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8 New Washing Machine Features that Make Laundry Less of a Chore

by Don's Appliances

A smart device featuring the SmartQ app being used with the GE Profile UltraFast washer dryer combo

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GE Microban Technology

GE Smart Dispense

Maytag Extra Power Button

LG Smart Pairing

Whirlpool 2-in-1 Removable Agitator

Speed Queen Pet Plus Feature

Electrolux LuxCare Wash System

GE Profile UltraFast Washer Dryer Combo

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Make no mistake. Today’s washers are lightyears away from the ones mom and dad had growing up, so when it comes to knowing which features to look for in a washing machine, the market has what feels like an encyclopedia of terms to explore. But if you’re at all interested in how to make laundry easier, knowing which ones matter and which ones are all hype makes all the difference. With new features dropping what seems like daily, sorting washer functions can feel intimidating, which is why we’ve done the research for you, presenting our favorite washing machine add-ons today’s buyers need to know about. Check them out!

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GE Microban Technology

Some of the best washing machine features are the ones that improve the overall environment inside our washing machine. Household washing machines are susceptible to various types of molds, mildews, and bacteria, that can then be transferred to our clothing, making them unsanitary. One manufacturer that’s solving this issues is GE with its exclusive collaboration with Microban Technology.

Select washers from the lineup use GE Microban Technology built into the gasket, dispenser, and draining system to stop odor-causing bacteria in its tracks before it even starts. Washing machine features don’t have to be complicated, and with the GE Microban Technology, it's easy to let this feature go to work for you, giving you consistently clean clothes, load after load.

✔ We Recommend: GE® 5.0 Cu. Ft. White Smart Front Load Washer

 Front view of the GE GFW850SSNWW front load washer

Shop This GE Front Load Washer

This GE Microban washer has a 5.0 Cu. Ft. capacity and is large enough to tackle built-up laundry in one go, helping to improve wash day one load at a time. This washing machine features the innovative GE Microban Technology, protecting the overall health of your washing machine by preventing the build-up of odor-causing bacteria. With nearly 5,000 5-star ratings, this is one of the highest-rated washers on the market today, but with upgrades like Wash + Dry technology that cleans and dries in a single appliance, built-in Wi-Fi, and a PowerSteam setting, it’s easy to see why.

Featured GE GFW850SSNWW Review:

“So happy with all the features!! Great set and my clothes look and smell cleaner! Fits my large comforter, even drying!”

GE Smart Dispense

How do you make laundry day easier? The answer is simple. You invest in a GE Smart Dispense washer. A GE Smart Dispense washing machine feature users to fill the dispenser with detergent for up to 32 loads. What does this mean? Simply scan the barcode of your laundry detergent bottle, and the Smart Dispense Technology will load the correct amount based on load and detergent type. Never worry about soap scum or build-up again—just load and go, and let the GE Smart Dispense washing machine feature do the rest for you.

✔We Recommend: GE® 5.0 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer

 Front view of the GE GFW655SSVWW front load washer

Shop This GE Large Capacity Washer

We love this GE Smart Dispense washer, one of GE’s newest and most practical innovations in its long list of washing machine features. With the ability to hold up to 32 loads’ worth of laundry detergent, this smart washing machine disperses the ideal amount of detergent for every load, eliminating the need for bulky bottles in the laundry room, and protecting your machine from excessive detergent use. This model is a major value, loaded with some of GE’s best washer features, including Microban lining, the one and only UltraFresh Vent System, and Wi-Fi compatibility.

Maytag Extra Power Button

Constantly fighting pesky stains and running load after load to no avail? Then Maytag has you covered with a powerfully clean washing machine feature, at the touch of a button. The Extra Power Button washing machine feature delivers dual-temperature defense on even the toughest stains, starting with colder wash temperatures to help lift and dissolve stains and then finishing with warm water to target any leftover stains. Accommodating any wash cycle, its extra boost of power is just one touch away and may be the answer to getting rid of stubborn stains in your laundry with ease.

✔ We Recommend: Maytag® 4.8 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer

 Front view of the Maytag MHW6630HW front load washer

Shop This Maytag Front Load Washer

Say goodbye to accidental coffee spills or stubborn grass stains with the Maytag Extra Power washer. Equipped with a powerful clean, this washing machine goes beyond the run-of-the-mill stain-fighting techniques by giving any wash cycle the benefit of an intense pre-wash and extra agitation to fight even the peskiest stains. While this model isn’t loaded with the most features, we consider it a “best washer under $1000” pick because it’s made with durability in mind while delivering great cleaning performance, all while earning an ENERGY STAR rating.

Featured Maytag MHW6630HW Review:

“This new machine is larger and more efficient. It handles large loads easily and I am very impressed with how fast the Quick Wash cycle works and still delivers a clean wash. The Extra Power and additional features make it a great buy for me and my family.”

LG Smart Pairing

When innovation allows us to be in more control of our appliances, our day-to-day tasks are more efficient and hassle-free. Case in point, the LG Smart Pairing washing machine feature. Using AI technology, LG Smart Pairing determines the ideal wash cycle for every load, no matter if it’s bulky towels or bedding, or a gentle clean on delicate fabrics. Smart sensors detect the type of material being washed and load size, optimizing the wash temperature and time, and LG Smart pairing washer and dryer pairs take it to the next level for laundry days that require no guesswork—just toss clothes in and they do the work for you.

✔ We Recommend: LG 5.3 Cu. Ft. White Top Load Washer

 Front view of the LG WT7405CW top load washer

Shop This LG Top Load Washer

Have confidence with every load, thanks to the LG ThinQ washer. Giving you optimal washer settings for any type of load, this LG Smart pairing washer  also comes with the best features from the LG washer line like TurboWash3D for super-fast wash times and a 4-way agitator to release even the toughest clothes stains. When paired to the ThinQ app, users recieve load updates or smart alerts that keep your washer running smoothly, time and time again.

Featured LG WT7405CW Review:

“I am very pleased with this washer. It has great features such as the Waterproof and bedding cycles, and it does a great job cleaning my laundry. It also has not damaged any of my clothes. It is easy to use, and I like how the app notifies me when my load is finished.”

Whirlpool 2-in-1 Removable Agitator

Whirlpool offers immense laundry flexibility with its adaptive 2-in-1 removable agitator. Whirlpool’s latest washing machine features a removable agitator that allows users to customize washing needs based on your load type. Bulky items like bedding, towels, or jeans benefit from a larger wash capacity once the agitator is removed, while using this top load washer with the agitator provides a classic, heavy-duty wash for tougher fabrics and heavier soil settings.

✔ We Recommend: Whirlpool® 5.2 - 5.3 Cu. Ft. 2 in 1 Removable Agitator Chrome Shadow Top Load Washer

 Front view of the Whirlpool WTW8127LC top load washer

Shop This Whirlpool 2-In-1 Washer

Looking for washing flexibility catered to every load type? Consider the Whirlpool 2 in 1 washer. With its dual-purpose, removable agitator, you can adjust the drum capacity for your bulkiest washes, and when you need more water to break down stubborn stains or dirt, simply select the Deep Water Wash Option to customize the wash level according to your needs. Users also note the convenience of having a pre-treat stain fountain built right into the machine, as well as Wi-Fi programming and a pre-fill detergent dispenser, all of which streamline the laundry day process.

Featured Whirlpool WTW8127LC Review:

“I purchased this Whirlpool washer about a month ago and we couldn't be more thrilled with the washer. With the flexibility and all the modes, it really makes washing simple. We Love It!!!”

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Speed Queen Pet Plus Feature

Our furry friends surely bring joy and love into our lives with their wagging tails, affectionate kisses, and unconditional love, and while we love and cherish them as important members of our home, let’s face it, we don’t always love the constant shedding and dander left in their wake. Speed Queen has built a washer to battle the never-ending shedding with the Speed Queen Pet Plus feature. This special cleaning system features several settings that are tailored to removing pet and hair and odor-causing dander, allowing you to love your pets, without wearing that love on your clothing. It’s available on select front load washers and dryers from the Speed Queen line.

✔ We Recommend: Speed Queen® FF7 3.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer

 Front view of the Speed Queen FF7010WN front load washer

Shop This Speed Queen Washer

Built to last, the Speed Queen® lasts years of use (at least 25 years, to be exact), efficiently removing pet hair and sanitizing your clothing along the way. Speed Queen even engineered this washer with a Flea Removal setting, which has been tested and proven to aid in the fight against flea infestations. Now you can enjoy your pet without the added worry of hair-ridden clothes, and also keep your space clean and bug-free.

Featured Speed Queen FF7010WN Review:

“...very happy with it so far. I am amazed with how short the cycles are. Seems to me that this will make it very energy efficient. It is extremely easy to use, quiet, and does an excellent job of cleaning my laundry.”

Electrolux LuxCare Wash System

The Electrolux LuxCare Wash System works by improving wash actions, using smart load sensing technology and temperature control, and an even distributing detergent and additives better for enhanced stain-fighting coverage. Smart load sensing ensures the correct cycle is selected for each load type, while the machine offers the precise distribution of detergent, meaning you’ll never deal with built-up soap scum on your clothes or washer again.

✔ We Recommend: Electrolux 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer

 Front view of the Electrolux ELFW7537AW front load washer

Shop This Electrolux Front Load Washer

Get a thorough clean every time with the Electrolux front loader, equipped with the exclusive LuxCare Plus Wash System. Enjoy additional features like the Allergen Option, which removes up to 95% of allergens from clothes, bedding, and towels, a nice perk on top of a large drum capacity with 4.5 cubic feet of wash volume, a steam setting, and a seal from ENERGY STAR for being one of the Most Efficient front load washing machines on the market.

Featured Electrolux ELFW7537AW Review:

“....I absolutely love all the features on this washer! I have dogs that shed a lot and the Staintreat and Allergen settings are a dream come true. The various cycle options are super convenient because there's no figuring out what setting is needed. This model also has a PODS dispenser instead of just tossing them into the washer. Also, this washer is super quiet especially during the spin cycle. …”

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GE Profile UltraFast Washer Dryer Combo Technology

The latest laundry appliance making waves in the industry is the GE Profile UltraFast combo washer and dryer. This 2-in-1 unit does the job of two machines while occupying a single footpring, meaning less time switching loads between washer and dryer, and more time getting back to the things you love. Wash and dry all in one appliance, relying on the power of innovation to take the wheel.

✔ We Recommend: GE Profile™ 4.8 Cu. Ft. Carbon Graphite Washer Dryer Combo

 Front view of the GE Profile PFQ97HSPVDS UltraFast washer dryer combo

Shop The GE Profile UltraFast Waher Dryer Combo

While it’s still fresh on the scene, the GE Profile one and done UltraFast washer dryer combo is already gaining fans for its convenient design. The top-selling feature? This all-in-one laundry appliances promises to take on large loads of laundry and have it washed, dried, and ready for you in about 2 hours. Simply load your washer and come back once the SmartHQ app notifies you of the cycle ending. Offering energy-saving properties with a ventless heat pump, and all the convenient GE features, this washer/dryer combo uses the power of innovation to improve every laundry day, from start to finish.

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The latest features in washing machines are designed to create a smoother, more efficient laundry day. While doing laundry is an unavoidable task, the burden can be lightened by incorporating these features into your laundry routine. At Don’s in Pittsburgh, PA, you can find all the latest washing machine features you could want with their large selection of washers. Whether it's smart pairing for complete control, steam cleaning for optimal sanitizing, or load customization with the 2-in-1 removable agitator, these features are built to make the dreaded chore of laundry something to look forward to, and thanks to Don’s, these features are just a phone call or visit away.

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