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8 Life-Improving Washer and Dryer Features

by Bill Welles

Often thought of as a necessary evil, laundry is typically everyone’s least favorite chore. From separating darks and lights to folding and hanging to stocking up on detergent, laundry is a multi-step process that many of us never seem to have the time or patience for.

And if your current washer or dryer is on the fritz, shopping for a new laundry pair can be even more unnerving. There are so many different brands, styles, and features available, so how do you know where to start?

You can choose between front-load or top-load, gas or electric, and even high-efficiency smart appliances. When narrowing your search for a new washer and dryer, you’ll want to think of the practical factors like size, price, and load capacity, but you’ll also want to consider the high-end features that will improve your life and make laundry day more bearable.

We're uncovering our list of the 8 best washer and dryer features available and advise you on which appliance models might best suit your needs.

mother and daughter doing laundry together

1. Separate Wash Cycles

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had a moment where the mound of clothes and towels on laundry day was just too overwhelming to handle. You've probably wished for more than one washer and dryer set so you can tackle more laundry at once. Luckily, the Samsung FlexWash Washer (WV60M9900AV) is equipped with two washers in one unit, allowing you to wash separate loads at the same time or independently.

With two individually controlled washers, you can even run two cycles with different wash settings so you can separate your bulky items from your delicate dress shirts. You can kill two birds with one stone while keeping every stitch, seam, and fabric type in great condition.

If you don’t like mixing fabric colors or throwing linens in the cycle with everyday garments, you have the power to decide how to clean and care for your laundry.

2. Interior Dryer Light

We can all relate to this story—we go to transfer or fold our laundry only to find that we’re missing the other sock to go with the pair. We search high and low, crouch down, and stick our heads in the dryer like we’re entering the portal to Narnia. No matter how hard you look, it seems at least one small item per load is always left behind.

Thankfully, we don’t need to bring a hard hat and a flashlight with us to the laundry room like we’re coal miners, the Bosch 500 Series Front Load Electric Dryer (WTG86401UC)  is equipped with an interior light in the dryer so you can make sure the bin is empty before making the trek upstairs to do the folding.

Beyond that, this model allows for greater control over your laundry with four temperature settings, 15 dry cycles, sensor-dry, anti-vibration sidewalls, and a space-saving stackable function if you’re doing laundry in tight quarters.

 Bosch product feature

3. Second Door for Forgotten Laundry Items

You just loaded the machine, poured in the detergent, and started the wash cycle. Now you can take a deep sigh of relief and get on with your day. But wait! As you turn the corner to head back into the living room, you spot a fallen t-shirt on the ground. You dive headfirst to care for this missing soldier and you rush the clothing item into the laundry room for further care.

What options are you left with? Throw the forgotten shirt in late and restart the cycle? Or wait to start a new cycle with one item, wasting water and extending the time spent doing chores?

This is no longer our fate. What we need is a small door for those second-chance items that didn’t make it into the wash the first time around. Oh, yeah—the Samsung Front Load Washer with AddWash (WF45K6500AV) eliminates the need to run a separate cycle or throw in an extra load of laundry. The AddWash door allows you to conveniently add in forgotten laundry after the cycle has begun, without starting all over again.

You don’t need to pause or stop the cycle; simply pop open the additional door and toss your missing item into the wash. The cycle will continue and your clothing will all be washed together in one cycle. And if you need to wash a full load fast, you can finish the cycle in just 36 minutes thanks to Super Speed. The combination of AddWash and Super Speed saves you time and energy with each cycle.

Whether you’re washing corduroy, denim, cotton, fleece, or polyester, our fabrics have always had our backs—it's time our washer had theirs.

 Samsung AddWash washer

4. Wrinkle-Reducing Steam Dry

It's always when you’re in a hurry to get out the door that your clothes end up with the most wrinkles. Or right when you get to work and you realize that the seatbelt is the culprit of that bacon-neck collar. If you aren’t fond of wearing a wrinkled mess out in public and don’t enjoy ironing (let’s be fair, no one does), a dryer with a wrinkle-reducing steam dry setting can eliminate unwanted folds and creases in your clothes. Plus, this unique cycle has the added health benefit of ridding away dust and allergens so you can breathe easily and look good doing it.

The Electrolux Perfect Steam Front Load Electric Dryer (EFME527UIW) with the LuxCare and Instant Dry systems protect fabrics by safely and fully drying clothes, removing wrinkles, and quickly refreshing items with steam in ten minutes. The Perfect Steam setting gently releases wrinkles and reduces static to keep clothes looking their best. The precise sensor protects your fabrics from over-drying, and it also helps to make sure you don’t have wet clothes left behind in the bin.

The 18-Minute Fast Dry allows you to dry the items you need most, and the Extended Tumble option gently tumbles your clothes without heat to keep them tangle-free—perfect for when you’re not around to remove clothes right after the cycle ends.

 Electrolux laundry room with laundry pair

5. Wi-Fi Connectivity for Worry-Free Laundry

We live in a connected world, and there’s nothing worse than feeling trapped at home while you wait to transfer the laundry; however, there are smart appliances available that allow you to monitor wash cycles remotely using a smartphone app so you never have to wait and listen for the machine to stop.

The LG Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Front Load Washer (WM4000HWA) uses the ThinQ App to control laundry remotely, provide customer care, and send maintenance tips and alerts. Additionally, this built-in intelligence eliminates the guesswork, selecting optimal wash or dry settings, and auto-selecting a compatible drying cycle once the wash cycle is complete.

If that’s not enough, you can clean full cycles in under 30 minutes with the Power Clean cycle. Five powerful jets spray clothes from multiple angles for a complete clean in less time than a traditional wash cycle.  

6. Sensor Dry

One of the worst parts of laundry is going to take your clothes out of the dryer only to discover they are still damp. That's where the LG White Front Load Electric Dryer (DLEX3900W) with Sensor Dry comes in with backup. The Sensor Dry system measures the moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time to ensure your laundry is dry every time. This sensor allows your dryer to operate using about 20 percent less energy than a typical dry setting—preventing additional wear and tear on your clothes and making an impact on your utility bills, your energy consumption, and the environment.

It isn’t only about adjusting dry times, either. Sometimes you’ll take your clothes out of the wash and discover there is still detergent residue on your fabrics. Your matching LG smart washer can automatically sense the needs of each cycle and set the optimal wash setting and water cycle to ensure your clothes are fully coated and submerged in water during the wash.

 matching LG laundry pair

7. Quiet and Gentle Operation

It can be tough to enjoy a little peace and quiet when your washer is swirling and thrashing around like a tsunami. The noise associated with your laundry appliances can really throw off the tranquil atmosphere we desire in our home. The GE White Top Load Washer (GTW725BSNWS) allows you to enjoy a quieter wash and reduces vibration thanks to innovative Dynamic Balancing Technology. It will prevent wet clothes from accumulating on one side of the bin during the wash cycle so your laundry room won’t shake or rattle.

This appliance also provides a quick wash for lightly soiled items that are needed in a hurry, and the dual-action agitator enables a reversing, powerful wash action that fully submerges your fabrics and breaks down any dust, dirt, or allergens.

Automatic dispensing provides flexibility for liquid detergent, powder detergent, detergent packs, fabric softener, and bleach by dispensing at the right time for the best results. The PODS Dispense setting provides a dedicated water jet that pierces the detergent pack while a shower of water activates the detergent for faster activation and increased cleaning power.

washer with clean stack of laundry on top

8. Self-Cleaning Wash Cycle

No one has ever complained about not having enough chores to do, so you may want to invest in a self-cleaning washer. The Samsung Platinum Front Load Washer (WF45R6100AP) keeps your washer fresh and clean with Self Clean+ technology, which eliminates 99% of bacteria that forms in the wash drum. This helps to keep the bin fresh and odor-free, and Self Clean+ features an alert system that will notify you every forty wash cycles when it is time for a cleaning.

This Samsung washer is a versatile appliance that can give your home a sleek and modern look. The shallow, closet-depth design can securely fit within your existing laundry space without sacrificing any capacity, and a new control panel design provides better visibility so it is easy to use even when part of a stacked laundry unit.

Standard Laundry Features

The flashy, high-tech features are what catches our attention, but you can’t forget the everyday features that make a big impact.


  • Temperature settings: Automatically adjust the hot and cold water as it enters the machine
  • Stain removal: A pre-soak or pre-wash cycle to help breakdown stains
  • Custom settings: Create your own favorite wash cycle
  • Automatic water levels: Sensors that can tell how full the machine is and adjusts the water accordingly
  • Sanitation cycle: Deep-clean cycle to remove allergens and bacteria


  • Moisture sensor: Sensors that can tell how damp the clothes are and adjust the drying time
  • Stainless steel drum: Stainless steel doesn’t absorb odors or discolor and it reduces the static cling in fabrics
  • Drying rack: Detachable racks inside the bin dry delicate items without running a tumble

Find the Right Features

When it’s time to shop for your new washer and dryer, look for the features you need to simplify your laundry routine and simplify your life. Our team of industry experts at Don’s appliances are always here to answer any questions and guide you through our entire collection of laundry appliances. Chat with us online, give us a call, or visit one of our showrooms today.