6 Best Induction Cooktops for Energy Efficient Cooking

by Angela Maple

As induction cooking continues to gain popularity, more major appliance manufacturers compete to bring you the best induction cooktop for your kitchen and cooking experience. Although induction cooktops may be a bit more expensive than electric and gas, you gain low-temperature control, precision, efficiency, safety, and more when cooking your delectable cuisines with high-quality features that enhance your cooking skills.

Below, our experts have created a list of some of our best induction cooktops from various brands to consider as you contemplate whether induction cooking is in your future or your kitchen and meal prep.

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Best Induction Cooktop Picks

What Is Induction Cooking?

Why Do You Need an Induction Cooktop?

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Best Induction Cooktop Picks

Here, our experts have compiled a collection of the best induction cooktops for each category determined by what consumers are looking for when purchasing a new cooktop. Whether you want the best of the best in cooktop appliances or a state-of-the-art cooktop with breaking your budget, our top picks have something for everyone.

Best Overall: Monogram® 36" Silver Induction Cooktop-ZHU36RSPSS

silver cooktop with circular burners

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Dazzle your family with this beautifully designed silver induction cooktop from Monogram as you expertly cook delicious meals with rapid and precise heating on one or all five induction cooking elements. Our best 36 induction cooktop is flush-mount capable, allowing the cooktop to be flush inset into the countertop for a premium look. Additionally, the sophisticated features of the white LED display, a patterned silver glass surface, and the easy-to-use glide touch controls for accurate and instant temperature control in one swipe also add this high-end cooktop. No matter whether you're making a quick meal, slow cooking, sautéing, or making confectionaries, cooking with precision cooking, custom settings, melting settings, or Gourmet Guided Cooking will ensure your meals, sauces, and sweets cook to perfection.

Best Budget: Whirlpool® 24" Black Electric Induction Cooktop-WCI55US4JB

square black cooktop and bottom control panel

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Get the biggest bang for your buck with this 24-inch black electric induction cooktop from Whirlpool to help keep your kitchen running smoothly. This budget-friendly cooktop was thoughtfully designed with you and your daily home life in mind, featuring four burners with melting, simmer, assisted boil, and assisted pan-frying features controlled by the digital panel for picture-perfect meals.  

Best Luxury: Thermador® Masterpiece® 36" Dark Gray Induction Cooktop-CIT36XWB

dark gray cooktop

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This beautifully designed and innovative Thermador Masterpiece 36-inch dark gray induction cooktop is an upgrade worth the price to enhance your kitchen cooking experience to enjoy delectable cuisines. This single-surface Thermador induction cooktop has a full-color touch display to interact with the 56 inductor elements with a cooking sensor ready feature that accurately measures the temperature inside your cookware, saving your meals from overcooking. Additionally, the Sapphire Glow LED surface lights along the sides of the cooktop to provide visual feedback when pots are moved or heated with cooking with the Teppanyaki Pro, MyZone, PowerBoost, and PanBoost features. Best of all, you can keep you and your family safe using features such as the panel lock to prevent your little ones from accidentally changing the cooking settings and the residual heat indicator that warns you of lingering heat on the surface.

Best 2 Burner Induction Cooktop: JennAir® 15" Induction Cooktop-Stainless Steel-JIC4715GS

long rectangular cooktop in frame

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Our best two burner induction cooktop is the JennAir 15-inch induction cooktop that offers the cooking power of a gas cooktop with the easy-to-clean surface of an electric one and flexible elements that allow for versatility in cookware positioning. Enjoy a minimalist look with this cooktop's low-profile design and glass-touch electronic controls that increase the induction bridge and flexible induction elements' usability. And with the expanded cooking surface, it is perfect for cooking with griddles, Dutch ovens, and various size pots and pans no matter the placement.

Best 30 inch Induction Cooktop: Beko 30" Black Glass Built In Induction Cooktop-BCTI30410

black cooktop with rectangular and circular burners

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This classic all-black and sleekly designed Beko 30-inch black glass built in induction cooktop has accessible easy-to-use front touch-slider controls with LED illumination to master all four induction burners and nine cooking levels on its 30-inch cooking surface. You can experience the superior technology of the induction cooking zones to cook food faster and more safely with the assistance of the residual heat indicator that uses a highly visible indicator alert when the cooking zone is too hot to touch. And this 30 induction cooktop features an XL 12-inch cooking zone, and you can sauté vegetables, simmer sauces, and boil broths in any size pot or pan quicker and more efficiently without fear of burning your main course and sides dishes for dinner.

Best 36 inch Induction Cooktops: Bosch 800 Series 36" Black With Stainless Steel Frame Induction Cooktop-NIT8669SUC

black cooktop with silver frame cooktop with bottom control panel

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If you are prone to cooking big meals, this 36-inch black with stainless steel frame induction cooktop from the Bosch 800 Series has a large cooking surface that offers a cutting-edge design, precision cooking, and AutoChef technology features. With this Bosch induction cooktop, you experience efficiency, convenience, and safety using the SpeedBoost, ShortBoost, PotSense features to cook with any of the 17 power levels on all five induction cooking zones. And best of all, you can use Home Connect technology to efficiently manage and monitor your cooktop remotely from your living room.

What Is Induction Cooking?

Induction cooking combines the power of gas and the appearance of electric cooktops but provides direct heat to the cookware that then passes the radiant energy straight to the food. And since the cookware is being heated directly, it is an incredibly more efficient option, giving users more control over temperature and heating power.

Why Do You Need an Induction Cooktop?

If our top picks weren't enough to convince you, below, our experts have compiled a list of a few additional reasons to sway you to the induction cooktop users' side.

  • Safest Cooktop
  • Energy Efficient
  • Low-Temperature Control
  • Precise/Responsive
  • Minimal Residual Heat
  • Easy Clean

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