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Miele Cartridge Refresh Elixir

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Model #: Set UltraPhase
Model #: Set UltraPhase
Miele Cartridge Refresh Elixir -0

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At a Glance

Miele UltraPhase 1 and 2 Refresh Elixir Supply of the limited edition to combat odors. Consisting of 3x UltraPhase 1 and 3x UltraPhase 2. With Freshplex™ to absorb unpleasant odors. For bright colors and brilliantly white laundry. For all Miele W1 Washing Machines with TwinDos. Extremely effective and eco-friendly – for up to 189 wash loads. Read More

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Product Overview
Product Overview
Freshness in no time at all

Just finished working out or had a hard day at work? With Freshplex™, your laundry will smell like it’s been freshly aired in no time at all. Unpleasant smells are neutralized.

For the love of our environment

Looking for an effective but eco-friendly way of doing laundry? Miele Detergents are the answer. Their special high-performance enzymes do a thorough job of eliminating stains – even at low temperatures. And there’s no need to pre-treat or post-treat laundry items, saving water and protecting the environment. In fact, these detergents clean your clothing so gently that you’ll need to buy new items less often.

Tips for sustainable washing

Tips for sustainable washing:br- Start from 30°C – lower temperatures are more eco-friendly.br- Fill the washing machine as full as possible – except when you’re washing delicates.br- Adapt the detergent quantity to the water hardness and level of soiling.br- Regularly run a 60°C wash program with settings for white laundry.br- Leave the washing machine open between programs.br- Wash bed linen at 60°C or more if someone in your household is allergic to dust.

Outstanding color protection

Keep colors looking great for longer. Bright fabrics can bleed color in the wash – but with the special color transfer inhibitor, you can stop them staining other items of laundry. That means you can wash bright items together without any issues – perfect for multicolored fabrics. What’s more, the enzyme cellulase keeps the colors looking consistently radiant.

A gentle way to fight stains

Want to remove tough stains but still wash your laundry in a gentle program? Now you can thanks to the active oxygen in Miele’s UltraPhase liquid detergent – which is not only effective against red wine, coffee, and tea stains, but is also kind to the environment. The automatic TwinDos dispensing system ensures that exactly the right amount of active oxygen is added to your laundry. Stains vanish and the colors of your clothes stay looking great.

Always perfect results

Optimum interaction of detergent and washing machine: Simply perfect laundry care.

Outstanding cleaning power

Miele Detergents contain up to seven powerful enzymes for spotlessly clean results. They even ensure excellent cleaning and effective stain removal at low temperatures. Each one of the enzymes has its own job: lipase, for example, removes greasy stains and pectinase removes stains containing pectin, such as jam. Cellulase, meanwhile, prevents fiber pilling and keeps colors bright. As a result, your laundry stays looking like new for longer.

Clean fabrics, clean appliance

Only Miele UltraPhase detergent contains active oxygen as a bleaching agent. A hydrogen peroxide compound, it breaks down into water and active oxygen during the wash process. This gives it outstanding disinfection and antibacterial properties, helps it remove stains effectively, and makes it kind to the environment. So you can enjoy spotlessly clean laundry and keep your honeycomb drum hygienic.

Brilliantly white laundry

Miele UltraPhase detergent contains optical brighteners to keep your favorite pieces of white clothing looking radiant. Working in conjunction with TwinDos, they achieve outstanding results. The automatic TwinDos dispensing system adapts the amount of active oxygen added in line with the color of your laundry – so you can achieve the perfect WhiteBoost effect in your white items.

Best cleaning for dark and black laundry

Black fabrics require special care. Miele’s UltraDark Detergent has been specially formulated to meet the requirements of dark laundry. Thanks to color-preserving surfactants, your favorite clothes are gently and carefully cleaned – without the color fading. The anti-pilling cellulase removes cotton bobbles quickly and naturally. As a result, you will enjoy clean laundry that is well-cared for. For clothes that look like new.

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