The Differences Between Miele, JennAir and Bosch Built-In Coffee

by Tim Fitzgerald

For someone who loves coffee there are more options today than ever for enjoying coffee shop quality drinks at home. Many consumers have counter top coffee makers that, although convenient, produce a less than desirable cup of coffee while taking up a large footprint on the countertop. Some of the best appliance manufacturers have taken advantage of a lack of good home coffee makers, and have created machines that can install in the consumer’s cabinetry, freeing up valuable countertop space while integrating seamlessly into the kitchen. Three of the best built in coffee makers are the JennAir JBC7624BS, the Bosch BCM8450UC and the Miele CVA6805SS. There are some differences between the 3 machines which we will compare.

The Differences between Miele, JennAir and Bosch Built-In Coffee

The JennAir JBC7624BS is the most basic of the three machines in terms of what it offers, and is consequently the least expensive of the three. It offers a grinder with adjustable grind settings, a removable brewing unit for easy cleaning, dual boiler unit to ensure proper extraction temperature, coffee or espresso brewing as well as hot water dispensing for those who prefer tea, and a Frothing System with Integrated Milk Container.

The Differences between Miele, JennAir and Bosch Built-In Coffee

The Bosch BCM8450UC retains some functionality of the Jenn Air while expanding on the easy of usability and features. It has a gorgeous full color display and a wheel that makes selecting your drink incredibly easy. Bosch has added the “My Favorites” setting which allows the storing of different custom programmed drink options for quick recall. The best feature of the new Bosch coffee maker is the addition of Wi-Fi capabilities via the “Bosch Home Connect” app which can be integrated with Amazon’s Alexa. Imagine waking up and calling out your favorite drink from the comfort of your bed instead of fumbling around with a coffee maker while half asleep. This machine is like having your own personal Barista in your home. Of the three machines, this is the most advance in terms of usability.

The Differences between Miele, JennAir and Bosch Built-In Coffee

The Miele CVA6805SS is fantastic machine as well. It is the most expensive of the three and although it lacks the wi-fi functionality and ease of use of the Bosch, it makes up for it with its ability to have a water line plumbed directly to it. Both the Jenn Air and Bosch machines require the end user to fill up a reservoir with water, the Miele can be plumbed which reduces the amount of effort it takes to get your coffee in the morning.

All three of these machines are excellent options that will impress your guests while freeing up space on the countertop and time spent making your coffee. Come in to your nearest Don’s Appliances if you would like to find out which machine is right for you.