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    Storage and Style? French Door Refrigerators Speak Your Kind of Language

    With ample access to your favorite foods on the inside and a trendy look on the outside, there’s more than one reason why French door refrigerators are so appealing. Fusing aesthetics and function, French door fridges have become a kitchen regular.

    To help decide which features are best for you and your home, take a look at this breakdown to see if French is a fit for you!

    Save Time: Do the Math

    Like side-by-side fridges, French door fridges use narrower doors than standard refrigerator doors, making them ideal for kitchens where space is valuable.

    While French door fridges are designed with hinged doors to avoid dinging cabinetry, proper installation is still necessary. Before you start exploring, triple-check the height, width, and depth of the area your refrigerator will go.

    For additional tips on how to prepare for your refrigerator, give our delivery and installation guide a look! We’re also available in-store and online for any questions you might have.

    Translating French Door Fridges

    It’s easy to see what makes a French door fridge different on the outside, but it’s the inside that’s the game-changer. Unlike side-by-side refrigerators—which use a completely vertical layout for level organization—French door refrigerators combine a vertical design on top and a pull-out freezer below.

    Together with large, in-door storage bins and extra-wide shelves, French door refrigerators boast more refrigerator storage. Of course, this extra room does mean less freezer space—but not a lot less.

    Before you continue, take a quick look at our guide on counter-depth vs built-in refrigerators to help decide which of these two great design styles is fit for your kitchen!

    Explore the Perks of Extra Doors

    Bring the future home with the latest door-within-door French door refrigerators. While great for organizing canned beverages, sauces, and quick snacks like cheese or yogurt, this extra fridge door also reduces the need to open the entire fridge to grab something quickly. It’s a fun, smart way to save you money and even a little time.

    Can’t get enough fridge storage? Then opt for a French door fridge with a fourth chill drawer. Depending on the brand and model, this additional drawer space gives you the flexibility to refrigerate or freeze. This comes in handy for:

    • Giving a wine a quick chill
    • Storing deli and cheese platters
    • Keeping cakes ready for a party

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