The Features of Wolf and Lynx Grills

by Maria Sherman

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The Lynx grill offers many different accessories to add to your outdoor kitchen! From refrigeration to drink storage, Lynx truly has thought of it all. You can customize your outdoor bar and grill area to fit the needs and design of your space. Lynx offers a one of a kind outdoor pizza grill that heats to 700 degrees and has a large cooking surface of 400 square inches. Another option would be the double side burner with a built in cutting board. The burners offer 15,000 BTU and it has the convenience of the cutting board built in. The grill heads offer high BTU burners, a rotisserie and a Trident burner for searing. All of this and so much more is available to customize your outdoor grilling needs with Lynx.

In comparison, the Wolf grills offer similar BTU's and have many of the same features. With the Wolf outdoor grilling, you can add a side burner to the configuration in addition to storage drawers. Wolf offers multiple cart configurations for its outdoor grills. The carts range from 36 inches to 42 inches. The grill heads are made of weather resistant stainless steel, and the carts offer sides that fold down as well as drawers for storage or warming. You can customize the look of your outdoor grill area by adding a side burner for the cart. This burner has 24,000 BTU and works just like the burner on a range.

While either brand would be a great addition to an outdoor living space, there are far more customization options with the Lynx over the Wolf.