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Shop for an Outdoor Refrigerator Today at Don’s Appliances

What is a summer BBQ without ice cold drinks or popsicles; an evening on the patio without chilled wine or cheese; a Sunday brunch outdoors without mimosas? Not as fun, that’s what. With an outdoor refrigerator, you can make sure every outdoor event is refreshing and properly chilled. At Don’s Appliances, we have compact refrigerators, under-cabinet refrigeration, kegerators, freezers, and outdoor ice makers — everything you need for your next hosted event. Let’s talk about brands of outdoor refrigerators, the sizes we carry, and where the best place is to shop for refrigeration. You may have already guessed that it’s Don’s.

Shop by Brands

When shopping for an outdoor beverage refrigerator, have you considered your favorite brand of appliance? We like to make sure our selection of products is stocked with the brands you know, so you’ll love the outdoor fridge you take home with you. A few of the brands you’ll find at our stores:

  • Danby outdoor refrigerator
  • Coyote outdoor refrigerator
  • Lynx outdoor refrigerator
  • Sub Zero outdoor refrigerator

We carry many more brands than these, so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Don’s. We also recommend that you check out outdoor refrigerator reviews to see what people think of their new appliance.

Shop by Sizes

So, what size outdoor refrigerator do you need? Are you hosting parties often, or do you just want a few drinks now and again when you’re enjoying some fresh air? Our inventory is designed to accommodate every outdoor refrigeration need. We offer:

  • A 20 inch outdoor refrigerator
  • A 21 inch outdoor refrigerator
  • A 24 inch outdoor refrigerator

If you’re looking for a small outdoor refrigerator, an outdoor undercounter refrigerator, or even a full size outdoor refrigerator, you’ll find it at Don’s Appliances. With what we have on offer, you can host parties with a kegerator, keep ice for summertime refreshments on hand with an outdoor freezer, or make it even easier on yourself with an outdoor ice maker.

With a better idea of what we have in our selection and knowledge of what you might want in your outdoor refrigerator, it’s time to start shopping! If you have more questions, take a look at our FAQ on common outdoor refrigerator questions. For every other question, feel free to give us a call, stop by a Pittsburgh-area store, or chat with us online. We’re ready and waiting to help you with all your questions and refrigeration needs!