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    Up close view of the Napoleon Prestige PRO Series PRO665RSIBNSS-3 freestanding grill

    Are you looking for luxury outdoor kitchen appliances? Let us introduce you to Napoleon, a giant in the grilling industry for many different reasons. This brand offers a wide array of freestanding and built-in grills, from gas, and electric, to portable and charcoal grills. In this grill guide, we are going to take a deep dive into the Napoleon brand by looking at different features that make up their grills, as well as what types of grills they make, Napoleon gas grill reviews, and much more. Follow along!

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    The Napoleon Brand

    Napoleon is a Canadian grilling manufacturer that has become a well-known and respected brand in the grilling industry for creating impeccable outdoor kitchen appliances. The original innovations began in 1976 with stoves and fireplace inserts, and then in 1995, Napoleon went on to make their now famous industry-leading grills. Through the years, Napoleon has been recognized for their incredible manufacturing skills, positive customer reviews for performance and durability, and many awards like the Vesta Awards by HPBExpo, Consumer Digest’s Best Buy, Canadian Business Excellence Awards, and much more.

    Napoleon grills cater to a wide range of consumers, creating everything from charcoal grills, electric grills, gas, or even portable grills, with price ranges that are easily affordable to many budgets. While their prices are slightly above entry-level brands, Napoleon’s high end grills still have a great deal to offer for a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. 

    Napoleon Grill Features

    Napoleon Grills are known for many different things, from innovative design to durable construction. We’re going to take a quick look at what some staple features Napoleon grills offer that BBQ enthusiasts will be excited about.

    Multiple Cooking Zones

    One of the best things about Napoleon grills is the multiple cooking zones offered on certain models. These cooking zones allow for various temperature settings and flexible cooking options, meaning grillers an go from high-temp searing to low and slow cooking for roasts, ribs, and more.

    Rotisserie Kits

    Up close view of the rotisserie attachment on the Napoleon Prestige Series P500RSIBPSS-3 grill

    Some of the larger Napoleon grills come with rotisserie kits, which allow homeowners to create succulent, rotisserie-style meats right from their backyard.

    Stainless Steel Construction

    The steel used on Napoleon grills is proven to provide durability and resistance against corrosion and weather damage, making it a worthwhile grill that is easy to maintain to enjoy season after season.

    Infrared Technology

    Up close view of the infrared burner on the Napoleon Prestige Series P500RSIBPSS-3 grill

    One thing that luxury grills are known for is the intense, fast heat that they provide, and that doesn’t fall short when it comes to Napoleon grills. Napoleon was one of the first brands to introduce infrared grills to the industry, so you can trust they are well-versed in all things intense, powerful heat.

    Grill Accessories

    With Napoleon grills, you always have the option of add-ons like smoke boxes, pizza stones, griddles, grill brushes, covers, and so much more. It’s a simple way to step up your grilling game and do more in your outside kitchen.

    Napoleon Grill Series

    Napoleon has created several different series of grills, like the famous Napoleon Prestige Series they are so well-known for, each coming with unique features and technology. Here’s what each grill line offers.

    Napoleon Rogue Grills

    There are three different Rogue series that Napoleon offers: Rogue, Rogue SE, and Rogue XT. All the Rogue grills are gas grills and come with various temperature and burner options to fit your needs. You’ll find other features like an Infrared Sizzle Burner, folding side shelves, and backlit control knobs when looking at the different Rogue Series grills.

    Napoleon Prestige Grills

    Napoleon Prestige grills and Prestige PRO grills are considered their more luxurious options, equipped with higher temperature settings, larger cooking capacities, night light control knobs, Wave Cooking Grids, and a wood chips smoker tray. Napoleon Prestige PRO series grills offer larger cooking capacities than the standard Prestige Series grills, along with stronger temperature settings, and luxurious features. Both the Prestige and Prestige PRO Series come with built-in options as well, which are perfect for the avid outdoor enthusiast looking to add a professional touch to their outdoor kitchen.

    Napoleon Phantom Grills

    The Phantom Series grills by Napoleon are sleek, modern grill setups with beautiful matte black finishes and backlit control knobs. You’ll find incredible features like multifunctional grilling racks, Iconic Wave Cooking Grids, and much more.

    Napoleon Freestyle Grills

    Freestyle Series grills come in beautiful gray stainless steel, giving them a truly timeless look that fits perfectly into any backyard setting. Within the Freestyle Series grills, you’ll find Porcelain Enameled Sear Plates, Iconic Wave Grids, and Cross Over Lighting. With smaller profiles, these are great grill options for apartment tenants or porch grillers.

    Napoleon 500 Series Grills

    Napoleon 500 Series grills are another built-in option that is ideal for creating a stylish outdoor kitchen, with incredible features like 48K-BTU heat output, Iconic WAVE Cooking Grids, and five different burners for cooking versatility.

    Napoleon 700 Series Grills

    The Napoleon 700 Series grills are built-in models that offer a luxury experience with durable performance. You’ll find cooking capacities of up to eight burners with a whopping 108K total BTU output, Night Light control knobs, and integrated storage for the Rotisserie Kit. If you’re looking to splurge on a grill, we highly recommend exploring the Napoleon 700 Series lineup!

    Napoleon TravelQ Grills

    Napoleon can appreciate the finer things in life, like a good tailgate or a perfect campsite. So, they created portable BBQ grills for anyone who loves to take their cooking skills on the go, equipping them with features like ergonomic control knobs, folding legs for easy storage, ACCU-Probe Temperature Gauge, and Iconic Wave Cooking Grids.

    Napoleon Charcoal Grills

    Napoleon offers four different charcoal grill models, ranging from full-size freestanding grills to portable kettle grills. Each grill has its unique features, temperature capabilities, and cooking capacities, but one thing that encompasses all Napoleon charcoal grills is that they are built with exquisite design and functionality. Napoleon charcoal grills run between $180–$1,800.

    Napoleon Electric Grills

    Napoleon currently has one model of an electric grill, which is the TRAVELQ PRO 285E, a high-end end portable electric grill that runs about $400. Napoleon is looking to release a new line of electric grills called Rogue EQ 365 and Rogue EQ 425/525, which will come with a 7-inch digital control screen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controls, and versatile cooking modes from smoke, grill, cook, or roast.

    Napoleon Portable Grills

    If you’re looking for a versatile grilling option for on-the-go, then look no further than Napoleon’s line of portable grills. These grills range from $230–$400 and are a perfect option for the avid outdoor enthusiast. You can find anything from full-size grilling options to compact grilling on two burners, folding legs, Iconic Wave Cooking Grids, and much more.

    Napoleon Gas Grills

    Napoleon’s gas grills are by far their largest line of grills, with seven different series encompassing this line, plus four Napoleon built in gas grill options. For the freestanding models, you can expect to spend between $550–$5,300, depending on the make and model you choose. For built-in gas grills by Napoleon, prices start around $450 and range anywhere up to $4,500.

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    ,Our Top Napoleon Gas Grills

    Napoleon gas grills are exciting products to use, and we’re sure fanatics of cooking on a live flame will approve of the lineup. Here are a few models our appliance experts think every griller should consider.

    Napoleon Freestyle Graphite Gray Freestanding Grill

     Front view of the Napoleon Freestyle F365DPGT grill

    Shop This Napoleon Freestyle Grill

    Cook up the perfect steak, lamb, seafood, chicken, and more on this Napoleon Freestyle freestanding grill featured in a gorgeous gray finish. Everything you need to throw down on the grill is here, including the Iconic Wave Cooking Grids is coated in porcelain to resist rust and wear, ensuring longevity to your cooking game for years to come. Freestyle has a way of meeting every need, from rugged, all-terrain wheels, to integrated tool hooks, it has everything you need to make your cook stand out from the rest.

    Napoleon Prestige® Series 67" Stainless Steel Free Standing Grill

     Front view of the Napoleon Prestige series P500RSIBPSS-3 freestanding gas grill

    Shop This Napoleon Prestige Grill

    Your perfect grill is only moments away with the Napoleon Prestige Series 67" gas grill. Offering users eight unique cooking styles, this grill shows versatility who is boss, with a capacity of up to 30 burgers on the main grill, as well as an additional eight more on the side burner. The Instant Jetfire Ignition makes firing up your grill swift and easy, while the Accu-Probe temperature gauge ensures the perfect cook every time.

    Featured Customer Napoleon P500RSIBPSS-3 review: The grill is has been extremely nice to cook on. There seem to be very few hot and cold areas on the cooking surface as I grill. I really enjoy the searing area for steaks as well. Of all of the grills I've owned in the past this grill has surpassed all of them.”

    Napoleon Prestige PRO™ Series 77" Stainless Steel Free Standing Grill

     Front view of the Napoleon Prestige PRO Series PRO665RSIBNSS-3 gas grill

    Shop This Napoleon Gas Grill

    The Napoleon Prestige PRO Series 77" gas grill takes barbecuing to the next level with incredible features like Interior Grill Lights, an integrated ice bucket and cutting board, a rear infrared rotisserie, and more. We also like how the built-in smoker tray allows you to incorporate that succulent smoke flavor into any of your favorite dishes. Not only does this grill create the perfect sear with dual-level sear plates, but it also has a high-end look unmatched by its competitors with a stainless steel body, proximity lighting display, and RGB Spectrum Night Light Knobs.

    Featured Napoleon PRO665RSIBNSS-3 review: “Bought this grill in 2020 and I wish I had done so sooner. 3rd season with grill and it's still top notch. Even heat distribution, easy to maintain. It's fabulous.”

    Our Top Napoleon Charcoal Grills

    Charcoal and gas grills are often known as the “Great Debate”, but Napoleon creates incredible grills in both categories. Take a look at some of our favorite Napoleon charcoal grills.

    Napoleon Pro Charcoal Kettle Grill-Black

     Front view of the Napoleon Pro PRO22K-LEG-2 kettle grill

    Shop This Napoleon Kettle Grill

    Don’t let the compact design of the Napoleon Pro kettle grill fool you. This grill can hold up to 23 hamburgers at one time and cook them to perfection on the Iconic Wave Cooking Grids best known to Napoleon Grills. Bigger doesn’t always mean better, and with an improved PRO Air Control system, hinged lid, Accu-Probe temperature gauge, and a heavy gauge black porcelain lid, this grill proves it. If you want a small, compact grill for your outdoor space, then this is the one for you!

    Featured Napoleon PRO22K-LEG-2 review: Even if you are a beginner, the flavour will be accomplished if you have a Napoleon by your side! Excellent quality, Napoleon will make YOU shine like a star. So good, we already bought a second one!”

    Napoleon® Free Standing Charcoal Grill-Stainless Steel

     Front view of the Napoleon freestanding PRO605CSS charcoal grill

    Shop This Napoleon Charcoal Grill<

    If you love the thought of traditional charcoal grill cooking, but the look of commercial-style grills, then check out this Napoleon freestanding charcoal grill. The large 845 sq. in. cooking space is great for feeding a crowd, along with a space-saving Lift Ease roll top lid. Do everything on this grill from slow roasting to smoking thanks to the temperature-controlling air vents.

    Featured Napoleon PRO605CSS review: “I love this BBQ. Huge cooking area, well built, adjustable coal bed, worth the money. I did a 30lb pig on the rotisserie no problem. I usually do two chickens at a time, but could easily do 3.”

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