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Cooktops Give You the Luxury of Creating a Custom Cooking Setting

When it comes to kitchen appliances, cooktops are one of the simpler appliances to consider. Since they fit right in the counter and only require connection to a gas line or power outlet, cooktops are easy to install and allow you the flexibility to decide where a new one goes in your kitchen.

With that said, before you start browsing for a new cooktop, make sure your new stovetop is a perfect fit by triple-checking your countertop space measurements. This not only ensures you have enough room to cook comfortably but the proper clearance necessary to protect nearby cabinetry from the heat as well. We’ve laid out the proper appliance measuring basics in our shopping appliance guide, but give us a call or visit for any questions you might have!

Depending on your fuel type, your kitchen will need:

  • A gas supply
  • A 220-volt outlet
  • Both (see single and double-burner cooktops below)
  • Adequate ventilation

Select a Fuel Type

Want to flambé? Gas cooktops use the power of fire to deliver high-output heat with fast responsiveness that is easy to control. Keep in mind, high-output gas burners range from 15,000 to 25,000 BTUs, and you’ll also want low-output burners for simmering.

Electric cooktops are considered the safer cooktop option since there is no chance for potential gas leaks. Ceramic-glass cooktops are also easy to maintain and feature a modern design, allowing safety and beauty to work in harmony with your kitchen.

You might find yourself asking, “What is electric versus induction?” and the answer is simple. In fact, while induction cooktops use electromagnetic currents to directly heat special, iron-based cookware, they are still powered by electricity. This unique feature places induction cooktops in a league of their own:

  • Up to 90 percent heat and energy transfer
  • A cooler cooking surface
  • Fast temperature response comparable to gas

How Many Burners Do You Need?

Whether you’re feeding a family or dining alone, the number of burners on your cooktop matters. Check out this rundown.

  • Single-burner cooktops are fantastic if you would like to occasionally wok-fry on a gas burner but prefer cooking on electric overall.
  • Double-burner cooktops are ideal for small spaces but can also be combined to create a custom cooking surface. Want both gas and electric? Consider an electric double-burner cooktop paired with a gas double-burner cooktop.
  • Cooktops with three burners allow you to multitask, don’t require a lot of space, and are great for the casual cook who likes to keep meals simple.
  • Cooktops with four burners provide a uniform look that also keeps space between cookware.
  • Cooktops with five burners provide even more room to get creative during mealtime, but can be overcrowded if you use all five at once.
  • Cooktops with six burners provide various cooking stations, but also take up the most counter space.

Rediscover Your Love for Cooking

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