Is a Slide In Gas Range Right for You?

    by Curt Schurman

    Is a Slide In Gas Range Right for You?

    When looking at ranges, you can either do a slide in range or a freestanding range. A freestanding range is going to have the control panel on the back and a slide in will have it on the front. Slide in ranges are ideal if you plan to do a black splash in your kitchen. This range will slide right into its spot giving it a clean design. Now that you have decided that you want a gas slide in range, you just need to pick a brand. Here are a few different brands you may want to consider depending on the features that you are looking for.


    This LG slide in gas range is $791.99. You can choose between stainless and black stainless. This range offers convection, easy clean, and a 6.3 cu.ft. oven. Your big burner is 18.5 BTUs and has a griddle. The oven has 11 different cooking modes to choose from. Some of the modes are proof, warm, pizza, broil, and more. With the LG ProBack Convection, your food will be baked perfectly every time. This feature was inspired by pro ranges, and they moved the heating element from the bottom of the oven to the back. This will give even heat distribution in the oven. Another feature this range offers is the easy clean. This is a quick 10 minute cleaning cycle. This is not your typical self-clean, because this will use steam. You will spray your oven down with water and press easy clean. After 10 minutes, you can wipe your oven clean. With the large capacity interior, this range can fit a 24 pound or bigger turkey. This LG slide in gas range has a ton of features to offer and it is all under $1000.


    This Whirlpool slide in gas range is $1,799.99. This range comes in stainless, black stainless, black, and white. Some features of this range are that it is WIFI connected, it uses the Yummly guided cooking, and has easy to lift cast iron grates. This range is super easy to clean with the cast iron grates. You don’t even have to pull the grates off and set it aside for cleaning. You just lift the grate up and since it is on a hinge, it will stay in place when cleaning the cooktop. Since this appliance has WIFI, you can hook it up to your phone, tablet, or Amazon’s Alexa. If you are running late from work and you want your oven preheated and ready to go, you can preheat your oven from your phone. Having a WIFI connected appliance can be a real time saver. Another feature is the Yummly guided cooking. This app has recipes and includes step by step videos on how to cook that recipe. Once you pick a recipe, it will send the cooking instructions straight to the range. The control panel on this range is touch control. After a while, it will pick up on the cooking modes you use the most. The most used cooking modes will appear on the main screen. This oven has a 5.8 cu.ft. capacity and has convection. If you prefer your appliance to have a lot of technology, this may be the perfect range for you.


    The GE Café slide in double oven is $2969.99. This 30” slide in gas range has 6 burners and comes with a griddle. This GE Café slide in double oven only comes in stainless steel. The left front burner is going to be your most powerful at 21,000 BTUs. The oven offers both self and steam clean as an option. In GE’s oven, you will pour a cup of water on the bottom of the oven. Once you start the self clean process, it is going to create steam in the oven. Once the cycle is over, you can just take a rag and wipe down the oven. Steam clean is going to be gentler on the appliance than self clean. This range is also WIFI connected. You can hook up with oven to your Alexa, Google, Nest, and other connected devices. The total capacity of this oven is 6.7 cu.ft. The top oven is 2.4 cu.ft. and the lower oven is 4.3 cu.ft. This oven is ideal because it has a fast preheat. For example, if you are cooking lasagna, it is going to cook faster and have a faster pre heat in the top oven. If you don’t cook a lot, the double oven may be more convenient for you with a faster cook.


    Bosch’s Benchmark slide in gas range is $2,899. Some features of this range are a meat probe, warming drawer, and 9 cooking modes. The meat probe will help you take the guess work out of cooking. When cooking a roast with the probe, it will make sure that it is cooked perfectly each time. Another feature is the warming drawer. Most slide in ranges have a storage drawer but this one has a warming drawer. This comes in handy during the holidays. If you are cooking something but need the oven space to cook a turkey, you can put your sweet potatoes and vegetables in the warming drawer. Then when you are ready to serve dinner, all of your food is still warm. If you prefer to have a warming drawer rather than a storage drawer and a probe, the Benchmark is the best option for you.

    No matter which brand you choose, you will get a great slide in range. Depending on your wants and needs, there is a perfect range out there for you.