Run with the Pack: A Luxury Guide to Wolf Kitchen Appliances

by Bill Welles

When it comes to luxury cooking appliances, Wolf leads the pack. Distilling decades of professional kitchen expertise into top-of-the-line appliances, Wolf kitchen appliances take the guesswork out of cooking so you can sear, slow-roast, and sizzle with the confidence to prepare five-star cuisine.

A family-owned and operated company for over 75 years, Wolf, along with Sub-Zero and Cove, has changed the landscape of what a household kitchen ought to be. Wolf has been a reliable and steady pinnacle of the luxury kitchen space, manufacturing only the highest-quality products that are built and proven to last for more than 20 years.

If you’re hoping to elevate your cooking space and enhance your culinary prowess, follow our luxury appliance guide as we spotlight some key Wolf appliance reviews.

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Wolf Brand Products Reviewed

If you aren’t already howling with excitement, you will be when you discover premium Wolf cooking appliances. Each product is meticulously designed to accompany the most delicious traditions (we sure love our pierogis here in Pittsburgh) and last for years of culinary enjoyment.

Wolf Ranges

With unmistakable power, finesse, and consistency, the iconic Wolf ranges are professional cooking instruments made for everyday cooks. Available in dual fuel, gas, and induction options, each model provides an abundant display of features and exhilarating performance.

Dual Fuel Ranges

Wolf dual fuel ranges are simply bold, innovative, and elegant, featuring patented dual-stacked, sealed gas burners and Dual VertiCross convection ovens with Gourmet Mode. On top of dual fuel configurations, you’ll benefit from large-capacity ovens, consistent cooking, and precise heat circulation.

Gas Ranges

Wolf gas ranges grant greater flexibility in the kitchen with the ability to accurately control and respond to both low and high temperatures whether you need to simmer or sear. Sealed gas burners deliver striking power up top, and the gas-powered oven provides even baking results.  

Induction Ranges

Induction is an increasingly popular cooking technology that has made a name for itself in professional and home kitchens alike. Wolf induction ranges are built with an energy-efficient heating element and an electric oven located beneath the cooktop. Achieve powerful boils and gentle melts with instantaneous temperature adjustments that go from scorching-hot to cool-to-the-touch at a moment’s notice.

Wolf range with red dials

Our Favorite Wolf Ranges

1. Wolf 48-Inch Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range (DF484F)

The 48-inch range is large enough to prepare your sides, entrée, and dessert all at once. This model includes four dual-stacked, sealed burners with automatic reignition on all settings and a 9,200-BTU burner for fast melting. The oven compartment features a cobalt blue porcelain coating and three adjustable oven racks—one full-extension easy glide, one full-extension door glide, and one standard.

And if you like what this model has to offer but you prefer a smaller appliance, the Wolf 30-Inch Pro-Style Dual Fuel Range (DF304) comes equipped with the exact features as the 48-inch version, including oven preheat indicator, temperature display, temperature probe, 10 cooking modes, and self-clean features.

2. Wolf 48-Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range and Infrared Charbroiler (DF48650C/S/P)

Wolf’s patented sealed burner design provides precise high-to-low temperature control and a spark ignition system that reignites the burner automatically. Wolf’s Dual VertiCross convection system provides reliably even heat, reduces hot and cold spots, and enables consistent multi-rack cooking. Gourmet Mode features nearly 50 presets that automatically control the oven to ensure delicious results. The bonus here is the adjustable 16,000-BTU infrared charbroiler that aptly handles a range of foods, from steaks and burgers to delicate fish fillets and vegetables.

Additional features include:

  • Intuitive, full-color touch screen
  • LED-backlit control knobs illuminate when in use, indicating which burners are active
  • The oven offers self-clean, delayed start, timed cook, and Sabbath features
  • The temperature probe alerts you when your dish has reached the desired temperature
  • The oven’s Wi-Fi-enabled feature lets you remotely preheat, select modes, and adjusts oven temperature from your mobile device
  • Your choice of iconic red, black, or brushed stainless knobs

close-up of Wolf handle and dials

Wolf Built-in Ovens

Wolf convection ovens, convection steam ovens, and convection speed ovens offer intuitive controls and consistent temperatures to ensure every meal is truly remarkable.

Convection Steam Ovens

Consistent, flavorful food is made possible thanks to Wolf convection steam ovens. The advanced dual-fan technology is designed to ensure even cooking and all-over browning. Steam cooking also proves to be a healthy and efficient way to prepare your food, heating quickly with a built-in climate sensor that detects the volume of your food and sets the ideal cooking time.

Convection Speed Ovens

A speed oven offers the same cooking performance you’d find on a standard Wolf oven, the only difference is the size. Wolf speed ovens are much faster and smaller, combining the power and speed of a microwave with convection and broil capabilities. Each cooking feature offers all-in-one oven versatility to prepare a wide variety of food in a short amount of time.

Oven Series

If you aren’t already familiar with Wolf cooking appliances, their wall ovens are categorized by the M and E Series models. These are some of the most technologically advanced cooking products on the market today. We mentioned the cooking options above, but in terms of form, The Wolf M Series is also equipped with smart touchscreen controls in Pro, Transitional, or Contemporary styles. The E Series products are slightly smaller but are still available in the same convection, convection steam, or convection speed models.

Wolf double oven

Our Favorite Wolf Ovens

1. Wolf E Series 30-Inch Electric Double Oven (DO30TE/S/TH)

Featured on the E Series oven is a new touch-action control panel that helps to create great meals with ease, as well as adding a striking design element to the kitchen. Smart technology gives the E series 10 cooking modes with Wolf’s innovative dual convection in the oven’s upper unit. E series ovens can be installed flush with cabinets for a contemporary, integrated look, and oven handles have been updated to match other Wolf cooking appliance offerings and provide a more cohesive look.

2. FLOOR MODEL Wolf 30-Inch Electric Single Steam Oven (CSO30TE/S/TH-1)

An exciting floor model you can explore in-store is the electric single steam oven. With diverse cooking modes, halogen interior lighting, and a built-in temperature probe, it’s a fantastic choice for the common household kitchen. Multiple pans, rack positions, and convection steam come standard, but the real winning feature here is the Gourmet mode.

With Gourmet, a menu of almost 50 presets automatically controls the cooking, making commonly prepared meals quick and easy, from pork tenderloin to lasagna to double-crusted cherry pie. Gourmet tells you the proper rack position, sets the right cooking mode, and even adjusts temperature on its own. You just sit back and wait for a perfectly prepared meal.

3. Wolf M Series 30-Inch Black Contemporary Convection Steam Oven (CSO30CM/B/TH)

Who said contemporary couldn’t be showstopping? This all-black convection steam oven detects the volume, shape, and consistency of your food with a climate sensor that adjusts time (you can even delay the start for when you want your dish ready), temperature, and humidity for guesswork-free delicious results, every time.

Additional features include:

  • Spacious capacity to fit a 15-pound turkey
  • Built-in temperature probe that alerts you the moment the dish is ready
  •  90-minutes steam cooking setting with an easy access water tank
  • Integrates beautifully into surrounding cabinetry with flush installation

Built-in double wall oven

Wolf Cooktops

Whether you prefer gas, electric, or induction, Wolf has a cooktop configuration for your cooking and your kitchen style.

Gas Cooktops

If you prefer to separate your oven and stove, Wolf gas cooktops provide everything you need. The dual-stacked, sealed gas burners provide precise heat for fast boils and gentle flames for delicate sauces. You can also get creative and enhance your cooking possibilities with a French top, charbroiler, griddle, grill, or wok burner.

Electric Cooktops

Electric cooktops are the go-to choice in terms of ease and convenience. Wolf electric cooktops allow for effortless temperate adjustment and control, along with responsive features like a one-touch melt setting.

Induction Cooktops

Boasting the most efficient heating system, Wolf induction cooktops operate with a magnetic field that induces heat directly to the cookware instead of the cooking surface.

Wolf built-in gas cooktop

Our Favorite Wolf Cooktops

1. Wolf 36-Inch Stainless Steel Professional Gas Cooktop (CG365P/S/LP)

Maintain control with dual-stacked burners that go from 12,000 BTUs down to a mere breath of flame. Simmer and melt sauces, soups, and marinades easily with the lower tier of the dual-stacked burner. The flame automatically reignites with the spark ignition system, sealed burner pans contain any sloshes or spills, you can easily move pots and pans across continuous cast-iron grates, and the iconic red control knobs match the professional look of other Wolf products.

2. Wolf Contemporary 30-Inch Black Electric Cooktop (CE304C/B)

The ease of an electric cooktop provides the consistent low heat you need to confidently prepare delicate dishes or gently simmer soups and sauces. The super-low, One-Touch Melt setting allows you to melt even fine chocolate and other delicate foods without scorching. The sleek black diamond glass surface is resistant to scratching, staining, impact, and heat, and the translucent surface allows you to see the glow of hot elements for safer use.

Luxury Redefined

If you’re searching for luxury appliances in Pittsburgh, look no further than the artfully selected suite of kitchen appliances from Wolf. Along with the products listed in this blog, we also carry Wolf range hoods, microwaves, outdoor grills, warming drawers, module cooktops, and even vacuum-sealed drawers with sous vide cooking method.

If you want the complete luxury kitchen experience, don’t forget to pair any Wolf cooking appliance with a Sub-Zero refrigerator to elevate your cooking space to a new level. And when there are dishes to be done, be sure you’re cleaning in style with a Cove dishwasher.

When it’s time to unleash your inner culinary beast, shop our entire selection of high-end kitchen appliances to find the right products to fit your home. Don’s Appliances is the largest luxury appliance dealer in Pittsburgh, so visit us at any of our 10 store locations, shop online, or give us a call today to learn more.