Steam Cooking

by Bill Vighetti

Steam cooking has become extremely popular in recent years. While it is possible to steam food on the stove or in the microwave, a steam convection oven prepares a variety of foods quickly and efficiently. Not only can you reheat foods in the steam oven, but you can also use this appliance to cook meat, vegetables and rice. Many home chefs appreciate the versatility, speed and quality offered by these ovens.

How Steam Convection Ovens Work

Steam convection ovens are designed to cook and reheat foods while preserving your meal’s nutritional value, flavor and appearance. For example, reheat Chinese food in the steam oven, and it looks and tastes as if it was freshly prepared.

Models vary in size, features, power, and cooking specialty. Generally, you will use a steam oven in addition to your main oven, and they don't typically include a microwave feature. Additionally, some steam oven models are plumbed while others utilize a reservoir. 

Types of Steam Convection Ovens

At Don's Appliances, we carry dozens of steam convection oven models. Consider the benefits and features of three of our top-performing models.

Jenn Air Model JBS7524bs 

Bring out the best quality of fish and vegetables with this steam oven. It's ideal for cooking dense foods like fish, rice, potatoes, and custard.

This model includes a no preheat option. With this feature, enjoy the amazing flavor and texture of your food but save time when cooking.

Whether you're an experienced chef or novice cook, eliminate guesswork with a preset food mode. Simply select one of 68 different preset foods, and the oven will automatically adjust the cooking times for you.

Enjoy better leftovers, too. The steam reheat mode allows you to reheat food evenly while ensuring the food remains moist and delicious.

This Jenn-Air model includes a halogen oven light. Easily see the food you're cooking or steaming without opening the oven door. The included 4.8 inch LCD screen allows for easy interaction, too. 

This steam oven operates on 110 power and includes a two-year parts and labor warranty with an additional five-year warranty available.

Wolf Steam Oven Model CS024te/s/th 

For versatile and accurate cooking, rely on the Wolf Steam Oven. This model features 12 preprogrammed cooking modes, including a gourmet mode. The addition of a temperature probe makes it easy to cook every meal to perfection. 

Use the spacious 1.8 cubic foot interior and two wire racks to prepare more than one dish at a time. After meal prep, simply wipe off the stainless steel finish to keep your steam oven looking like new. 

Install the Wolf Steam Oven flush or standard based on your cabinet size. Width options include 24-inch and 30-inch with no trim kits required.

Bosch Steam Oven HSLP451UC 

Enjoy nutritious and delicious meals with the Bosch Steam Oven. Steam cooking retains the vitamins, minerals and nutrients in food, allowing you to feel good about the meals you prepare and serve.  

Your food will look and taste better when you cook in this steam oven, too. Foods cook to a crispy and tender finish. Also, the flavors and colors of your foods remain intact.

The 1.4 cubic foot steam oven uses 220 power. Enjoy a one-year limited manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor.

Steam cooking rejuvenates meal prep. To learn more, visit us at Don's Appliances. Let us show you a quick and easy way to cook and reheat delicious food.