Gas Cooktops- Which one is right for you?

by Zack Culley

Gas Cooktops- Which one is right for you?

Gas cook tops are one of the most common purchases in the appliance industry, but are they all the same? What really separates them other than quality, or the name of the manufacturer? There are price points all over the board for gas cook tops, ranging from $700 all the way up to $2,000+. Let’s take a look at a few options to help you find one that best fits your budget, and lifestyle. (All models here are 30”, but most, if not all, have 36” as an option).

Wolf 30” Gas Cooktop, Model CG304P/S (Call for pricing)

Let’s start at the top of the tree. Wolf is typically known as the best of the best as far as cooking appliances go. In addition to the trademark red knobs that accent this piece (with stainless or black knobs available as an option if red isn’t your thing), it will perform like no other, and cooking results are impeccable. Wolf cooking appliances are going to pair up with Sub-Zero refrigeration, who acquired Wolf in 2000. Some of the main features on a Wolf gas cook top are the dual stacked sealed burners which allow precise simmering, the laser etched graphics and LED lights, and the 18,000 BTU burner.

Thermador 30” Gas Cooktop Model SGSXP305TS (Call for pricing)

Another brand that is typically ranked at the top is Thermador. The main feature on a Thermador cook top that sets it apart from the rest is the Extra Low (XLO) feature that is actually gentler than a traditional simmer. It accomplishes this by actually turning the burner off and on every few seconds, and repeating this cycle until you are ready to serve your food. One thing that you may hear is that this can become annoying since there is a very subtle clicking noise that occurs when the burner turns on. I am here to tell you that I have been around these cook tops while this function is running, and it is merely background noise and nothing more. One other feature exclusive to Thermador is the star shaped burners. Not only do these add aesthetics to the unit, but they also offer more coverage on the bottom of the pot or pan, heating both the inner and outer portions of it.

JennAir 30” Gas Cooktop Model JGC7530BP (Call for Pricing)

Whirlpools luxury line, JennAir, offers another solid option. Known for its power and pro looks, this cook top offers brass burners, an 18,000 BTU power burner, and a modern look with its white LED burner indicator lights. It is also backed with a two year warranty (and a third year if it is installed by a certified installer), and one of the most recognizable names in the appliance industry.

GE Café 30” Gas Cooktop CGP9530SLSS $1,259.99

In my opinion, GE’s strength is its cooking appliances, and the Café cook top is no exception. This piece is priced well, not giving up any power or versatility that top of the line products offer. The standout feature on this cook top is its tri ring power burner, which offers 20,000 BTUs and is perfect for searing steaks. It also offers continuous, dishwasher safe grates. LED backlit knobs are also a nice feature that give the cook top a sleek, modern look.

GE 30” Gas Cooktop JGP5030SLSS $999.99

So you’re not a serious cook, but you want a nice looking five burner cook top in your new kitchen. This one is your answer. Typically priced at $999, this cook top can sometimes be had for less during promotional periods, so keep an eye out around the holidays. The power burner on this piece is a strong 15,000 BTUs. The knobs are sturdy and give the cook top a substantial feel. It also has the continuous grates that are dishwasher safe, which are also found on the GE Café model that we discussed previously.

Purchasing your next cook top doesn’t have to be as confusing as it may seem, since there are so many option out there. Things to keep in mind when making a decision are what your cooking style is, how often you would do things like boil water, aesthetics, and clean ability. Also, don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get the features you want if you feel that they will make your life easier!