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Wall Ovens

For a Streamlined Kitchen Design, Consider a Wall Oven

Is your idea of a dream kitchen open and functional with a custom look? Start checking the boxes off your wish list beginning with this wall-oven walkthrough! From fuel type to size, the information you need to know before you purchase a wall oven can be found here!

The most important step to finding the perfect wall oven for your home begins with properly measuring the space your wall oven will go. We recommend triple-checking height, width, and depth, and door clearance between a kitchen island or countertop.

For other tips, including interactive videos on how to measure kitchen appliances, check out our guide on what you should know before you shop for appliances!

Gas versus Electric Wall Ovens

While gas wall ovens are far outnumbered by electric wall ovens, there’s a reason why they’re still in demand. By using gas to create a moist baking environment, gas ovens are exceptionally great at keeping meats and vegetables succulent during long-term braises and roasts. That being said, unless you are an avid bread baker, pastry and cake fans might prefer the dryer heat of an electric oven.

The major advantage of an electric wall ovens is its consistently even heat. Uniform heat also means electric-powered wall ovens provide the versatility to bake anything from hefty pot roasts to delicate cookies. Best of all, since the heating element doesn’t turn on and off like a gas oven flame, an electric oven is also more energy efficient.

Curious about convection? Discover the difference in our convection oven dive!

What Kind of Configuration Are You Working With?

Did you know a single wall oven has the same oven capacity as a 36-in free standing range oven? Swapping a traditional range for a single wall oven lets you to break up foot traffic in your kitchen while also creating an open look and feel.

With double wall ovens, you can bake, roast, and broil with twice the output of a single range with a footprint that’s smaller than two ranges. While this might not be an everyday advantage, it is indispensable for cooking holiday feasts, or baking dessert while your family enjoys dinner.

Enjoy the look and practicality of open countertops? Free up kitchen workspace with a microwave oven combo. Bake main entrees below in the oven while you prepare sides and extras above in a microwave. Or, upgrade to an electric speed oven for ability to microwave or bake small course all from one appliance.

A warming drawer is the fancy perk for the adventurous home cook. Depending on the brand, a warming drawer can be useful for keeping food warm, slow-cooking and proofing, or simply extra storage for keeping your kitchen tidy and presentable.

What Will You Create in Your Wall Oven?

With a dependable wall oven from Don’s Appliances in your kitchen, you’ll be on your way to cooking in style just like a pro. We’re not just the largest inventory of appliances in the tri-state area—we’re also the home of exceptional brands and service. Shop in-store or online today to find a wall oven for your home and family.