NEW! Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Appliances

by Erin Slattery

Whirlpool Sunset Bronze Appliances

Earlier in 2018, Whirlpool announced their new Sunset Bronze Appliance Line. The color is unique with gold and rose gold undertones. To some, traditional Stainless Steel can make a kitchen carry a cooler tone, where the Sunset Bronze will create a warmer vibe throughout the kitchen setting. Laura Nagy, from our East Liberty location, says, "it's a wonderful compliment for anyone with a mid-century modern taste. With it's warm tones, it will mesh well with gold and brass accents throughout the kitchen".

Don't let just the color be the only reason to consider this new line, Whirlpool also created the color to be fingerprint resistant as well. And, they updated the handle style to fit the more contemporary look throughout the Sunset Bronze line. Another upgraded feature that will be available throughout some of the appliances is the Smart Appliance Technology. Ranges, Wall Ovens and even a Dishwasher you will be able to control through an app on your smart phone. Whirlpool also teamed up with Google to make some of the appliances compatible with Google Home products. Imagine being able to use simple commands to turn on your range or wall oven.

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For now, Whirlpool has 14 models featuring the Sunset Bronze color. 10 models are readily available, and the other 4 to follow will be available later this summer. Some of the products you can expect in this lineup are both electric and gas slide in ranges, over the range and countertop microwaves, dishwashers, a 30", 33" and 36" refrigerator, and single and double wall ovens. Besides the Smart Appliance Technology, the ranges and wall ovens will have True Convection, and the Scan-to-Cook Technology. The Scan-to-Cook Technology, will allow a consumer to scan a frozen food barcode on a smartphone and have the cooking instructions sent to the appliance. Making cooking easier and more convenient. Their dishwashers offer a stainless steel interior and a DBA level of 47. They have not released whether there will be more to expect in the lineup. But, with all the colors being released to compete against Stainless Steel, I can see this color being around for awhile. This color will is destined to be a statement in any kitchen.

If the Sunset Bronze line is for you, be sure to contact one of our 8 locations to speak with an educated Sales Associate for more information and availability. Or visit, www.whirlpool.com.