Four ways to Prepare for your Appliance Delivery & Installation

by Samantha Tobin

common appliance delivery problems

In a perfect world, every delivery and installation of appliances would go smooth and perfect every time. The appliance will fit perfectly in its spot, no dented appliances, and cleanup is a breeze. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time. There is a chance that there might be an issue during an installation or delivery. Some of the reasons included miscommunication between the customer and salesperson, inaccurate measurements, damaged appliances, and not having a clear pathway for the Delivery and Installation employees. Here are some tips to prevent problems with deliveries and installations.

Communication with your Sales Associate

One problem that customers have with the installation and delivery of their appliances is caused by miscommunication. At the time of sale, the salesperson and the customer need to discuss specific details about the delivery that, if overlooked, could potentially add on significant time to the delivery and installation job (i.e. second floor delivery, relocation of refrigerators, venting relocation) For example, if the customer is buying a set of laundry that needs to be installed on the second floor of the house this needs to be known ahead of time. When the dispatching department is scheduling deliveries, they have to figure out how long each job will take. If they are installing a laundry set on the second floor that isn’t known about, this will add an extra hour to the job. Then, this will cause the next scheduled deliveries to be delayed. If this situation is known ahead of time, it will make the delivery go smoothly.

Taking the Proper Measurements

Another problem that happens during an installation is the appliance not fitting properly. If a customer isn't educated on appliance options, they are likely unaware of how many size and specification options there are in appliances! Typically when getting a new wall oven, cooktop, or even a refrigerator, it will need some sort of modification. If the appliance will fit but will require some modification, it is best to know ahead of time. An example is a replacement cooktop. Cooktops come in all difference cut out sizes. If the customer is replacing their 30” cooktop with a new 30” cooktop, it is not as easy as it sounds. The installation team may have to modify the countertop or have to make a filler piece for it to sit on. Knowing this ahead of team will prepare the install team so they have the materials they need and they know what to expect.

If the customer is unsure about the measurements, it’s best to have knowledgeable employee come out and measure for them. Having a specialist come out to double check the specs is always a great idea. This will ensure that the correct people are sent to do the job. Don’s Appliances offers a measure job and the employee will do the measurements for the customer to ensure that everything will fit correctly. This will help make sure that the appliance will fit and the customer will be satisfied with their installation. The last thing a customer wants to hear is that the installation department as to come back to their home since they did not bring the correct tools or have the right people for the job.

A Head's up about Damaged Appliances

A third problem that happens during delivery is damaged appliances. Sometimes the appliance that the customer orders may have been damaged in transit to us. The box may look completely fine, but inside is a damaged appliance. Unfortunately, there are times where the installation and delivery team damages the appliance while installing it at the customer’s house. The installation team knows to be extremely careful with the appliance, but sometimes accidents happen. No customer wants to see a damaged appliance show up. This does not happen often, but there always is a possibility that it could.

Unfortunately, there is not much the customer can do to avoid this. Don’s Appliances would never take the product to the customer’s house if we knew that the appliance was dented. Some customers may prefer to have their appliances opened at the warehouse before they are delivered, but that is not the best idea. It is not the best decision to unbox the appliances before going to the customer’s house because that will increase the chances of damaging them. Once the appliance leaves the manufactures, it is packaged tightly. If unboxed, there is a risk that it can get damaged going onto the truck or getting unloaded at the customer’s house. If the appliance is damaged once delivered, the customer will have to wait it out until their new appliance is ordered.

Preparing your Home

A fourth problem that happens is the customer not having their home prepared for the delivery team. If they will have to go through the family room and there is big furniture in the way, the customer should have it moved ahead of time. This rule especially goes into effect in the winter. The customer will want to make sure that the driveway and steps are shoveled before their Delivery and Installation team arrives. It is not easy, nor safe, to dolly a 25 cu ft. refrigerator through six inches of snow.

The customer can avoid this by preparing the space before they go out to their home. Having an open space for the installers to work will make this process go faster. In the winter time, it is best to shovel a pathway before the installers plan to come. If the customer does not have an open pathway cleared inside or outside, this will delay the delivery process. It is suggested to be prepared so there are no delays.

Being aware of possible set backs during the Delivery and Installation and taking proper measurements to minimize the likelihood of issues will make this process more seamless for our customers and employees!