4 Door Refrigerators: Benefits + Top Picks

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    The Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ 4-door refrigerator in a modern kitchen

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    What is a 4 Door Refrigerator?

    Benefits of 4 Door Refrigerators

    Our Best 4 Door Refrigerators


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    The refrigerator—it’s seen its fair share of designs over the years, and manufacturers continue to come up with new concepts. Not every idea is successful, but then there are refrigerator layouts like 4 door refrigerators, which offer a solution to some of the most common problems homeowners have when it comes to food storage. To explore what’s new in refrigeration, give this guide a read where we’ll give you all the details on 4-door refrigerators, including a look at a few of our favorite models.

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    What is a 4 Door Refrigerator?

    A 4 Door Refrigerator is a fridge that offers, as the name suggests, four different compartments to access both the fridge and freezer sections. The two doors on top open to the refrigerator section, while the two doors on the bottom open to the freezer section, hence the nickname “quad door refrigerator”.

    How Do 4 Door Refrigerators Compare?

    Quad door fridges tend to be more expensive than other refrigerator styles, including traditional French door refrigerators, and other popular refrigerator styles. Bottom and top freezer refrigerators only have one door that accesses the refrigerator section, and a door or drawer that accesses the freezer section, and side by side refrigerators have two vertical doors from the top to the bottom of the unit, one that opens to the refrigerator section, and the other that opens to a freezer section. Comparing traditional French door Refrigerators and quad door refrigerators, the biggest difference is the double door access to the freezer section, whereas normal French door refrigerators have a drawer that accesses the freezer compartment.

    Benefits of 4 Door Refrigerators

     A woman placing a tray of cookie dough into the KitchenAid KRQC506MPS 4-door refrigerator

    It’s easy to assume 4 door refrigerators are heavy on aesthetics, but the unique layout also comes with a few perks. Here are our top reasons we like 4 door refrigerators.

    More Organization

    4 door fridges offer optimal organization for homeowners by providing separate containers, drawers, and spaces to keep a variety of food products, including meats, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and beverages. If you’re searching for the best refrigerator for organization, then a quad-door refrigerator is a strong contender.

    Energy Efficiency

    Another benefit of 4 door refrigerators is the increased energy efficiency. Because of the multiple doors and compartments, you can easily open one compartment or door without having to open the entire refrigerator, preventing the loss of cold air.

    Reduced Food Waste

    Because of the optimal storage choices in a 4 door refrigerator, there is a decreased chance of food waste. With the dedicated storage compartments, you can easily see everything you have stored in your fridge, meaning you are less likely to let your foods go bad. 


    Looking for a new style refrigerator that will give your kitchen space an elevated, modern look? Consider 4 door refrigerators! The elegant symmetry offered by the French door design with two vertical doors creates a seamless, put-together look in your space. The exterior of 4 door refrigerators is often flat, with clean surfaces that give off a minimalistic appeal, while the interior of 4 door refrigerators has customizable shelves, LED lighting, and built-in ice and water dispensers.

    2-in-1 Design

    If you’ve ever been stuck between wanting the look of both a French door refrigerator and a side by side refrigerator, then consider a 4-door refrigerator your solution. With four door refrigerators, you can now enjoy both a French door and side by side design, without having to choose between the two configurations.

    Narrow Doors

    4 door refrigerators have slim, narrow doors that are often referred to as “counter-depth”. Because of the smaller design, 4 door refrigerators not only fit great in bigger kitchen spaces but smaller kitchen spaces as well. Narrow doors mean less interference in the flow of your kitchen when the doors are open.

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    Our Best 4 Door Refrigerators


    KitchenAid® 19.4 Cu. Ft. PrintShield™ Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator


    Front view of the KitchenAid KRQC506MPS 4-door refrigerator

    Shop This KitchenAid 4 Door Refrigerator

    This KitchenAid 4 door refrigerator offers a French door configuration on the top, with a side by ide style freezer compartment on the bottom. Enjoy a custom freeze zone that can store foods at 0ׄ°, 10°, or 19°F, making a perfect place to store a variety of delectable treats. Easily store party trays and other platters on the sliding storage trays, which are conveniently finished in a stain-resistant finish and can be fully removed for easy cleaning. 

    Beko 19.8 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Free Stainless Steel French 4 Door Refrigerator


    Front view of the Beko BFFD3626SS 4 door refrigerator

    Shop This Beko 4 Door Refrigerator

    Food freshness has never been easier with this Beko 4 door refrigerator, which features optimum temperature management through its EverFresh+ technology, proven to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher for up to three times a standard refrigerator. With the help of Ion Guard Technology and an Active Fresh Blue Light System, you will enjoy fresh food for longer. This beautiful stainless steel 4 door refrigerator offers everything you need for an extraordinary kitchen experience.

    Featured Beko BFFD3626SS review: This refrigerator is amazing in all ways. I love the convertible bottom right! Noise is acceptable adjustments are easy and doors swing great.”

    Whirlpool® 19.4 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Metallic Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

    Front view of the Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ 4-door refrigerator

    Shop This Whirlpool 4 Door Refrigerator

    If you’re searching for the best 4 door counter depth refrigerator for your kitchen, then consider this Whirlpool 4 door refrigerator. The fingerprint-resistant metallic steel keeps your refrigerator free of unwanted fingerprint marks, while the inside offers flexible organization spaces through easy-to-reach refrigerator shelves, a divided ice bin, pull-out freezer shelves, and gallon door bins. Rest assured your fresh produce and frozen goods are covered with TotalCoverage cooling technology, keeping your favorite foods fresher for longer.

    Featured Whirlpool WRQA59CNKZ review: We wanted to get a French door refrigerator but weren't too excited about the drawer style freezer. When we saw this one I knew we had found what we were looking for. Freezer shelves that pull out? Brilliant! We love the 4 doors and the counter depth style. I know it's an illusion but our kitchen actually looks bigger now because of it. Couldn't be more pleased with the style and ease of getting things in and out of the fridge. Thank you Whirlpool for coming up with such a stylish and more functional appliance!”

    Café™ 27.4 Cu. Ft. Platinum Glass Smart French Door Refrigerator

     Front view of the Café CQE28DM5NS5 4-door refrigerator

    Shop This Cafe 4 Door Refrigerator

    When it comes to trendy designs, Café is one of the top names in the business. Case in point, this Cafe quad door refrigerator that’s sleek from the inside out. From the Platinum glass finish, and thoughtful craftsmanship on the bins and shelves, to the interior LED light wall, this fridge is sure to elevate any kitchen. Offering over 27 cubic feet of storage, this smart 4-door refrigerator has more than enough room for everyone’s favorites—and then some!

    Featured Café CQE28DM5NS5 review: This refrigerator is a little smaller in capacity than our last one but we seem to have a lot more room due to the doors and organization. It's looks great inside and out, and has good communications with the app for controls and alerts. The freezer section layout is great for organization. I highly recommend it!”

    Fisher & Paykel Series 7 19.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

     Front view of the Fisher & Paykel RF203QDUVX1 4-door refrigerator

    Shop This Fisher & Paykel 4 Door Refrigerator

    Smart refrigerators make it easy to stay in the know with your food and energy use, and that’s exactly what this Fisher Paykel 4 door refrigerator does. Featuring Wi-Fi technology with ActiveSmart Food Care, which learns and understands how you use your fridge, this fridge automatically adjusts temperatures, airflow, and humidity controls as necessary. Choose how you store your foods with Fisher and Paykel’s variable temperature zones, which allows you to turn the bottom right freezer section into a refrigerator, making more use of your storage capabilities.

    Featured Fisher & Paykel RF203QDUVX1 review: We love our Quad Door Refrigerator Freezer for its sleek lines and versatility. We like that it is counter depth and doesn't protrude into the kitchen like our previous fridge did. Being counter depth also means that items don't get lost in the back as often and there is lots of door shelving. The flex quad is great for our changing needs.”

    Frigidaire Gallery® 21.5 Cu. Ft. Smudge-Proof® Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

     Front view of the Frigidaire Gallery GRQC2255BF 4-door refrigerator

    Shop This Frigidaire Gallery 4-Door Refrigerator

    Customization at its finest, this Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator 4 door setup gives you the ultimate storage abilities with the SpaceWise Organization System, which offers adjustable shelving, expandable door bins, and even a shelf that can be converted as a built-in wine rack. The TwinTech Cooling System prevents warm spots and freezer burn, by regulating temperature and airflow in both the fridge and freezer compartments. We also like the OpenAccess door, a clever way to retrieve up to 75% of contents from a single area, saving time and energy.

    Featured Frigidaire Gallery GRQC2255BF review: We are very happy with the fridge. The no handle split door makes it much easier to navigate our kitchen. The flex section is great for expanding the fridge capacity.”

    Dacor® Contemporary 23.5 Cu. Ft. Panel Ready Four Door French Door Refrigerator

     Front view of the Dacor DRF427500AP 4-door refrigerator

    Shop This Dacor 4-Door Refrigerator

    Luxury meets performance with the Dacor 4 door refrigerator. Its panel-ready design makes it easy to integrate into any kitchen space, with sleek touch controls that allow you to customize its cooling abilities. This refrigerator also features a built-in water dispenser and an Open-Door alarm, plus a triple cooling system and RemoteView cameras that let users see contents inside from a connected smart device, making grocery shopping a little simpler.

    Samsung Bespoke 29.0 Cu. Ft. White Glass French Door Refrigerator

     Front view of the Samsung RF29A967512 4-door refrigerator

    Shop This Samsung 4-Door Refrigerator<

    This beautiful Samsung 4 door refrigerator come from one of the hottest lines on the market today. With 29 cubic feet of capacity, this refrigerator makes a perfect option for large families or households that frequently bulk buy. This Samsung 4 door refrigerator reviews attest to its usability, function, and versatility. Its sleek, modern design is accentuated through the beautiful White Glass finish, making it stand out in your kitchen. Enjoy maximum flexibility with features like the Beverage Center, FlexZone, Dual Ice Maker, and FlexCrisper Drawer.

    Featured Samsung RF29A967512 review: I love the interior lighting, the space, and the beverage center! I love having a refillable water pitcher and a hidden water dispenser where I can actually fit my kid's water bottle under without making a mess and spilling water everywhere. The design is very sleek and modern with 4 doors, cleans easily, and it was a great price compared to others. I highly recommend this fridge to others who are looking to buy.”

    4 door refrigerators are a great way to incorporate style, organization, and functionality into your kitchen space. If you want the look of a side-by-side refrigerator but are also drawn towards French door fridges as well, then a 4 door refrigerator is perfect for you. At Don’s, we have a large range of 4 door refrigerators for you to choose from, ensuring you find exactly what you are looking for. Looking for something other than a 4 door refrigerator? No worries, we’ve got you covered with a variety of refrigeration options, no matter your desired style or budget. Shop online or visit one of our Pittsburgh appliance stores today!


    What is a 4 door refrigerator?

    A 4 door refrigerator is a style refrigerator that has two doors that open to the refrigerator section on the top, and two doors that open to the freezer section on the bottom.

    Do you need a 4 door refrigerator?

    4 door refrigerators offer versatility in an array of different kitchen settings, with great organization options, modern styles, and narrow doors, which are great for smaller kitchens. 4 door refrigerators tend to be more expensive, so whether or not you need a 4 door refrigerator depends on your budget and family needs.  

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