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Do Top Load Dryers Exist?

Can Washers Be Stacked on Dryers?

3 Top Rated Laundry Pairs on the Market

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This might seem like an odd question, but if it has hit you recently that you never see top load dryers, you may seriously be wondering, are there top load dryers? After all, we know that appliance stores and online appliance stores sell front load washing machines and top load washing machines. So, where are the top load dryers? Look no further because we have the answer! Below we will talk about whether top load dryers exist in the real world. 

Then, we will review three of the best laundry pairs that are currently on the market. We are talking washers and dryers from reputable and well-known brands like GE, LG, and Maytag. Not only are these appliances reliable, but they have large washing and drying capacities, Wi-Fi capabilities (some models), and are reasonably priced. But let’s first get started by answering the big question of the day—do top load dryers or top loading dryers exist?

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Do Top Load Dryers Exist?

There are top load washers and front load washers, so are there top load dryers and front load dryers? Yes and no. There are front load dryers, but there are no top load dryers. This is because a top load dryer cannot tumble clothes like a front load dryer can. In fact, clothes would spin around in a top load dryer and never really dry. 

To effectively dry clothes, dryers must be able to flip and flop clothes (hence the tumble action) to make sure all pieces are getting dried thoroughly. The rotating tumble motion is better at moving hot air around the drum and through each piece of laundry. Even steam dryers are front load dryers. This is essentially why all dryers on the market are front load dryers.

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Can Washers Be Stacked on Dryers?

When thinking about front load and top load appliances, homeowners wonder if they can stack one appliance on top of another. The answer is yes, but only if you do it right. Front load dryers cannot be stacked on top of top load washers. If so, you wouldn’t be able to get to your laundry in the washer as the dryer would be blocking the top load door. Another reason why washers can’t be stacked on dryers is that they fill with water and need to be hooked up to drain hoses. 

So what washer and dryer appliances can you stack? Homeowners can certainly stack a dryer on top of a front load washer. This is the best way and most common way to stack two appliances on top of one another. Some homeowners choose to stack their washer and dryer so that they have more floor space available. Stackable washers and dryers are perfect for homeowners with small laundry rooms or living in small apartments or condos. Another reason a homeowner may stack their front load dryer on top of their front load washer is simply for looks. This setup can look for aesthetically pleasing than a side-by-side setup. 

3 Top Rated Laundry Pairs on the Market

Are you in the market for a new washer and dryer? Maybe you are ready to upgrade your old washer and dryer models for a new and pristine model. Whatever the case, we have chosen three laundry pairs to review below, one from LG, GE, and Maytag. Each laundry pair includes high-quality and top-rated washing machines and dryers. You may be surprised to see what kind of innovative features a modern washer and dryer pair has these days! 

LG White Laundry Pair

white front load dryer and top load washer

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The LG Top Load Washer and LG Front Load Dryer are reasonably priced for the duo. The dryer is built with Sensor Dry—an innovative feature that detects whether the laundry load should continue in the dry cycle or not. Not only does this feature save energy, but it also helps keep clothing looking nice and intact. LG’s Mega Capacity washer and dryer make it easy to clean more laundry at one time, so fewer cycles must be run. If you have little ones at home who like to nap or prefer not to hear your laundry cycles in action, this model features LoDecibel Quiet Operation. Gone are the days when you must talk over your washer or dryer while it is running! This LG Top Load Washer and Dryer is certainly a high-quality laundry pair for any home.

  • Model: LGLAUDLE7150W
  • Total Capacity: 5.0 Cu. Ft. (washer) 7.3 Cu. ft. (dryer)

FlowSense™ Duct Clogging & Lint Filter Indicators

The FlowSense Duct Clogging & Lint Filter Indicators alert homeowners when it is time to clean the ducts and lint filters. This helps keep the dryer running smoothly and effectively, which also can help lower utility bills. 

LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation

If your LG laundry pair is someplace nearby, you don’t want to get interrupted or distracted by a loud wash or dry cycle. With LoDecibel Quiet Operation, you don’t have to worry about that or about waking a sleeping baby.


Having an issue with your washer or dryer? With the SmartDiagnosis feature, homeowners can easily run a diagnostic test from their smartphones. This can help them resolve any appliance issues and aid in their decision to contact LG or not. 


The LG washer’s TurboDrum is built with a powerful and efficient water flow for cleaning all types of laundry. Even so, this cleaning feature is gentle and won’t harm even your delicate clothing pieces.

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GE® White Front Load Laundry Pair

white front Load washer and dryer with black accents

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The GE Front Load Washer and GE Front Load Electric Dryer could be a good stackable washer and dryer for small spaces as the dryer can easily be stacked on top of the washer. The washer and dryer doors are reversible so that they can swing out to the right or to the left, depending on preference. Believe it or not, the GE washer is designed with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Homeowners can connect to their GE appliance to see and control settings right from the convenience of their smartphones. Now, if that’s not a major reason to upgrade your old laundry pair to a GE front load washer and dryer, I don’t know what is!

  • Total Capacity: 4.8 Cu. Ft. (washer) 7.8 Cu. ft. (dryer)

UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock™

With the UltraFresh Vent System with OdorBlock, your GE front load washer will stay fresh and clean for a longer period as excess moisture is eliminated and odors are prevented. In addition, Microban antimicrobial technology helps keep the inside of the washer free of bacteria buildup. 

Quick Wash Cycle

Homeowners can choose to wash their small and lightly soiled laundry loads in just 20 minutes. This is a convenient feature for those who are short on time or for those who need to run a quick wash cycle on one or two laundry pieces.

HE Sensor Dry

The HE Sensor Dry uses innovative dual thermistor technology to monitor the moisture levels and temperature inside the GE dryer. This helps to protect clothing from over-drying during each cycle.

Damp Alert

When homeowners select the Damp Alert option, they will be notified when their delicate clothing is ready for ironing or air drying. This is a wonderful feature for those who like to have more control when it comes to drying their favorite laundry items.

Maytag® White Laundry Pair

white top load washer and front load washer with glass doors

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This laundry pair, featuring the Maytag Top Load Washer and Maytag Front Load Dryer, offers a smaller washer capacity compared to the other washing machines on our list. Even so, this laundry pair doesn’t disappoint when it comes to innovative features. For example, both the washer and dryer can be started remotely via Wi-Fi. This convenient feature allows homeowners to start a cycle from another room in the home. 

  • Model: MALAUMED6230RHW
  • Total Capacity: 4.7 Cu. Ft. (washer) 7.3 Cu. ft (dryer)

Advanced Moisture Sensing

Advanced Moisture Sensing makes sure that clothes are well-dried without being too dry. Throughout the drying cycle, the Advanced Moisture Sensing feature will detect how much moisture is still in the laundry load and adjust its drying time accordingly.

Advanced Vibration Control™

Ever get tired of your washer getting off-balanced or vibrating more than normal? With Advanced Vibration Control, you won’t have to worry about your Maytag washer getting out of control.

Remote Access

As we mentioned earlier, both the Maytag top load washer and the Maytag front load dryer can be controlled from a smartphone. Through the Maytag app and Wi-Fi, homeowners can choose to start a wash or dry cycle in addition to seeing other settings and notifications. This is an extremely convenient feature to have, especially if you are prone to multitasking or are busy doing more important things.

When it comes to drying clothes and other fabrics, the standard front load dryer will always be the most efficient model since a top load dryer would be able to tumble and distribute heat properly. Now that you know don’t hesitate to stop by Don’s Appliances for more inquisitive queries you may have, or purchase a new dryer at the best prices in Pittsburgh to pair with your washer at home.

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