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    Downdraft Range Hood for sale in Pittsburgh, PA

    A downdraft range hood provides the ventilation you need in a space-saving design, whether you have an open floor plan or a small kitchen space. Downdraft range hoods can be integrated into a range or cooktop, or they can be fitted in a pop-up style behind your cooking surface. This means your range hood will only come up when you’re cooking, so your kitchen design won’t be disrupted. Let’s go over the brands, sizes, and finishes you’ll discover in our collection.

    Shop By Brands

    Whether you want matching appliances or the best features for each item, it’s key to shop by brand. We have a large selection of familiar and unfamiliar brand names for you to pick from, so we recommend comparing various brands before deciding. The following are some of the brands you’ll find in our selection:

    Remember to read our downdraft range hood reviews to compare brands and learn about useful features.

    Shop By Sizes

    We recommend that your range hood be the same size as your cooking surface because downdraft range hoods are typically put in the back of your cooking surface. We have the following sizes available:

    Downdraft cooktops can rise 12 to 18 inches while in use, and installation requires cabinet space beneath your countertop. As a result, make sure that space is taken into consideration.

    Shop by Features/Colors

    Even though downdraft range hoods are hidden while not in use, you should still think about what finish you’ll need to fit your interior design. Choose a stainless steel downdraft range hood if you want your kitchen to have professional-style appliances and a contemporary aesthetic. A black downdraft range hood completes the look if you’re striving for a bold, dramatic look. To liven up your aesthetic, choose a finish that contrasts with your kitchen appliances. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to flaunt your excellent taste.

    Now that you have some more information on what kind of downdraft range hood you might want, we’d love to see you stop by. We have the brands, styles, finishes, and sizes you need for your kitchen. Take a look at our guide to choosing a range hood for more information, and for all other concerns, let us know! Contact us by phone, online, or in-person — all of our Pittsburgh locations are ready for you to come by and start shopping!