporative heating—the inside would just melt. Simply pop the door open at the end of a cycle to allow for some good old-fashioned air drying.

Knowing how many place settings are enough for your household and dinnerware will help keep you on track with your budget while also meeting your needs.

  • Six to eight place settings is typical of a household of two to three
  • 12 to 14 place settings (the standard for a 24” built-in dishwasher) is typical for full-size households

Give Your Dishes Some Love

For a little extra TLC, look for these features!

  • Fold-down tines make room for large-size dishes
  • Wine glass clips make sure your stemware don’t jostle during the wash
  • Third-level racks fit small and odd-shaped utensils
  • Included water softener (great for Pennsylvanian hard water)
  • Sanitize cycles sanitize baby bottles and utensils

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