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What to Look for in a Washer Dryer Combo

A washer dryer combo combines the greatest features of both machines into one appliance. These all-in-one machines, which have both a washing and a dryer, will wash and dry your clothes without the need to switch machines. These space-saving laundry appliances are ideal for families with limited space. You'll save not just time but also space because of the compact design. Let's take a look at what you'll find in our extensive inventory at Don's Appliances.

Shop By Brands

It's important to think about the brand you want before purchasing a washer dryer combo. While you may always go with a trusted brand, we recommend looking at the advantages of other top brands to find the best fit for your home:

  • The innovative and smart-connected features of an LG washer dryer combo will thoroughly clean your clothes.
  • With the steam wash and sanitization features of a GE washer dryer combo, you can effectively sterilize every load.
  • A Whirlpool washer dryer combo is relied on for its solid construction and practical features.
  • Enjoy the compact size of a Danby washer dryer combo while getting your clothing thoroughly cleaned.

Check out our laundry appliance buying guide or get our in-depth opinion on the pros and cons of washer dryer combos.

Shop by Features

The features of an all in one washer dryer combo are important to consider when shopping. Bear in mind that the most common design is a front load washer dryer combo, which has a horizontal-axis drum that gently lifts clothes in and out of the water to prevent snagging. The dryer, on the other hand, might vary, though most washer dryer combos will come with a ventless dryer that drains liquid through a drain tube. These devices can also function as a conventional dryer, releasing steam through a vent. In terms of size, if a 27-inch washer dryer combo won't fit, try a 24 inch compact washer dryer combo size.

It's time to visit one of our Pittsburgh-area stores now that you know more about what to look for in a washer dryer combo. We offer the laundry appliances you need from the brands you know and trust, with the functionality and features you need to take on your laundry pile head-on. Do you have any questions? Give us a call or come in to see us for great customer service!