Gaggenau Appliances Reviews | A Brand Guide

by Bill Welles

Whether you need a stainless-steel fridge to integrate with a wine cooler or an oven aligned with a built-in coffee machine, a wide selection of luxurious kitchen appliances is the key to make your space prosperous.

If you’re interested in the variety of Gaggenau appliances we have to offer, read our latest blog to decide which products will best suit your kitchen design.

Gaggenau Brand Overview

Gaggenau appliances are produced in Germany and made with an industrial, high-tech design. Gaggenau is one of the least serviced luxury brands due to their use of durable materials and attention to detail when manufacturing quality components. Their claim to fame is visual minimalism with maximum efficiency, so you know exceptional form and function come standard.

Designed to perform and inspire any home chef to create their own culinary masterpiece, Gaggenau kitchen appliances add a level of professional flair needed to cook with confidence. Modern kitchens demand built-in appliances that work with one another, and Gaggenau allows you to create a fully connected culinary haven.

Gaggenau showroom suite

Gaggenau Appliances Reviewed

Now that you’ve had an introduction to the brand, let’s highlight a few of the best-rated Gaggenau appliances:  

Gaggenau Refrigerators: The extensive cooling portfolio includes products that will complement your space and inspire anyone to get in the kitchen. Gaggenau refrigerators provide a flexible range of preservation features to sense and delicately react to different food groups. 

Refrigerators, freezers, and combination units offer separate climate zones and next-level performance thanks to the quality and precision of advanced cooling technology.

Gaggenau Dishwashers: You can count on Gaggenau dishwashers to care for your dishes and cookware as much as you do. The selection of dishwashers is broken up into the 200 and 400 series models, with each series cleaning your dishes gently, quietly, and efficiently.

Choose from a wealth of innovative features such as Zeolite technology for improved drying, smooth rails, and silicon tipped folding racks to keep glassware secure. You can create a separate cleaning area for gentle washing of glassware, the flexible hinge system enables the placement of your dishwasher almost anywhere, and Home Connect provides remote access and programs so you can personalize the requirements of your dishware.

Gaggenau Cooktops: It’s easy to look the part, but performance is everything. Inspired by professional kitchens, the 200 and 400 series cooktops adhere to Gaggenau’s principle of quality materials designed, assembled, and examined by a skilled craftsperson to locate any imperfection. Both model series allow you to create a tailored workstation for specific cooking techniques. The difference between the two comes down to scale, aesthetics, and temperature control.

This also includes induction cooktops for those looking for a sleek design to channel your creativity in the kitchen. With rapid heating times, precise control, and dynamic placement of your pots and pans, Gaggenau ensures individual cooktops deliver perfect results.

Gaggenau Ovens: The heart of professional and private kitchens, ovens are an inspiration for many. With the chance to make a statement in your kitchen, both 200 and 400 series ovens impress in design and use.

The 400 series can be installed independently or flush with surrounding cabinetry. Stainless steel rotary knobs provide intuitive control over the touchscreen display, and the handleless door opens as wide as 180 degrees to easily place the largest bakeware into the oven. There are also combi-steam ovens and combi-microwaves in 24- or 30-inch widths, and storage, warming, or vacuum drawers are also available in a variety of sizes to add flexibility to your design.

The 200 series ovens present an alternative design with the same power as the 400 series. With a slimmed-down footprint, the 24-inch oven is a popular choice for built-in models. This oven features a metallic-colored glass front and a stainless-steel handle that pulls open to 110 degrees. Like their 400 series counterpart, the 200 series ovens can also combine with a fully automatic espresso machine, combi-microwave oven, combi-steam oven, and warming drawer.

Gaggenau Compared to Other Brands

Now that you know a bit more about Gaggenau appliances, let’s see how they compare to other popular luxury brands.

Gaggenau vs Thermador

Cooktops are one of the appliances where both brands excel in terms of speed, efficiency, safety, and design. Gaggenau cooktops are known for their exceptional high output burners for routine meal prep and versatile low output burners for simmering and slow cooking. Their warranty is also one of the best in the industry at up to seven years.

Both Gaggenau and Thermador are a division of the BSH Home Appliances Corporation and Gaggenau is actually the parent brand of Thermador and Bosch, but Thermador products are manufactured right here in the U.S., whereas Gaggenau products have been manufactured in Germany since 1681. Yes, you read that year correctly.

Thermador cooktops are incredibly distinct with their patented Star Burner design. This design allows the burners to deliver a precise flame that spreads heat evenly across all pan sizes. Certain cooktop models have burners of up to 18,000 BTUs and a combined thermal unit of 60,000 BTUs. They are known for offering a wide range of temperature control settings to remain at high temperatures or effortlessly cycle down to as low as 100 degrees.

What’s the verdict?

Thermador is one of the most reliable of all the premium appliance brands and they often have tremendous package deals, but Gaggenau is equally reliable and praised for its construction. Both brands portray a modern style that you will either love or loathe, and the price points can certainly be on the high side. If you’re examining cooktops only, Thermador has a nice mix of features, whereas Gaggenau has a reliable temperature output.

Gaggenau cooktop

Gaggenau vs Wolf

If we’re talking wall ovens, both Gaggenau and Wolf should always be in the conversation. Wall ovens are a nice alternative to a traditional range because they allow for more placement options and make it easier to remove any large or heavy dinner trays without hunching over.

More specifically Gaggenau wall ovens feature a stunning touch display so you can easily navigate through 17 cooking modes. You can activate the automatic door with a quick push of a button which acts as a bonus safety feature when you need to take out or put in an extra heavy dish. The design is seamless with no protruding hardware and the distinctive design along with the high-tech functionality proves to be the most advanced in the industry.

Wolf ovens are renowned for their twin convection system and superior heat distribution. The balanced door hinge system is sturdy and allows for seamless opening and closing. New models include a stainless-steel control panel, and there’s no mistaking those iconic red dials. Beyond that, Wolf manufactures a nice variety of double ovens, convection steam ovens, speed ovens, and warming drawers.

What’s the verdict?

Well, it’s not easy. Both brands include multiple cook modes and accessories to enhance the user experience. The Gaggenau touchscreen is versatile and allows you to easily scroll through your list of favorite recipes. The text display can be translated into multiple languages, and they have a few more specialty settings than Wolf including flexible grill and broiling modes.

However, Wolf has better heat distribution and a better selection of products. Wolf is the more affordable brand and you have the option of connecting your kitchen suite with matching products from sister brands Sub-Zero and Cove.

Gaggenau is one of the most reliable appliance brands on the market and Wolf is one of the most desired brands, so it ultimately depends on where your value lies.

Gaggenau oven

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