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Hotpoint® White Laundry Pair
Hotpoint® White Laundry PairModel #:HOLAUHTX24GASKWS
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Hotpoint® White Laundry Pair
Hotpoint® White Laundry PairModel #:HOLAUHTX24EASKWS
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Hotpoint® White Laundry Pair
Hotpoint® White Laundry PairModel #:HO_LAU_HTW240ASKWS_HTX24EASKWS
Was $1,043.98
Sale $959.96

Save $84.02 Ends Sep 27, 2023

Find Washer and Dryer Sets for Sale at the Lowest Prices

From kids’ clothes to bed sheets, your laundry pile is a never-ending mountain of “This again?” We know it can be daunting, but with our selection of brand-name washer and dryer sets, Don’s Appliances can help you make it a little more manageable. Let’s talk about some of what you need to know before you make your purchase, like what brand to choose, the type of washer and dryer pair you might want for your laundry room, and what features to look out for.

Shop by Brands

When you’re out to buy washer and dryer sets, it’s important to know what brand to look for. Every brand brings its own features, look, and design, so deciding on the one you like best is largely up to you. We always recommend looking at our laundry pair reviews to see what our customers love about their chosen brand. For those who already have a favorite brand, we offer name brands like:

  • Samsung washer and dryer set
  • LG washer and dryer set
  • Maytag washer and dryer set
  • Whirlpool washer and dryer set
  • GE washer and dryer set

We have many more brands, too, so ask around — either friends or us — and find out which brand of laundry pair is going to work best for your home’s laundry needs.

Shop by Type

Next up is deciding on the type of laundry pair that will cover all your washing needs. Do you want a top load washer and dryer set? A top-loading washer uses an agitator to clean stains from your clothes, but you will need to make sure you have ample space above the unit for the lid. A front load washer and dryer set is ideal if you don’t have the space above your appliances for the washer door, or if you don’t want to try to find that missing sock down in the washing barrel. For smaller homes that still have laundry needs, a stackable washer and dryer set will get your fabrics clean and take up less space in your home.

Shop by Style/Color/Features

After deciding on brand and choosing the type of washer, here comes the fun part: looking at features and finish. Do want your washer and dryer set to match your other home appliances in finish? Are you looking for something more unique that will give your laundry room a statement? We have finishes and features to set your washer and dryer pair apart.

  • A white washer and dryer set will give your laundry room a classic look that is as timeless as it is tasteful.
  • A stainless steel washer and dryer set is sleek and elegant and adds modern charm to your home.
  • A black stainless steel washer and dryer set is a bold statement of good looks and washing power.

Now that you have a better idea of the kind of washer and dryer sets we offer and what you might look for when you are ready to buy, we’d love for you to stop by. For more information, consult our washer and dryer buying guide, check out 8 life-improving washer and dryer features, or 8 must-haves for your laundry room. If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, stop by one of our Pittsburgh-area stores, or chat with us online — we’re happy to help!