What is the Top Rated Washer and Dryer?

by Chantel Kirchner

There are many schools of thought and pros and cons to all styles of washers and dryers. Some love the front-load style for their versatility as they can be stacked, tucked under a counter, or put on pedestals for ease of use. However, front-loaders can be more of an investment. You must also be diligent about wiping down the gasket in the door and allowing the drum time to dry. Others swear by the good old-fashioned agitator to get rid of the toughest stains. If you want a large capacity, a high-efficiency top loader without the agitator might be the ticket. Don’s Appliances has something for everyone no matter what school you subscribe to.


Electrolux’s EFLS627UTT and EFME627UTT/ EFMG627UTT is a Don’s favorite. Both washer and dryer have a 15-minute fast wash and dry for smaller loads. The 4.4 cu ft washer is big enough to accommodate a king-size comforter. SmartBoost allows you to put in detergent pods in the dispenser because they are pre-mixed with water before hitting the clothes. The 8.0 cu ft dryer with stainless steel drum also has steam technology for a 10-minute refresh in case you leave a load in too long.


When it comes to the good old-fashioned agitator models, Speed Queen cannot be beaten. Don’s pick is TR5000WN and DR5000WE/DR5000WG. Speed Queen is tested to last 25 years based on the needs of an average family of 4. This model comes standard with a five-year parts and labor warranty. The 3.2 cu ft washer is one of few that still allows you to pick your load size. The 7.0 cu ft dryer has an easy clean lint filter upfront and interior light, which means no more lost socks!


LG’s WT7900HBA and DLEX7900BE/ DLGX7901BE are both stylish and efficient. The 5.5 cu ft washer has ample room for even the largest loads. Plus, LG’s patented TurboWash3D Technology can take up 15 minutes off cycle times by combining the rinse and spin with spray jets to help release detergent. The dual-hinge 7.4 cu ft dryer allows for easy loading and unloading. Combine all that with the SmartThinQ technology that allows the user to select a cycle, start or stop the wash, and get notifications to phone when the laundry is done. Perfect for a busy family on the go.

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