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Ranges Keep Your Cooking Space Mighty Tidy and Convenient

With stovetop cooking up top and oven roasting below, ranges are an efficient way to prepare full-course meals—all from a single spot! What’s better, unlike wall oven and cooktop setups, a range’s space-saving design is great as a focal point in kitchens with limited cabinetry and space.

For these reasons, ranges are praised as a convenient cooking appliance and with a variety of options that meet the needs of every type of household. Before you start browsing range options, make sure to give the space your new range will go a proper measurement. We make it easy with our step-by-step guide to proper appliance measuring!

Keep in mind:

  • Free standing ranges require no professional installation
  • Slide-in ranges and drop-in ranges (aka built-in ranges) require professional installation to fit in flush with cabinetry

Depending on range fuel-type, your kitchen will need a:

  • 220-volt outlet
  • Gas line
  • Both

Pick Your Power Source

If power and accuracy appeal to you, ranges with gas burners are a fantastic cooking appliance. The go-to choice for restaurants, gas ranges use a responsive flame that is intuitive and easy to control.

Electric ranges are versatile, easy to install, and come in a wider range of cooktop surfaces compared to ranges with gas stovetops. Coil burners are traditional, while glass-top burners have become the more popular burner option because of their sleek design and easy-to-clean surface.

Ranges with induction cooktops use special electromagnets to transfer heat directly to cookware. In fact, you can expect up to 90 percent energy transfer with heat response comparable to that of gas cooktops. But while gas burners do get hot and require more maintenance, induction burners stay relatively cool, meaning they are safer to cook on and easier to clean.

How Do You Use Your Oven?

Did you know ovens also come in both gas and electric fuel-types? While electric ovens outnumber gas ovens, each oven cooking element has its own benefits. Consider the following:

Gas-fuel ovens require little to no preheating and create a moist cooking environment ideal for roasts and veggies. That said, gas ovens are not so ideal for cakes and baked goods.

Once preheated, electric ovens provide consistent heat to evenly bake, roast, and broil. The even output also means electric ovens are more energy efficient compared to gas-powered ovens, which shut the flame on and off during use.

Good to know:

  • Convection ovens circulate heat, meaning better browning and cooking
  • Ovens between 4 to 6 six cubic feet are considered standard capacity
  • Ovens above 6 cubic feet are considered extra-large capacity
  • Dual-fuel ranges don’t require a gas line for the oven, but do for the gas cooktop

Expert Tip

A standard 30 inch free-standing range provides more than enough room to cook a 24- to 26-pound turkey.

Don’t Forget About These Range Features!

Once you’ve decided on which range fuel type and model you like, you can start to dive deeper into each brand's features. Keep an eye for these common specs!

  • A self-cleaning setting is a low-maintenance way to keep your oven clean and sanitary
  • Front-control knobs provide easy access—even to children
  • BA bottom drawer is the perfect spot for keeping side dishes warm
  • Double oven ranges can simultaneously cook two separate dishes at different temperatures

Start Creating Extraordinary Cuisine Today

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