The Whirlpool Smart Range- Taking the Guess Work out of Cooking

by Bob Robertson

Whirlpool’s new Smart Ranges have taken the best of the new technology and allows the end user to spend less time guessing and more time enjoying free time with friends and family. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or know your way around pretty well, The Whirlpool Smart range allows you to “Set it and forget it.”

One of the most convenient things that Whirlpool has done is partnered with Yummly. A recipe based food app that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. It helps to take the guess work out of the age old question “What’s for Dinner?” The Yummly app will walk you through ideas of different options for what you have on hand and there are even some options where it will send prompts to you Whirlpool Smart Range, so you can get started right away. Along with the Yummly app, you can down load the Whirlpool app that will allow you to access the control panel for preheating, checking time remaining, or send prompts to turn the temperature down after a certain period so you don’t have to constantly monitor your meal.

Another convenient feature is the Scan to Cook Technology. Once you download the Whirlpool app you will be able to scan the barcode on a frozen pizza and it will set the range to the proper temperature and cooking time. How many times have you unboxed the pizza and thrown away only to go back and pull the packaging out of the garbage to see what temperature it needs to cook at and then once again you need to go back and pull it out so you can see how long it needs to cook. We have all done it and we all ask ourselves “Why do I always do that?” Scan to Cook Technology takes care of all that. Whether it is a lasagna for dinner or French bread pizzas for an after school snack, the Scan to Cook technology takes away the guess work out and will hopefully stop us from digging in the garbage. Whirlpool knows that you are not always going to use the Scan to Cook Technology so that have added an option for Frozen Bake Technology. This feature will allow you to put the frozen food in the oven without worrying about preheating. The Whirlpool Smart Range will adjust time and temperature. It will start out at a higher temperature and adjust the temperature back to what it should be once it senses a change to the inside oven temperature.

The Whirlpool Smart Range will allow you to start the preheating process remotely from the Whirlpool app or if you are already elbow deep in preparation, you can have Alexa or Google Home start it with a simple voice command. Whirlpool has also shortened their preheat time 20% so you can get dinner on the table faster.

Now that you know what you are making for dinner and the range is ready to go, The Whirlpool Smart range does much more than make your life easier with technology, it will help you ensure the end product is the way you intended it to be. The Whirlpool Smart Range has a 5.8 cu ft. capacity. This will allow you to cook large items with the True Convection option, you will be able to cook multiple items at one time so that you can have an entire dinner hot and ready on the table all at the same time. With True convection, you have an element around the convection fan that send hot air into the oven cavity, as opposed to regular fan convection which circulates the hot air already in the oven. The True Convection allows you to cook on multiple racks at one time, so you can do three levels of cookies or hors d’ oeuvres at once and save time. If you have never used convection, do be intimidated, the Whirlpool Smart Range has Convection Conversion that will convert your recipe to the correct temperature. The conversion will adjust the temperature more so than the time, so you don’t have to constantly check to see if the food is done. The top of the Whirlpool range has a Speed Heat burner that you can use for boiling or searing. The unit has a griddle attachment and a designated griddle burner for even cooking. You can use the griddle for everything from breakfast items, burgers, grilled cheese, the list is endless.

Whirlpool is not going to give you all this great stuff than leave you to clean up a mess. They have added some features to make clean up easier. The grates are hinged on the top so they do not have to be removed. It is easy to lift them, clean underneath, and replace the grate. They also have changed the self-cleaning to Aqua Lift self-cleaning. With Aqua lift, you simply put a couple of cups of water in the bottom of the range and the heat and steam will make wiping down the interior a breeze. No longer do you have to wait until the range gets really dirty, you can use Aqua lift after the smallest spills and never have to deal with the extreme heat and caustic smell again.

Whirlpool has done a great job to help make the consumer’s time used more efficiently and helped to allow us to spend more time with those that we care about.