Finding the Right Style for Your Space

by Waverly Wilde

Your kitchen plays a vital role in your home. It’s a place where your family congregates to eat and have discussions. It’s a place that transports you to faraway countries where you learn new ways to cook and explore exotic foods from different cultures. It’s a place that tests patience and inspires creativity. It’s what we consider to be the heart of your household, and its ambiance greatly affects everyone who enters. But as with fashion, kitchen trends evolve.  From the finish of your appliances to the colors on your wall, the details of your kitchen can begin to feel dated and in need of a little renovation

Implementing current trends doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or a new light fixture.  For bigger budgets, upgrading appliances can add freshness as well as an additional convenience.   

But if you are someone who likes to go all out, following a currently trendy kitchen style (Traditional, Modern, Scandinavian, Transitional, Rustic & Country, Tuscan, and Contemporary) could be the route you want to take.

Whether you’re looking at finding something new to drastically change your kitchen or just want a subtle update to match your current culinary style, you need to remember, it’s YOUR kitchen. Learn about these popular trends and styles to help you on your way to achieving your ideal kitchen aesthetic and staying ahead of the curve.



When you hear the word “traditional,” you may be thinking outdated, but this style – when applied to a kitchen – is anything but old-fashioned. The Traditional style is all about being classic without being ancient, and natural without being woodsy; in a way, it’s probably the most common and simple kind of kitchen setup out there. Designer and owner of Drury Designs, Gail Drury, says this trend is a “very general term that encompasses many styles and doesn’t lean real heavy in any one direction.”

Most people’s kitchens fall under the Traditional style because this design is open to all kinds of interpretations. It is not defined by a time period but clearly takes the “mix and match” mantra to the next level. One thing’s for sure though, you’ll always get a warm and welcoming feeling when in the presence of a Traditional kitchen.

Appliance Trends in a Traditional Kitchen

You can never go wrong with Thermador stainless steel appliances. The Traditional trend is very open and encompasses other appliance finishes as well, but stainless steel keeps it simple so more of the attention is directed towards your kitchen’s other fabulous features.

Keep your kitchen cozy by sticking to Traditional styling.


Modern or Mid-Century Modern

Ready for a history lesson? Modern style has deep roots beginning roughly around the mid-1930s to mid-1960s. At the time it was a fresh new style, but nearly 60 years later its popularity has remained strong. While Modern style does reference an older time period, it also incorporates newer elements that make it appear to be a recent design. For example, you’ll find both organic materials and man-made materials mixed together in this style: a table with wood legs and plexiglass surface or a wicker chair with hairpin legs. You get the point.

Another significant characteristic of Modern is the use of color – which we will go over later – but it’s important to point out that a bold accent color is incredibly prominent.

If you find yourself a lover of “Mad Men” and intertwining classic styles with newer ones in a deft way, this trend is the one you’ll want to follow.

Appliances You’d See in a Modern Kitchen

Almost any kitchen appliance finish could work with Mid-Century Modern, but if you want to make this style really proud, you need to add that pop of color. Keep all your appliances the same finish, but then choose one special appliance, such as your range, and make it a bold color. Don’t be afraid to use vivid colors, since they’ll really stand out in a kitchen that is mostly sticking to neutrals.

If you are looking for a sleek look with a hint of vintage, Mid-Century Modern is your go-to style.



Functional, minimal, and simplistic, the Scandinavian style is characterized by clean lines. The illusion of wide-open spaces and large windows to bring in a lot of light as well as the use of organic materials play a significant part in the Scandinavian aesthetic.

You may be wondering, what’s the difference between Scandinavian and Modern styles, and the answer is pretty basic. Mid-Century Modern plays off a time period, never letting you forget the details from an earlier era. That and the absence of a color pop, are really the only differences. Unless the color is a blue hue, you normally won’t find anything other than neutrals in a Scandinavian kitchen.

Appliances You’d See in a Scandinavian Kitchen

While Scandinavian kitchens rarely use bright colors, that doesn’t mean they can’t be bold. Stainless steel or white finishes on appliances are the standards, but if you’re looking to make a stronger statement try appliances with a slate finish. The color isn’t as bold as a black finish, but still stands out from the norm.

If you are wanting less clutter in your life, the Scandinavian style might be the right choice. This simple, functional style brings a relaxed feel to the kitchen.



Somewhere between Traditional and Modern, the Transitional style combines the two to create a minimalist yet cozy setting. Sounds like an odd mixture, right? Somehow, it works.

Industrial Designer, Fred Puksta states, “Specifically, the style may reference details from the past, but there must be something new that makes it fresh and updated.”

Appliances You’d See in a Transitional Kitchen

Because you’re combining the old with the new, you have a chance to get really creative here. Check out black stainless steel appliances for a more modern look, or stick to classic stainless steel.

Mix your love of the old and the new together with the help of Don’s!


Rustic & Country

If you’re thrifty and love repurposing old furniture, you’ll love for the Rustic and Country styles. While these are usually considered as two separate styles, they are quite similar and share many of the same themes and motifs. Both have a fondness for the countryside, wood characteristics and antique details, making these kitchen styles very charming.

Appliances You’d See in a Rustic & Country Kitchen

Rustic and Country kitchens can work with almost any appliance finish. From white to stainless steel, you can’t go wrong. But one method that is preferred in the Rustic/Country style is using paneled doors to cover your refrigerator or even your dishwasher, so it’s hidden. This seamless style gives a clean yet woodsy look.

Get help living like you’re in the country with Don’s by your side.



Escape to Italy’s wine country in your very own kitchen with the help of Tuscan style. This layout shares many elements with the Rustic style, but with a somewhat more elegant and relaxed vibe. If you’re a wine lover, or just a lover of Italian and Mediterranean architecture, then this is the style for you.

Appliances You’d See in a Tuscan Kitchen

Kitchen appliances in a Tuscan kitchen are usually stainless steel, but other finishes are sometimes incorporated. We especially like the stainless steel with a matte finish because it gives the impression of stone, making it almost feel like you’re cooking in a wine cellar.

And speaking of wine, no Tuscan kitchen is complete without a Thermador undercounter wine fridge!



If you are searching for a style that is all about being in the now, contemporary is the one you’ve been looking for. While this is a style that is constantly changing, there are a few constants: sleek, open, stark features, and usually very simplified. If it feels like you’re standing in more of a lab than a kitchen, then you’re heading in the right direction.

Appliances You’d See in a Contemporary Kitchen

One of the biggest trends of this century is using highly advanced technology in the kitchen. That’s right – AI has been incorporated into almost all major appliances, serving you coffee the way you like, allowing you to watch videos on your refrigerator, and so much more. If your kitchen looks anything like the one from “The Jetsons,” you’re doing something right. Add intelligent appliances to your kitchen to make it completely up to date with the times.

But the recent trend is not just about robots making your kitchen smart, it’s also about scientific and ergonomic improvements. From induction cooking to convection ovens, your food can be made faster and with more precision.

Contemporary will always reflect a clean and sleek aesthetic, even though it’s constantly changing with the times. If you are someone who likes to fix up their kitchen often and stay up to date with fashion, contemporary is the style for you.


It’s not easy putting together a kitchen with style. There are so many details, it’s easy to get lost. Here at Don’s Appliances, it’s our goal to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Together with the help of Thermador appliances, we can discover your goals and make your perfect kitchen a reality! Stop by our store or click here to learn more about our Thermador Ultimate Gift with Purchase promotion we have going on until December 31!